Who are you?

If Amerika aspires to be a good blog, it will be a community. Good magazines form a community; their readers seek each other out and exchange memes. Same with books, music, art, and politics.

While most of our posts are about ideas, this one is about you. If you’re one of our four regular readers, or just stopped in, please let us know a little about yourself by posting a comment. Where are you from? What is your biggest concern, and your biggest hope? And where do you stand on what we post here?


  1. Ouroborus says:

    “Where are you from?”

    North Eastern part of America (or should I say Amerika?).

    “What is your biggest concern?”

    That modernity is crushing the spirit of man

    “and your biggest hope?”

    In the face of the death march of modernity, enough people will wake up and return to the older ways that have been ignored for so long.

    “And where do you stand on what we post here?”

    I am in agreement probably 99% of the time with the articles being posted.

  2. Unzeitgeist says:

    I’ve been following ANUS and its sister sites for about 10 years now. It started with metal reviews in the DLA and branched out into the philosophical articles. I think I found some affinity to it because I was also an avid reader of Nietzsche at the time. I submitted a paper on Schopenhauer, Wagner, and Buddhism to the Exponentiation Zine some years ago, but haven’t done much else other than subject unwitting acquaintances to infoterror on Facebook (lol).

    I cannot deny basic agreement with most of the points made here, hard as it is to reconcile them with most of the people around me, although I do have a small group of friends here in Alabama who share sympathetic views and among whom “anything goes” as far as speech and discussion are concerned.

  3. Jarred Kimmet says:

    My name is Jarred Kimmet, A 17-year old student with Cerebral Palsy. I love ideas and like to examine them. I am beginning to find my conservative roots due to this blog. I believe that tradition is sacred, we should not throw it away just because it makes people happy. I don’t fear what you say about natural selection. I believe also that also “Tolarence” is evil. We should not be afraid of the past. The Left, Christians, and Atheists today are afraid of the past. We should look toward tradition to guide us.

  4. Brandon says:

    I’m a 23 year old college student from Denver, Colorado. I was born into a world of metaphorical (and quite literal) slaves. From a young age I was appalled by the astonishing level of dependence and servile behavior in this modern age. All traditional skills and modes of living were, for the most part, a distant memory when I came into being. This has been my great struggle, against this modern spirit and toward a life of meaning from which I can build true character. This for me has been an engagement with traditional agrarian and organic values as well as a re-connection to family and community. This remains my great hope.

    My greatest concern is that the financial and social pressures bearing down on my generation in general will hinder me to the point of defeat in the course of my aforementioned quest, no matter how driven I am by my vision.

    As for where I stand on what is posted on this site, I greatly agree with most of it, and I appreciate the different perspectives which always challenge my thinking and encourage constant intellectual development.

    Brandon B.

  5. crow says:

    “Who are you?”
    I am a crow.
    Observe a crow closely, and for long enough, and you will appreciate why I am a crow. Appearing a lowly scavenger, raucous, irreverent, cowardly, insignificant, a crow is anything but.
    Ego-less, intelligent, adaptable, possessed of keen eyesight: a go-between of darkness and light. A keeper of the sacred law.
    As for who I was:
    A low-class human, born to poverty and disability. Unwanted, unloved. The original victim. Skinny, sickly and introverted.
    As for what I have done:
    Risen to undreamed of heights. Victor of countless fights.
    Survivor of unsurvivable nights. Discoverer of infinite delights.
    A singlehanded ocean sailor. A modern day mountain man.
    A mystic in an age of convenience and shallowness.
    A man.
    Wealthy beyond comprehension. Possessed of a fine wife.
    Sane and whole. Aware and conscious. Great and small.
    Plugged in to the power source. Divine.
    And infinitesimally small.

    Well: you asked :)

  6. Plague says:

    Howdy. I’m 46. I’m originally from Ohio, but ended up in South Texas, slightly north of the Ninth Circle. I’m a long time reader, and (hopefully) a supporter. My biggest concern is that all I’m leaving behind for my children is a broken planet inhabited by a faceless brown mass. My hope is that it isn’t true. This site seems to be a mirror a lot of my own thoughts, so in my humble opinion, you do a fantastic job.

  7. JHB says:

    I’m from the People’s Republic of Illinois. Amerika intelligently offers a more-or-less paleoconservative perspective, but without the conspiracy theories and the crude racial scapegoating frequently found elsewhere.

    My own flavor of conservatism is neo; my axis of evil is feminism, environmentalism, and multiculturalism. I believe libertarians generally have correct analyses of how commerce works, though they often ignore the cultural requirements that make functioning markets possible. This means agreement with many social conservatives on most social issues, though within the parameters of secular, cosmopolitan ends. While paleos usually overstate the need for a homogenous culture, we do need to be shared “ground rules,” social expectations, etc. for a pluralist society to operate smoothly. This is especially important in America, a place where men have been united by ideas far more than tradition.

    Among the conservatives, strong differences emerge on foreign policy, which is where ideological differences between the neos and others on the right become clearest. The neos look at society in Aristotelian terms — a tyranny, as a *form* of government, will function in certain ways in virtue of being a tyranny. This is a different analysis than the libertarians, who are prone to generalize the homo economicus, and the paleoconservatives, who overestimate the passive inertia of world cultures at the expense of activist explanatory factors, such as leadership, ideology, power relations, et cetera.

  8. jack says:

    I am a 21 year old from Chicago. My biggest concern is the anomie and loss of deeper meaning created by industrial society. My biggest hope is that in my life time, we will reach a climax of social, political, and economic problems and the whole thing will crash- and I will be there to help build a new and greater society. I discovered this site a few years ago after reading Anus and Corrupt. My political views are anarcho-primitivist, and I don’t always agree with everything on this site, but I can’t count the number of times I have read an article on here and thought to myself “WOW, thats a great idea. If society were this way, we’d all be living much better lives”.

  9. Maiku says:

    My name is Michael.
    I live in Minnesota.

    I am a soldier and a college student. I have been studying Japanese for 7 years.

    My concern is the lack of community where I live. I live in a small suburb. There are no festivals and no community gatherings. It feels like everyone has isolated themselves.

    My two biggest hopes ( I should say goals) is to achieve fluency in Japanese to my standard and marry my girlfriend.

    I don’t think there is a single article on this site that I disagreed with.

  10. Chris says:

    Where: Southern California
    Age: 33

    Biggest Concern: Raising [future] children in a world where they are told what to think, not how to.

    Biggest Hope: Like most here, I would like to see a return to the basics coupled with a slower pace of life. I find that in a world built on materialism I’m severely lacking anything tangible.

    What I agree with: That whole right-side ‘about’ column pretty much sums up everything I am about. I’m sincerely thankful for the insight I find here on a daily basis.

  11. Anthony DuClare says:

    I am an Anglo-catholic Firefighter/Paramedic in Ohio. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and plan to eventually take a master’s degree for Physician Assistant.

    Ecocide and moronic pop culture are in a dead-even tie for my biggest concern; close behind is the destruction of community engagement. My biggest hope is for a reversal of those trends by the (re)discovery of realistic models of human society.

    I find Amerika.org to be one of the few bastions of general sanity on the Internet.

  12. southwards says:

    “Where are you from?”

    Uruguay, a little country in the south eastern coast of south america.

    “What is your biggest concern?”

    Ecocide, destruction of biodiversity

    “your biggest hope?”

    That we as humans, acknowledge our inability to be in good terms with the rest of the life forms around us, and just decide to leave this planet alone…

    “where do you stand on what we post here? ”

    I pretty much agree with the general tone of the articles, but sometimes I`d like to see more focus on real action, i mean, some sort of “in the street” stuff. That would be nice.

  13. crow says:

    See Brett? It’s time you stopped claiming you only have four readers.
    Either it is reverse-psychology, or elitism. Whatever it is, it isn’t true.

  14. Anonymous says:

    4 regular readers only ? That’s a pity. But please do continue writing your thoughts, because who else out there puts these truths into plain words? I’m too conserned about the way technological-industrial society is heading us. But how can we restore social order after all these years of marxism?

  15. Paul O'Tarsus says:

    I’m a 21 year old from Ohio. I first started reading the American Nihilist Underground Society at about fifteen, wrote for Heidenlärm once.

    My biggest concern is the decay of the West and the loss of everything that once made this civilization great. My biggest hope is that the forces of dissolution (to paraphrase Evola) are at their peak and that the tide is beginning to turn.

  16. CallistoRising says:

    Where: England
    Age: 23

    My biggest concern is the anomie in my country at the moment and the gleeful deconstruction of England as enacted by the liberal bourgeoisie. I seriously think the anomie in this country is worse here than any other country in Europe. Swedes are a tad more consistently indoctrinated, but at least when I go to Sweden I know I’m there and not quite (yet) a characterless shopping mall. I hope one day England will return the acute or at least implicit sense of identity that the Norwegians, Finns, Baltics and so on have.

    Politically my journey is this: I’m from a middle-class white family. I went the typical route of being a brattish lefty in my teens, but throughout university and in my discussions with other leftists found myself veering more to the right. I could have ended up joining the NS dark side but the New Right seems a lot more circumspect and realistic to me.

  17. Big Jimbo says:

    Of course this post gets many comments, everyone is eager to tell another about themselves, everyone is very significant.

    Of course, I am significant in this way too. :)

    I am just a cool man. The truest and most descriptive thing I say about myself is that I am a mortal man that is alive and constantly seeking greater complexity and strength. Physical strength and intellectual complexity.

    If the only thing that is absolute is our energy, because a compass is not absolute, then my energy, I feel, is best spent towards greater complexity that I will eventually pass on to my offspring, and they will grow more complex from that base.

    I read Amerika because it is the highest level of discourse in the universe, which is not necessarily to say it is the most intelligent or complex or most righteous, but simply that it deals with truth, it deals with reality and does not cloud its ideas behind ulterior motives.

    Amerika deals with truth, Amerika is truth.

  18. crow says:

    Listen carefully to CallistoRising:
    The voice of England, from whence I fled, wife in tow, to Canada.
    At 23 he sees the chaos.
    If you wish to see just how bad things can get, look first to England!
    My condolences, CR. Do I understand, or what?

  19. artdeco says:

    I am in my twenties, born and lived in Sweden my whole life, mixed origin though. Seen the Free Speech society transform into a dogma-nightmare.

    Ideological beliefs have varied, probably because that’s how I “test” them. It started though with the “Mom, why don’t they speak swedish here?” at the age of 6. Inbetween was fueled sometimes by soft Greenism, later Stalinism, and now Fascism (not in public, officially Conservatism).

    Served both in the Swedish and the “X” military (planning a third country’s service). At first, I wanted to become a politician, but I realized in college that you will get an “F” for trying to argue for the impopular solutions. So, I became a soldier. I learn how to defend myself and the ones I value the most: Myself, the Family and the Swedish people (not the Government, it is anti-Swedish). Though I have no Swedish heritage, I believe it is my duty to serve the people who formed this country and not some limo-cruising opportunistic politicians that restricts the Monarch’s ability to rule and let Russians build pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

    The conflicts I partake is mainly for combat itself, if I survive, I will probably experience the coming civil wars in Europe (between traditionalists and modernists).

    Wolves have shorter lives than sheep, I am a Wolf.

  20. JS says:


    I have been reading for about 3-4 months now. Overall I am in agreement with the posts here. They are articulate, well thought out, and challenging, but most important, positive.
    The writings here present the elusive third option to the usual binary thinking that keeps society running in circles.

    I found this site while researching topics for a documentary video.
    I hail from Ann Arbor MI.

    My concern, like others here, is for the future generations inheriting a dull cultureless world, led to its demise by lesser people.

    My hope is to contribute to something greater than myself.

    About me:
    I work in mixed media, music, and education.
    Being a Conservative minded person in these areas is a daily struggle with insanity.


  21. Schakal says:

    Twenty-something, California bay area, at ends with 99% of the people in my city.


    A lack of human dependability and honor.


    A return to classic values and owning up to one’s actions.

    As for my stance on the posts here, you guys tend to provide logical, reasonable arguments. It’s tasty brain food to read while I listen to music.

  22. Nate says:

    I am a 17 year old High school senior from Nebraska who found his conservative and nationalist roots through Heavy Metal and German-American heritage. I found this site through ANUS and have been reading since last winter. I find the contents of this site inspiring beyond belief. My biggest concern is the continuation of the White Race (and every other race for that matter) and the reclamation of my ethnic German culture. My biggest hope is that white Americans wake up from their slumber and realize that their culture is worth preserving. I enjoy this site every morning while i listen to any new albums i have and just think and relax.

  23. Ouroborus says:

    It is nice to see that more people read stuff here. Now how about commenting more!? :p

  24. N says:

    I’m a 25 year old male from Ohio. Confusedly adopted liberal ideas in my younger years in pursuit of the truth, though they now have been discarded in favor of Radical Traditionalist views.

    My biggest concern is living in a country devoid of values, culture, and respect for nature; subservient only to commerce.

    My hope is that I shall be part of a movement that will prevail over the current sickness that presides over this world.

    Mostly agree with everything that is posted here.

  25. James says:

    “Where are you from? What is your biggest concern,and your biggest hope?
    And where do you stand on what we post here?”

    I am from the mid west region of the U.S. I am an Odinist and I am 27 years old. My biggest concern is the destruction of both our Blood and Soil. It seems to me that America was founded by a WASP core; the majority of immigration came from Northwestern Europe and assimilated into an essentially Anglo-American nation. Germans, French, Scottish, Scandinavians, etc. within a generation or two were no different than old stock Anglo-Americans. I believe our ancestors colonized and won this land by sacrifice and struggle against both our mother nature and the competing native tribes. They were victorious over a noble foe who fought with great tenacity but in the end did not prevail. In so doing they secured this great land for their descendants. America until the period of around the 1860′s was a place any freeman would be proud to call home. Today we are squandering the gifts our ancestors gave us by destroying both our Blood and Soil. Our blood through low birthrates, except for our idiots who reproduce in large quantities and bring our folk down, and the importation of foreign peoples who will soon colonize and replace us as we did the native tribes. We destroy our Soil (nature) by overpopulation and expansion. Leaving no land undeveloped or unmolested by man. In Norse-Germanic mythology after Ragnarok and the Twilight of the Gods, their children as well as Lif and Lifthrasir represent such a rebirth after decay and entropy has destroyed all. This is my greatest hope that we too can bring about a new Golden Age.

    I think this site promotes a worldview that can help bring this about and I find I am in agreement with majority of what is written here.

  26. Natural Aristocracy says:

    I am a German living by the Canadian westcoast, currently a university student. Politically I have gone from mainstream conservative to socialist to libertarian and am now a sort of mix. Which is to say I uphold the need for fiscal responsibility and decentralized government. I generally support separatism even if I do not agree with the particular ideals of the movement (pan-secessionism, as it is described by Keith Preston, as well as holding restrictionist views on immigration. However, I part from many conservatives by seeing the need for a strong working class (rural and urban) and generally support unions (the public ones extremely reluctantly, albeit) as a method of achieving this (which is not to say i support the ‘coalition of the oppressed’ which many of today’s unions adore).

    More than this, however, I am a nihilist in the ANUS sense of the word (all meaning in the universe comes from us, it is not an inherent quality of the universe). This meaning, I believe, may be found in an organic society and culture which has Tradition at its core. Religiously I am an atheistic pagan (qua Alain de Benoist).

    My biggest concern is that the west shall die entirely and that Tradition shall die here entirely. I also fear that the rise of the East could mean the death of Tradition in those places, which I believe would well plunge the world into spiritual and cultural darkness, the whole world worshipping at the altar of Mammon and his servant, The Economy.

    My biggest hope (though I fear it is faint) is that the West (and the rest) shall reawaken to its roots and return to the organic societies which have created it. I would not be surprised if this could be forced by the collapse of globalism after we hit Peak Everything (not just oil, but uranium, etc).

    I generally enjoy the articles on Amerika, although I always try to find something to criticize in them. (Such is my nature. The search for truth is an integral part of Tradition, IMO, and I’m not sure why so many self-styled Traditionalists deplore Socrates, Democritus, Newton, and others like them who sought for truth, though we may disagree with their answers). I hope to see this site grow. Good luck!

  27. veda says:

    20s, Inland Northwest USA. Anyone in the area can feel free to contact at address above, put “amerika” in subject line.

  28. Vance says:

    The editors will surely weed this one out, but here it is anyway.

    Like many long time ANUS readers, I think it was literally the second “.com” I typed in after relenting to the herd and signing up for the internets back in 1998 (the first of course being “anal.com”). Back when the visuals were, umm, more anussy. 42 year old child of metal from Atlanta, Ga. and currently in north Florida, U.S.A.

    I’m the nicest guy in the world. I like most people when I first meet them, but almost always eventually find their personality unattractive and grating. In fact I’ve never really heard anyone else refer to what I view quite simply as humanity’s likability crisis. It does seem like lazy oversimplification but it’s the only way I’ve found to relate my view of the problem, which most certainly has been exasperated by the proliferation of the various internets. Our brains are just too damn big or something, I’m not sure what’s going on.

    On the topic of “blogs”, the term “blog” is a perfect example of humanity’s personality issues. I just can’t bring myself to say that horrible word, and if you don’t agree that it’s cockamamied and awkward then you may want to reconsider. And don’t get me started on “Twitter”. (“Google” is probably acceptable and “Facebook” isn’t so bad, although 99.999999% of Facebook participants are total ****ing morons).

    Brett Stevens seems to have dodged personality contamination to date and is by far the most consistently bearable writer on the “blog”. It’s the ONLY “blog” where I’ll routinely read something that I agree with or can relate to, and the only one where I can (hopefully) post a comment like this without peeing in someone’s Cheerios. But as time goes on I’m finding Amerika and its related “blogs” and “commenters” to be more and more grating, a “blog” family which has to date seemed immune. There was a “blog post” recently where they were going on and on about “Netflix” or whatever the hell that crap is called. So how long before we cross the next threshold in to Disney Pixar or “Justin Bieber” territory?

    One might opine that we’re seeing the last vestiges of our pre-internets collective personality succumb to our “new and improved” American Idol / Facebook infected collective personality. Even Amerika can end up mired in the Netflixjustinbieberconserberalism quicksand, but is still the best “blog” on any of the internets (which isn’t saying much). And does the simple act of observing and calling out this particular decay (of sorts) in fact exasperate it? Seems unlikely, but if so then please disregard everything I just said. Oh, and the name is a little cockamamied … didn’t replacing a “c” with a “k” go out in like 2011 B.C.? (haha)

    Sorry, I was told this was a roast. What was the topic again?

  29. EmoCivil says:

    Where are you from?


    What is your biggest concern?

    Clarity, resolve, and energy.

    Clarity: we are drifting aimlessly in many directions due to a lack of values. I’m an atheist and I want to see conservative atheism develop some strong values to withstand the drift towards diversity, globalisation, open-borders, environmental destruction, rise of China, economic decline of the West, sexualisation of public space, uncivilised appearance and behaviour, etc.

    Resolve: we need to build a movement based on those strong values, breed new leaders, know who we are and what we are defending.

    Energy: genetically we have been weakened after a few generations of soft living, junk food diets, drug use, chemicals in our food chain, etc. We need to encourage the fit and strong to breed because white folks will face some tough times ahead.

    … and your biggest hope?

    Too busy trying to find our values.

    And where do you stand on what we post here?

    I agree with most of it. However, as an atheist, the future of atheism is the philosophy of desires, so while I read a lot of good ideas here my mind is trying to redefine them in terms of desires. That may sound at odds with your anti-individualism/consumerism but not necessarily. Ironically, while atheists celebrate “reason”, the only justification/motivation for atheists (in the absence of God) is desire/emotion/feelings. Hence if we’re going to lead atheists in a conservative direction it needs to be done in the language of desires, otherwise it’s like talking to cows.

    I have a blog but my progress is slow. I have a few posts in the works, and I can probably develop a civilised ethnocentric environmentally-conscious philosophy easily enough. But I haven’t figured out much after that.

    My one goal is to see a conservative atheist movement/philosophy get off the ground.

  30. John P says:

    I’m from New England, currently double-majoring in studio art and English/creative writing at college. My ancestry is half Irish, and half a mixture of English, Dutch, and Norwegian. I consider my cultural identity to be American, which is to say a mixture of proud tradition, and of the hedonism/narcissism that so defines much of the Western World in this day and age.

    The understanding of truth is something any human being requires in order to accomplish anything (“cogito ergo sum”), and thus finding the omnipresent truth while it tries to hide is the most important goal for any conscious organism seeking lasting happiness (or “Der Wille zur Macht”, if you will).

    This is what makes this site unique and interesting: that it is driven to point out some of the most important truths in our lives. Like several others, I found this site through ANUS (though I no longer find that site to be particularly useful, or even nihilistic), and as a result I’ve been exposed to some fascinating ideas. I think the most important thing I gain from reading this blog is the reasoning behind maintaining values, from what is (for the most part) an objective and scientific viewpoint.

    I always find myself agreeing with general ideas here, though I may occasionally have minor disagreements, especially where I feel there tends to be animosity towards certain people or their behavior. This blog often does a good job of remaining objective, and I think the best improvement would be to do this 100% of the time. Goals cannot be adjusted, though the means by which we achieve them often must.

    Because of my inherent biological traits and experiences, I have come to believe that I am one of a few beings on this Earth who feels suffocated and deserted by an absence of intelligence and creativity among my fellow man.

    Truth and beauty exist under the rocks, between the branches, and so forth. I yearn to find truth and beauty wherever it may be hiding. I desire to learn about us, our world’s peoples, learn languages, learn histories, discover ideas, similarities, differences, gods, and spirits. I would like to spend my life creating art in its many forms, remaining healthy and active, and experiencing life with some unique and like-minded people.

    Life is a fleeting glimpse of eternity, and as long as I am able, I intend to experience it with both eyes open.

  31. chris says:

    I’m a 24 year old Australian man.

    My biggest concern is internationalist free-riding elites selling out their native constituencies in Europe and other European derived nations.

    My biggest hope is a resurgence in nationalism in Europe, and a throwing out of those elites who betrayed their countrymen.

    I like pretty much all the articles written here.

  32. Jarred Kimmet says:

    I forget to address the questions

    Biggest concern:

    The end of all civilized tradition

    Biggest Hope:

    That we’ll return soon

  33. Hermine says:

    Where are you from?
    I’m an Iranian living in France.

    What is your biggest concern, and your biggest hope?
    Concern: the future of all that is unique, beautiful, and threatened: intelligent and healthy minds, ascending civilizations (in ANUS’ terms, as I read their articles sometimes), flora and fauna…
    Hope: a change in the direction might become possible, specially as the systems based on selfishness and irresponsibility reveal more and more their shortcomings.

    And where do you stand on what we post here?
    Your blog analyzes quite well the problems in our society that are unfashionable to talk about. It’s refreshing. I read most articles, so certain passages have become repetitive to me, and I don’t necessarily agree with all the points that are being made, but it’s still very interesting and intuitive to read on. Thank you for all the work.

  34. Jim Necroslaughter says:

    From Wisconsin. Interesting to see quite a bit of midwest representation. I think Brett Stevens himself has floated the idea that the “divide” is not really north/south, but coasts and “inner states.” And if I could go one step further, I’ll include Texas as it has to deal with the Mexican border. I see now that it’s Wisconsin’s duty to go Conservative. I wish you people on the coasts and the borders well.

  35. Barbara says:

    I am a White Nationalist.

  36. Ben says:

    Ben, from Israel, student for electrical engineering and educating myself on social engineering. Zionist (at the moment, would change only if inhabiting other planets would become optional), and denying the existance of the palestinian people.
    concern – that my country would lose sight of its defining goal, which is Judaism as ethnos and culture. giving away territory is a good example of it
    hope – to do for Israel what Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore
    Standing – both feet on the ground, thank you very much. I agree with anything except the airy stuff about spirituality. Still awayting a reply from you, brett.
    Currently working on a blog with another one of your regular readers, will be in hebrew, though, and directed at the easily susceptible israelis.

  37. Steph says:

    Where are you from?
    Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

    What is your biggest concern?
    Heading off mass society and ecocide. I’d previously read things from the kaczynski/luddite/arne naess/left-anticivilization(anarchoprimitivism) end, but I felt its critically lacking in various aspects. ‘new right’ type thought does an exceptional job of filling in these gaps.

    And your biggest hope?
    I suppose things could be worse.

    And where do you stand on what we post here?
    i wish I had the time to absorb it all.

  38. a different JS says:

    I’m 18, born and raised in Georgia (the state), and my heritage is a Pan-European blend of Welsh, Scottish, English, and German along with a dash of Cherokee. I found the DLA two years ago through death metal, and the articles on the main site resonated with me from the uptake; I had identified with Nietzsche prior to this but ANUS clarified and developed that predilection. I owe SR Prozak and Brett Stevens (who from what I can tell might be the same person) a big thank you for helping me clear my mind and turn an intense antisocial alienation into spiritual ambition and self-discipline with his lucid and inspiring articles. My biggest concern: “Industry fucks nature like some kind of whore.” My biggest hope: I hope to major in biology or something similar that will provide a worthwhile and fulfilling outdoor job without the unnecessary torment of kissing automaton ass all day. On a scale larger than MEEEEE, I hope for and steadfastly await a war in which the reign of the scum is capsized. Then with any luck the whole world follows suit. My stance on Amerika: It is delightfully sane and holistic. This blog demands mainstream attention!!!

  39. Sarcastic Existence says:

    I am from the toilet of “white” europe, the southern part, specifically Greece. In my early teens I was intuitively very conservative and anti-sexual Revolution, I then became a liberal, then returning to my early idea that 99,999% (metaphorically “all”) people are morons and their opinions are insignificant, I evolved from liberal to stalinist, in my first adolescent years I gradually turned from stalinism to esoteric fascism and technofutilism and more or less returned to my free intuitive conservative I had as a young kid before the storm of propaganda got me and I felt so proud when I did.

    I am living a kind of schizophrenic life, I believe in culture, however I can’t find anything suitable (yet) to relate to here in this shithole where conservatism = jew-like behavior, dogma, insane religion, servitude, irrational narrow-minded beliefs etc. I believe in preserving ethnic heritage, but I see the Greek people as so bastardized that I don’t think any of us resemble to the Ancient Greeks. Therefore, I belive a very radical solution here is the only solution. If there is any solution at all.

    I am an ANUS follower but I like amerika too. However I believe it would be better helping personally all of us troubled “young people” with social articles, articles about preserving clear thought of avoiding propaganda, of avoiding depression, servitude and passivity, I believe that we should fix ourselves, meet our (sensible) needs and when we are good with ourselves and feel a sense of mild fulfullment then become warriors and start activism and the spreading of healthy values and ideas.

    In short, this goes to you authors of Amerika, I think there is some broken but intelligent, depressed but inherently innovative and creative, confused but not sold-out, youth out there. It is not binary CONSERVATIVE/HARD WORKING/CULTURED/FEARLESS …OR… WASTED/SHITHEAD/MALLCORE/FATALISTIC/DRUNK/EMO there are good people over the edge, please help them with more individual-targeted self-preservation social articles. Not saying to boost egos and nurture ego-mania, but it is pity seeing good people dying of depression, being weeded out because of bitternes off (general) rejection. Look at Ted Kaczynski, if I got it right, he may never had a relationship with a girl. The first thought of many (without knowing who we are talking about) would be “This is a looser, and a coward” but I say again, look at Ted Kaczynski, you know…

  40. Hami says:

    “…let us know a little about yourself by posting a comment.”
    -Female-23-Polish Matriline-French Patriline-Arizona-Monarchist-Pagan-INTJ-Selective Mute

    Q: “Where are you from?
    A: Arizona

    “What is your biggest concern, and your biggest hope?”
    A: I can’t answer that. It’s too simple, with no specific field or life aspect to mean within, so simply isn’t answerable.

    Q: “And where do you stand on what we post here?”
    A: I agree with most of the things posted here, save anything pushing Christianity. The fact stands that Christianity isnot the religion of your ancestors, and is in direct conflict with a pro-tradition mission, as well as in direct conflict with prostate religion missions, because Christianity’s goal is for everyone on the planet to adopt it over their native religions, to empower Rome.

  41. Where are you from?

    A lot of places…Chester, VA originally. I now live in Huntsville, Al.

    What is your biggest concern,

    An ongoing enstupidation of America. We’ve become very generic, unread, uncultured and are generally always forced towards the Lowest Common Denominator on all serious questions.

    and your biggest hope?

    That idiocy, particularly the PC, intellectually-sanctioned sort of idiocy that ruins the USA as a relevant and evolving nation, will be defeated and subjected to ridicule.

    And where do you stand on what we post here?

    I like a lot of the social and cultural posts, I’m bothered by a lot of the environmental stuff. I still see much of the environmental movement as a mechanism to relieve people of the ability to control and use what they own. You should stop feeding the tyrants.

  42. 1349 says:

    “Where are you from?”

    The north of Belarus

    “What is your biggest concern”

    The rise of serfs to power, especially in my region. Death of order in everything.

    “and your biggest hope?”

    =) Hope i have the right understanding of what should be done to invoke Satya Yuga.

    “And where do you stand on what we post here?”

    I already know and share most of the ideas posted here. So the purposes of reading the blog are: a) to learn how popular and developed are the new right and traditionalism in the US, and compare your position to ours; b) to look at these ideas from the western, drily & strictly logical perspective; c) to improve my English=)

  43. Kirill Nenartovich says:

    I live in Cherry Hill, NJ for 11 years, lived for 9 years in Israel, and was born in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia.

    I have no concerns. The Western Civilization is dying, starting with French Revolution, and will disappear, but it’s still normal: all die.

    I have no hope. The history is repeating itself, and nobody learns lessons. To have a hope means to me to believe in rationality of man, and it’s too difficult.

    I’m curious. I googled “rationality of people” or something like that and found this site. I enjoy reading posts here and share many ideas with Brett Stevens and some of other posters, and will probably post a comment when I finish reading archives.

  44. CorkyAgain says:

    Age 60. Born and raised in western Illinois, but have lived in the Seattle area since 1980.

    Biggest concern: preserving the remnants of Western Civilization, like Irish monks copying manuscripts during the “Dark” Ages.

    Inclined to agree with most of what I’ve read here. However, I’m still new to many of the New Right ideas and am not yet in a position to judge. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    It gives me hope to me to see so many twenty-somethings responding in this thread. (My own children, also in their twenties, are hopelessly liberal. I guess I failed them somehow, or maybe it’s because they were raised by my ex-wife…)

  45. gg says:

    In my early 30s. Metaphorically speaking, i am a digger of deep wells. I have developed some formulas and recipes. Partially through intuition and partially out of necessity. My small goals serve my large goals like moment supports eternity. I carry the spirit forward burning bright but hidden in shaded paths. In life far far into the future well beyond a memory of my existence i hope send a clear and much needed message to a variation of myself. In between i wish cultivate.

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