Thanks, Ann

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5 Responses to “Thanks, Ann”

  1. -A says:

    Trump et al read Roissy, Cruz reads the Right Stuff and Ann must read you. No wonder the left is so scared of the AltRight and NRx.

    • Good point. I think the mainstream Right has read us for some time, but they’re afraid of being socially ostracized for having “wrong” ideas, so they can only read and not act. Coulter, Buchanan and Trump smashed through that barrier.

      Many had hoped that Ron Paul had found a way around it by, instead of attacking the problem directly, demanding libertarian reform. The problem is that there will always be a giant group of voters/recipients who will demand bennies instead of sense.

  2. epochehusserl says:

    Make us into these last men!

  3. crow says:

    It’s pleasant to see the Right having its own pinup. It’s even better having a pinup with some depth behind the face.
    Maybe that’s what leftists mean when they call the Right ‘thick’. Jealous of that depth of character and substance that they will never know.

    • The Right is complex to the left because they are on the other side of a vast chasm. We know the name for that chasm: the ego, and its attendant fear.

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