Outliers (#48)

The dying West chortles on, addicted to denial. The herd has been energized by the sense that it is a victim of a strong leader, when in fact a momentary return to temporary sanity from the excesses of the Obama years. In Europe, realist sentiment gains ground as people realize that although we cannot say “Hitler was right,” we can now say “Hitler was right about diversity not working.” Despite the influx of many people into the West, the newcomers have not stopped the decline and the resulting lack of culture has made us go Full Soviet (and you should never go Full Soviet).

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6 Responses to “Outliers (#48)”

  1. Priss Factor says:

    Immigrant Nation is euphemism for Defenseless Nation.

    All sane nations try to maintain their race, culture, history, and territory. That’s why Hungary is Hungarian and Sweden is Swedish. Hungary is land of Hungarians, and Sweden is land of Swedes.

    As all lifeforms are invasive — and humans are lifeforms too — , every territory, natural or human, has to be defended OR ELSE it will be invaded by others.

    Globalism turned the US from an extension of Europe to a ‘proposition immigration nation’ that is defenseless against world invasion(who want to live off the good stuff built by whites). And this New American model is now forced on ALL nations via globalism. All nations must not only be Americanized but New-Americanized. In the past, being Americanized meant drinking coca cola and watching Hollywood movies. Today, being New-Americanized means having your own nation be invaded by masses of foreigners as ‘new countrymen’. Europeans went from the Americanization of drinking coca-cola & watching Hollywood movies to the New-Americanization of ‘electing a new people’.

    At least mass immigration made some sense during a part of US history(esp in the 19th century) when the continent had to be filled.

    But in the Old World with deep ethnic and historical roots in the soil? It will be loss of rich history and heritage associated with a certain people upon a certain land to waves of invaders.

    But then, globalism spread Pop Culture and PC to sever one’s sense of ties to the land and ancestors.

    So, Ireland has a month black history month. Irish are to identify mainly with reggae singers and black American athletes than with their own kind. What rot.

    • JPW says:

      “Tolerance” is often like that. It’s a Trojan Horse designed to get malware onto the national CPU.

  2. The Soviets themselves never claimed to go full Soviet either. They were saying the ideal is Socialism and that Communism was just a step that direction. It gained ground I believe because of WWI. Russians and Ukrainians I think just got fed up being used for cannon fodder for German artillery, Jews got upset about the pogroms, and Socialism as an ideal had been making its way around “Enlightened Europe”–at least that is the way Russians saw it. I heard this once before and I think that it is true that the whole problem was with the “General Will” and socialism based on Rousseau instead of Democracy based on John Locke. But in any case I do not see how that was any possibility for Russia in 1917–or even today for that matter.

  3. Cryptogenic says:

    It seems to me that what Bruce Charlton is describing is catallaxy (http://www.wisdomsupreme.com/dictionary/catallaxy.php).