Outliers (#46)

The week of the great Milo meltdown renewed tensions between the Alt Right and Alt Light: are we merely defending “cultural libertarianism,” another form of freedom of association, or are we pushing for the real goal of the Alt Right, which is to restore Western Civilization?

Questions for our readership:

  • Would you prefer, on Sundays, a regular post or these link posts?
  • How can the podcast improve?
  • What would you like to see on Amerika that you do not see?

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10 Responses to “Outliers (#46)”

  1. Not everything about Western Civilization. The very term in itself implies the kind of discretion that people used to exercise in deciding what were the main aspects of the West that were worthwhile passing on to the next generation. By definition most is mediocre. When I was in high school, the system was more careful about what they were going to give to the next generations. Maybe it was especially in my high school where the teachers were really great. But my impression is that this was pretty universal in the USA.
    So the Music was mainly the classical greats, the literature also. Even USA history concentrated on reading the actual documents from each major period–which for me was the absolute hardest to do.

  2. I believe the main things are Physics, Metaphysics, the Written Law of Moses. Most everything else I would throw out. The Gra and many other however did recommend the sevens wisdoms [Trivium Quadrivium]–which does not include literature. almost everything that is called science today is pseudoscience. The only things that are valid are STEM.

  3. Pavol Horvath says:

    How can the podcast improve?
    – Adress ecology, real ecology and deep ecology. The form is irrelevant, the topics are not…
    What would you like to see on Amerika that you do not see?
    – More ecology as nobody else from the alt right gives a damn.

  4. Pedro says:

    This is quite a hefty reading list. An enlightening post would hit the mark.

  5. Elenka says:

    Please don’t use acronyms or proper names of organizations or concepts without explaining what or who they stand for. Those of us who are relatively new to alt-right need the basics. A very brief explanation would suffice.

  6. BlackPhillip says:

    The outliers post is very important. It’s a good way to round out the week and to help readers follow up on anything they may have missed.
    Regarding the podcast, I’d like to hear a little less uncertainty from Peter. He seems to have a lot of valuable knowledge on the subjects being discussed so the “I don’t knows” and the “I’m not sure what that is” may be unnecessary.

  7. cecilhenry says:

    I like the Weekend outliers, links are very useful especially to areas/good articles I don’t know about.

    I would prefer it on Saturdays. That’s just me.

  8. Fish says:


    Allow me to suggest you this YouTube Channel called “Academy of Ideas”, it is about the philosophy and human nature described by the best thinkers. Videos are short and very eloquent, very insightful. I also suggest to watch his latest video, Nietzsche and Psychology: How to Become Who You Are, which I liked the most.

  9. Fitz says:

    Can anyone recommend the best and most practical Christian blog against Jews. Not simply the enlightenment and liberalism critiqued with a little Jew savvy thrown in.

    This would be Alt-Right (strong) with Christian Theological understanding taking center stage.

    I was a philosophy major and have a law degree. I understand both Enlightenment deficiencies and liberalisms pathologies. I also understand Marxism and Frankfurt School subversions.

    Jewish supernatural power is the key to understanding the success of modern decadence; as Jewish leaders opposed to Christendom “triangulated” between enlightenment weaknesses and tribal domination.

    The key to discerning their success is knowing that supernatural power is controlling and Jews (average jew or not) are a dependable conduit as well as grist for this mill as well.

    It is important to note that this thinking can be considered REQUIRED under Christianity. Its also by far the largest potential pool for potential alternative righters in the future.

    I’m looking for the most intelligent and also least speculation driven blog spots, resources and whatnot (except E Michael Jones – Him I am familiar with)