Linkpost 02-20-11

Rhetoric heated up this week. We had a second round of Middle East “revolutions,” a struggle over unions in the USA, and more European neurotic navel-gazing. Delight hid in the corners, and here is some good reading matter from this time:


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3 thoughts on “Linkpost 02-20-11”

  1. haha, finally endeavoring to build your traffic? Don’t forget the other two key ingredients: pictures of hot chicks, and blog wars. One question though, if you don’t mind answering, why am I not on your links list? Just curious if is oversight or intentional?

    1. why am I not on your links list?

      Just slow at this point. There are a few I need to add, and some that with regret I have to remove because of 2+ year inactivity.

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