Parody: Imagine

mark_david_chapman-american_heroImagine there is Heaven
Imagine there is Hell
God exists above us
Below us Satan dwells
Imagine all the dead people
Rising from the grave

Imagine men with a country
A place to call your home
Something to live and die for
A purpose beyond your own
Imagine all the dead people
Eating human brains

You may say I’m a schemer
I just want to have some fun
I think someday you’ll join me
Once this mortal life is done

Imagine Zeus and Freya
Helios and Shiva too
Heroes, demons, and angels
The Eye of Sauron watching you
Imagine all the dead people
Haunting all the world

You may call me a dreamer
Damned if I’m the only one
There are stalwarts out there somewhere
And we’ll win before we’re done

4 thoughts on “Parody: Imagine”

  1. If i were christian, i would consider the original song the official anthem of satanism. The lyrics of Dark Funeral or Lord Belial are just a joke.
    Don’t know if i’m grateful to that Texan guy with the gun. Killing this agitator just made him more popular…

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