A man may be minding his own business, when, BLAM!
He is attacked, for no apparent reason, by what appears, to him, to be a madman. Or woman.
“You’re a RACIST!”
When he is not.
“You’re a BIGOT!”
When he is not.
“You’re a FASCIST!”
When he is not.
“You’re a MORON!”
When he is not.

But if he responds with: “You’re a LEFTIST!” All hell breaks loose.
Fair enough. The term leftist is not complimentary, after all. So he tries, in the spirit of live-and-let-live, to be less unkind: “You’re a LIBERAL!” But the result is the same.

I get accused of over-using the terms Liberal and Leftist, but when they are so omnipresent, what is a man to do? They make no attempt to conceal the fact that they are my enemies, and so I learn to identify my enemy. I bear them no ill will, but the same can not be said of them. They demand not to be labeled, yet they do nothing but label others. The list of these labels is long, and acutely damaging, not to mention unfair. But they are not bothered by this. Yet, should one identify them as what they actually are, look out!

These people inhabit a different reality to me. This is what justifies their abusive behavior. Such abuse is undetectable to them. They indulge in it so often that it has become quite normal, and as such, beyond question. They do it merely because that is what they do.
They inhabit a world in which honesty does not exist, and should it unexpectedly manifest itself, then it must be attacked and destroyed, since it is an aberration in their reality. Nothing, in this place they call home, is known as what it is. It is known always by what it is not.
Conversely: an honest man is singled out as being the opposite of what he actually is. And all his other attributes, too.

Perhaps in the world of leftism, madness is the norm. It would appear so. In fact, it is a place so dangerous, that an un-mad man needs tread very carefully, like a soldier in an enemy camp, for should he be noticed, he will surely be made very uncomfortable, indeed.

He will be interrogated. This process is not quite torture – not yet – but close to it.
He will do what he does, and answer honestly. But it will not help him, because whatever he says will not be accepted by his interrogators. Although he answers, his interrogators will continue to demand answers. Anything he does say will be turned against him and used to injure and condemn him. There is no way out of this…

He has no wish to destroy those who wish to destroy him. He tells them this. They refuse to believe him. They demand an intellectual debate with him, because they believe they will win. But he does not use his intellect, because what would be the point? A sane man can never explain sanity to the insane. Because in this reality, this world in which he finds himself, sane is seen as insane, and insane as sane. Which, at some point, makes him wonder…

What is ‘sane’ anyway? Some arbitrary way of seeing things? What has it to recommend it over ‘insane’?
He suffers a moment of self-doubt, as his grip on reality wavers, under the assault. Introspection, consideration, analysis and comparison. But only for a moment. Because he knows himself, and all his ways, completely and easily. His sense of rightness over wrongness is the result of years of cultivation, based upon honesty. Tempered with a world-view that sees goodness as superior to badness. Anchored by a baseline that sees himself as part of everything, as opposed to the isolation of individual ego.
He can be nothing else but sane, because he is immune to the rantings of the insane, and knows them for what they are. The name he uses to identify them is ‘leftists’. Because any group of identical anythings must be called something. Identical individuals. United in chaos. Enemies of sanity. The legions of the lost.

But he knows their condition is no fault of theirs. It is a condition. The affected do not know they are affected. After all, there are so many like them. Identical individuals. And so they must be ‘normal’. And anything not-normal, must be hounded, persecuted, driven out, or destroyed.

Thus he offers no argument. Offers no resistance. They offer a battle he can not win. He could take them all on, valiantly, and go out fighting, and he may do this, someday. But not yet.

For he exists in a different reality to they. One that is benign. One that rewards him for existing in it. With beauty, serenity, peace and balance. This reality he inhabits is not easily won, or easily maintained. Not at first. But with skill, and application, this reality becomes all that exists.
He is not as they. With their endless conflict, endless accusations, endless hate.
He is immune to all of it, because he is not of their world at all.
Even though he inhabits the same physical realm, he is as the spirits of the trees, and birds.
Unconcerned, without fear, at one, and free.

The West seems to be doomed, and it bothers us.
But will you be doomed along with it?
Possibly there is no need for that.
A civilization is the sum of its parts, and it is the parts, that have deteriorated to the point where the civilization itself starts to crumble. There may be no saving it, and perhaps there needs not be any saving it. For every civilization falls. Every one of them. This seems normal. Inevitable.
Your own survival depends upon being able to deal successfully with whatever reality you inhabit. And, whether you know it, or not, you are free to choose this.
You are free to choose the extinction of relying totally upon intellect and reason – look at what this has resulted in – or to make these things subordinate to the greater scheme of things.

Stop your endless thinking, for a change.
Let the peace seep in. Not easy, at first, being as shell-shocked as most of us are, but easier and more natural, with practice.

There is a natural union between acceptance of the world as it is, and conservatism. Explore this more at:


  1. Sector 19 says:

    “A sane man can never explain sanity to the insane.”

    Precisely. I heard it once said about the Atheist / Religious debate (and I’m greatly paraphrasing here) that irrational claims can not be deconstructed with rational argumentation.

    I tend to think that the people whom engage in the excesses of liberal/leftist moral and cultural relativism are probably psychologically predisposed to irrational world views; i.e. religious zealots without a traditional religious framework within which to couch their irrational arguments.

    Instead they substitute religion with abstract universalism; very close cousins in the same branch of irrational or romantic belief.

    In other words, many of these people, if they were living in Salem Massachusetts circa 1692, would most likely be screaming, “Witch!”, in the same way they scream “Racist!”, “Fascist!”, “Homophobe!”, “Anti-semite!” today.

    1. “A sane man can never explain sanity to the insane.”

      Same way smart people can’t make dumber people understand. The dumber ones end up thinking the smarter ones are dumb.

      1. A. Realist says:

        Some days, I am certain you are right. Other days I am not so certain. When I get a glimpse of human character on rare occasions of its clear revelation, my long-standing superstition arises that perhaps they all know what is right and wrong. It is only the leaders who are able to supervene their desires and consequently desire right.

    2. Ryan says:

      exactly, take the women who convert to islam for one, “out of rebellion”. most leftist leaning people (particularly women, who seem more interested in the spiritual than men, at least in my observations) just simply feel that the west is a tomb, if you know the term. the interest in islam or “taoism”/other oriental beliefs(buddhism) perfectly exemplifies the fact that the west has stagnated spiritually and culturally. i can sympathize somewhat, who the hell wants to be a mormon? i rather be a manson family member than a mormon, at least manson understood race.

  2. There is a natural union between acceptance of the world as it is, and conservatism.

    This is a great point. Extending that, there is belief in the perfection of the world inherent to conservatism; conservatives do not see the world as something negative which must be covered up and replaced with humanistic order. They see in it a great eternal wisdom.

    1. Robert W says:

      This is the Aryan mindset, that the world is inherently good and that living and enjoying life is the supreme good.

      Contrast that life affirming worldview with that of Xtianity and Buddhism, which sees the world as an inherently evil place, full of sin and suffering, and life as a curse that can only be lifted upon physical and spiritual death. As Nietzsche said, “Christianity was from the beginning, essentially and fundamentally, life’s nausea and disgust with life, merely concealed behind, masked by, dressed up as, faith in “another” or “better” life.” He understood that, at its core, Xtianity was a bottomless pit of self-annihilating nihilism.

      Flash forward to today and we find ourselves in the same situation. the only difference being that now that instead of Xtians, we’re overrun with multikulti Marxists who want to destroy the Occidental/Aryan “soul.”

      1. Aryan? Do we really need to go there? I’d rather we keep this all above board, as most of the people who use that term end up being connected to destructive quasi rightist groups on the “far right” which is just as much Marxist as it is conservative.

        In my experience the human tendency is universal, there are a few people who rise above and a lot of people who have no accomplishments, and that second group always hates the first group and tries to find a way to bring them under their control. It’s pure natural selection, higher against lower.

        1. Ryan says:

          hey do you or anyone else know of any good writers on social darwinism?

          1. Robert W says:

            Ragnar Redbeard (Might Is Right), Herbert Spencer (Principles of Biology), and Anton LaVey (various writings).

          2. Before you wander off on tangents, try reading a little bit of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.

          3. Ryan says:

            i’ve had my fill of neitzche for a while, thanks for the authors, herbert spencer is a favorite.

        2. Robert W says:

          I prefer the term Aryan-American. :)

          1. A. Realist says:

            Who, exactly, is “Aryan”? As I recall, this applied to a band of Viking-like people from India. They were a genetic elite even in that highly distinguished population. Do you see any “Aryans” around these days?

      2. Ryan says:

        aryan or odinist? what do you mean by aryan? christianity was at its base a rejection of tradition (jesus and the jews, etc.), but in the european context it evolved into the concept of christendom (aka the “white race”) and you had a culture that took on odinist/pagan traditions and jeudeo-roman ones and created western culture. now in its current state i agree with your rendition of neitzche (what book?), christianity has cut us off from our eternal traditions, we are disconnected with that passionate soul of europe, we need the honor and energy of the germanic soul.

        1. Mihai says:

          yes, true. There is a great difference between the plebian flavor of early day Christianity and its medieval manifestation that was infused with warrior-ascetic ideals of the Northern races.
          Today, Christianity has return to the anarchistic, self-pitying tone of its early days.

        2. Robert W says:

          By Aryan I mean just that, those people who are descended from the Aryan tribes that swept west across Europa from the Russian Steppes.

          Xtianity, at its base, was best described as the slave revolt of morality, meaning the lowest, least deserving came, by the force of sheer numbers, to dominate their betters, resulting in, for all intensive purposes, the death of the Occidental/Aryan soul.

          I should also be remembered that Xtianity contributed zero to European culture. All it did was steal its tenets from other faiths and religions and repackaged them so as to make them more palatable to intransigent Germanics.

          As for the Occident today, it’s adrift in sea of ideological uncertainty. Xtianity no longer has the power over people’s lives it once did, but the vacuum it left in it’s wake was filled by its 20th century successor, Marxism. Marxism simply replaced Jehovah with the idea of the State, thereby fulfilling in the hearts of the herd the need to be lead from above.

          Personally, I think WWI and II were the death knells of Occidental culture.

          1. Thank you for driving all non-obscure conservatives and moderates away from this site by talking like a white nationalist or neo-Nazi.

        3. It seems to me that the European culture was formed before Christianity, and incorporated Christianity into it because Christianity was an amalgam of pagan, Greek and Hindu teachings.

          Slave morality is inherent to all human groups. It must be fought constantly or it takes over.

          I can no longer blame Christianity for this, as there are incidents of slave morality occurring where Christianity never existed.

          It makes more sense to say that Crowdists infect any decent religion and turn it into slave morality.

          I don’t think it’s productive to use the term “Aryan.” After the second world war, that term got relegated primarily to neo-far-right groups who are as much Marxist as conservative.

          If we do anything as a civilization, it should be to rebuild our culture without insisting on failed ideas from the past.

          1. Robert W says:

            Xtianity did not “incorporate” anything, it stole. Easter=Ostara, Xmas=Birth of Mithras, Halloween=Samhain, Madona and child iconography=Egyptian, Xmas tree=from the Germans, signing oneself with the cross=German, baptismal waters=German, etc., etc., etc.

            And yes, slave morality is inherent in all groups, but no where did it find a more perfect vessel than in Xtianity, a religion by slaves for slaves.

            Again, Xtianity, like Marxism/Communism, is not the disease itself, merely a symptom of a much larger, more insidious infection, and that is herd stupidity.

            What causes herd stupidity? Prosperity. When times are good, surplus humanity begins breeding unchecked. The result, vast hordes of 5 watt herdlings and the resulting lowering of all cultural, ethical, and academic standards.

            Religion, being the invention of the human mind, is simply a reflection of those minds. If that religion was thought into existence by slaves, it will reflect to worldview and attitude of slave, the world is bad, only the stupid can be saved, the world is going to end…

            As for the use of word Aryan, why let others define your vocabulary? That the word was somehow “tainted” by its association with certain Nazi theorists means that’s verboten now? Please. This is merely another manifestation of white guilt. Allowing leftists to so shape your words and even thoughts is ridiculous.

            Culture is a continuation of the past into the present and its projection into the future. We are, after all, the descendants of the Aryans. It is our cultural heritage. If we are allowed, as is happening all over the world today, to be stripped of our cultural heritage, then we will forced into extinction soon after.

            Also, I have read Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. And while I deeply respect Schopenhauer’s attitude on animal rights, I do not find his pessimism all that attractive. As Nietzsche, I believe he saw perhaps more clearly into the Occidental “soul” than any thinker before or since.

          2. Ryan says:

            but robert, you mean to say that st. augustine was just a rebel rousing marxist? just like charlemange or barbarossa i assume?or justinian, who’s legal code set the precident until napoleon decided he was gonna one up him. the fact that christianity is the basis for modern “science” also, if monks had not recorded such material on pagan traditions there would be no such “odinist” mentality (i will not use Aryan, as “aryans” tend to be turko-iranian in variety and i do not consider turks occidental).

      3. Mihai says:

        From what sources did you draw the conclusions on Buddhism ?
        What you’re describing there is more akin to new age fluffy bunny “spirituality” than actual Buddhism.

        1. Robert W says:

          From the Four Nobel truths, that equate existence with suffering and the cessation of suffering through the mortification of desire.

          This might be a fine recipe for slaves who are hopelessly ensnared in their lots, but to freedom loving people who want nothing more than to live and to go on living this life forever, it’s an philosophical abomination.

          1. Richard says:

            Robert W,

            “From the Four Nobel truths, that equate existence with suffering and the cessation of suffering through the mortification of desire.”

            An interesting thing: Apparently, the word in the original that gets translated as “desire” could be more accurately rendered as “thirst.” Perhaps what the Buddha was referring to was not desire as such but rather an angry craving to possess that one can get caught in, and lose sight of the real?


          2. Mihai says:

            Nothing written in the early Buddhist texts has any moralistic meaning. It refers to a higher science of liberating the individual of his animalistic impulses and elevating him above his individuality, towards the Ultimate.

            The mortification of desire should not be viewed in the moralistic sense of self-denial. It is about the fact that acting with desire and for the craving of external things puts the individual in an endless circle of wanting more and more and never satisfying this desire.
            What Buddhism teaches is the fulfillment of ones inner nature through impersonal action- that is doing “what needs to be done, simply because thus is the individual’s nature and none other”, instead of acting for achieving a specific external goal, that once achieved will be replaced by another and so on…

      4. Richard says:

        Robert W,

        “Contrast that life affirming worldview with that of Xtianity and Buddhism, which sees the world as an inherently evil place, full of sin and suffering, and life as a curse that can only be lifted upon physical and spiritual death.”

        Where in the Gospels can I find this worldview? Am I missing something?


        1. Robert W says:

          Original sin?

          1. A. Realist says:

            While I am not a theologist, I can tell you that the score is far from settled in that regard. Original sin may be simply a way of telling us that without conscious choices to act morally, we revert to our animal heritage.

  3. Robert W says:

    What’s happened to the Occident? Xtianity, that’s what.

    Xtianity was the Marxism/Communism of its day. It corrupted once strong and virile societies and turned them into a bunch of sniveling little bureaucratic milksops. I mean look at Europa today,iIt’s too busy persecuting its own people for having politically dangerous thoughts to defend itself from an invasion of thrid/fourth world apelings.

    Same goes for the US. It’s being turned into one giant slum and anyone who dares to raise a fuss over it gets pilloried in the press as a racist.

    If the Occident is going to survive as a cultural entity it’s going to need to throw off the debilitating mantle of Xtianity and find a new, more culturally relevant spiritual center from which to rediscover itself. Really all the Occident needs to do it rouse itself from its two thousand year old slumber and re-embrace its inner berserker again.

    1. What role did Christianity play in the downfall of Greece and ancient India?

    2. Massah says:

      Well Said.

      I would add that xchristianity, like Islam, is an offshoot of Judaism and designed for those races that inhabit the desert. Asiatics are notoriously conformist. That is why Rome and to a certain extent, Spain, both areas of Europe that are polluted with Arab and Asiatic blood, went to such great lengths to force it upon the European populations.

      1. A. Realist says:

        The lefties are fond of saying that evil white men re-wrote Christianity for their own ends. Now you are telling me that the camel-borne desert-dwellers wrote it in its final form to entrap us. Which do you think is more likely to be true?

    3. EvilBuzzard says:

      St. Paul, the Marxist of his day, wrote thusly to the Thessalonians:

      10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

      2 Thessalonians 3:10
      New International Version (NIV)

      1. Mihai says:

        Very correct observation, evilbuzzard.

        That quotation is the standard paradigm of the slave.

        1. Repair_Man_Jack says:

          SO you should be given things that you haven’t earned? Go join an OWS rally. Maybe they can give you a job and pay all your student loans off for you. The paradigm of the slave is that of someone who is dumb enough to actually believe they are getting something for nothing.

          One day the provider just takes it away. Then you go back and ask what happened. Then they tell you all the strings that are attached to that something for nothing and they own your butt.

          1. Mihai says:

            oh I’m sorry. I must have been wrong thinking that there are people on this planet who are called unto higher things- you know, people who contribute to the very foundation of civilization, and who shouldn’t waste their time and energy on useless toil whose only end is getting them a loaf of bread. “working for existence”

            The work ethic is the ethic of the slave. The slave who has overthrown the natural hierarchy and who wants the whole world to conform to his confined vision. Since the slave’s only ability is to work, he looks upon with scorn on those above him, thinking that just because they are above, they must be evil. So the slave wants to level everyone down to his condition- working for food.

          2. EvilBuzzard says:

            “people who contribute to the very foundation of civilization,”

            The work ethic is the ethic of the slave? Do you really believe Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb by sitting around contemplating his naval. He worked his butt off for years. The same is true of anyone else who ever contributed to the very foundation of any civilization. Studying your naval, no matter how deeply you may choose to contemplate the lint therein, won’t do jack for anybody’s civilization. Go back to you OWS demonstration. You remind me of the worms that crawl around in the poop of a parasite-ridden dog.

      2. Mihai says:


        The horror- I insulted one of the religious idols of today. You aren’t going to shoot me are you ?

        The fact that you consider every kind of human action as just another piece of “hard work” shows how limited and vain your world-view is.

        “Go back to sleep” is my standard response to the likes of you.

        PS: It shouldn’t be very hard to guess: protestant american, right ?

        1. EvilBuzzard says:

          The fact that you think you can something for nothing, that is you think that any worthwhile human achievement is even possible without hard work of some kind, shows you have a highly unrealistic view of the world. Go back to your OWS rally. There may even be people in your drum circle that smell worse than you do.

          1. Mihai says:

            I like the fact that just because I do not agree with you then I MUST be with “the other guys”. :))

            Quite frankly, you are as brainwashed and as ignorant as those ows and marxists you point your finger at…

          2. EvilBuzzard says:

            No brainwashing here. I’ve just seen anything worth doing done without hard work. I thinkt hat’s some pretty fundamental logic. I’m sorry it falls through the cracks of your deracinated paradigm. Anything to avoid having to experience the unpleasantness of committing to legitimate effort I suppose…

          3. Mihai says:

            Oh no, I am committed more than you could ever think, to something very real, which requires far more effort than mere “work”. Our society is degenerate because it sees any form of activity as just another “work” for the acquisition of physical means as an end to itself and as a virtue- the peak of this aberration is the term “intellectual work”, nothing being more mutually exclusive than these two terms.

            But don’t worry, this is the time of the people like you. Enjoy it while it lasts and bring the race as low as possible. When we reach the bottom of the abyss, then it will be the time for a different kind, who will truly take things back up again.

          4. EvilBuzzard says:

            “Enjoy it while it lasts and bring the race as low as possible.”

            Good lord you are insane. My 5-year old probably has more mathematical and musical talent right now than you did (or perhaps do?) at age 20.

          5. Mihai says:

            And my sister bakes finer cookies than you did at the age 12 and will still do by the time you reach 60.

            ^^^ Makes as much sense as your last post.

            No really, I am wasting my time with you. Have a nice life.

          6. EvilBuzzard says:

            I will. You probably won’t. Have fun chlorinating the gene pool. (And people wonder why it’s so hard to get the public to take Conservatism seriously)…

          7. crow says:

            FFS look at you two :(
            You both misunderstood the words you used and that you read. It happens all the time. Ambiguity. Then mayhem.
            Get over it. You’re both clever fellas. You probably both pretty much agree with each other, too, if you’d just stop preferring to think you don’t.

  4. Cannibal LOLocaust says:

    This article is highly compelling to me because it mirrors my own experiences.

    It’s really true, you really don’t have to be doing anything but minding your own business to get mobbed. In the company of leftists, it’s as if you are infiltrating the hive of a kind of insect – the only thing keeping you alive is that you’ve smeared yourself with their scent and that you superficially do as they do. You’re hoping nobody notices. As long as they don’t get a chance to look at you too closely, you’ll be fine.

    Bring one to your house and they’ll squawk about how nice everything is and how you must be one of the evil rich folks who got this way by taking all of your nice things from poor people.

    Invite one to a social event of your choosing and you’ll inevitably betray yourself with your orderly arrangement and punctuality, and the fact that the event will inevitably require some kind of money, skill or both. Non-leftists tend to do things that naturally have some kind of goal in mind, and often a winner or a loser – they play sports, they’ll do outdoor activities, they’ll build things, they’ll make shit happen. The leftist however only seems to like to do one thing: show up to parties uninvited, pay no cover, drink an unlimited amount of alcohol, consume illicit substances of other sorts, then sleep with somebody either on or off premises as long as they drive.

    Even in social settings the leftist is nothing but a parasite, and it will be impossible to hide your non-parasite status. Anything other than a parasite must be either host or dead, so they’ll either find ways to loot all of your stuff or they’ll attack you socioeconomically.

    Leftists rarely attack physically, because they are weak. Weight lifting is a real activity with a real world goal in mind that is achieved by following physiological rules, and as such leftists suck at weight lifting and only seem to do nonsense like Crossfit instead – “I don’t really know how to lift weights but let’s pretend to because it’s fun, and let’s always do it in GROUPS so we never have to stand on our own merits! I brought enough vibram toe shoes for all of us!”

    So, lacking the physical muster to attack you bodily, they’ll swarm you and try to shout you down – at the drop of a hat. Anything you say or do that makes you appear as anything but what they are, and they go for blood.

    It’s exactly as the author indicates, it starts as an interrogation. They ask a lot of questions, but no answer you give is satisfactory. Pretty soon they throw the personal attacks, insinuating that you must only hold your beliefs because you also possess irrationally evil motives or pop psychology fake mental illnesses. Character flaws will not be among these accusations, because they don’t believe in character building – that would require learning, growth and adaptation. That doesn’t jive with them.

    No matter what you do, be it backpedaling and rolling over like a low ranking dog in the pack or defending yourself valiantly, they will not be satisfied to have stood around you in a group yelling at you. Afterwards they’ll all scheme, then they’ll come for your shit. Your job, your house, your wife, your money. These are the people who sue frivolously.

    I’ve seen this happen several times in my university years. The final instance I witnessed was to myself. I was very foolish, in retrospect, seeing so many well meaning people having been encircled in screaming red-faced mobs, to think that it could never happen to me.

    I was fucking wrong.

    I won’t say what I did or what I was accused of, but I almost got kicked out of my school on bogus accusations. It pretty much took the form, “You believe X, therefore we are going to tell the dean that you intend to commit federal felony Y, and SOON.” I ended up spending one day talking to my dean at length and another being analyzed by a school psychiatrist to determine MY OWN sanity.

    I now wonder if every single person I had seen being shouted down by leftists didn’t have to endure the same thing. Fucking piranhas, all of them.

    I learned a simple lesson that I will never forget: Never have dealings with anybody outside my creed. Ever.

    Although it pains me to admit it, leftists are people too. That’s what makes this life so painful at times; they are human beings like us and yet they are possessed en masse by demons from Hell. A great black cloud of Hell hangs over them, permeating them and tainting everything they touch. They are one unit, a great prosthetic arm for the Devil, united in chaos with a will not their own.

    All that keeps me from wanting to put them all in a great oven is the possibility that deep down, every one of them is screaming to be turned into something other than what they are.

    1. Ryan says:

      well said, “All that keeps me from wanting to put them all in a great oven is the possibility that deep down, every one of them is screaming to be turned into something other than what they are.” thats why you have to love them (like a missionary “loves” his converts), all they need is a new moral center, we can be that center if we are subtle. just tell the next libtarded college girl heading off to the “zen” temple, about the merits of say, Odinism (social darwinism is hard for “spiritual” people) or ever “neo-patonism”. but it is very hard, watching them act as they do when the answer lies within them, in their own blood and ancestry.

      1. Ryan says:

        uh i meant neo-PLATONISM, (sorry about my giant fingers)

        1. crow says:

          So, you’re an Odinist?
          Giant fingers will serve you well, then.
          I used to gobble up Norse legends when I was a child.
          What a way of living :)

          1. Ryan says:

            i don’t believe in the “gods”, but the mindset; germanic code of honor, are my moral “priniciples”. the simpliciy of obidience and discipline, as demonstrated in such tales as roland, the various frankish and saxon tales (king arthur, beowulf), etc. the connection to reality was much different then, and it seemed much more Honest. something that i appriciate.

          2. Ryan says:

            odin also, in my opinion, takes left stage to the likes of cuchalain and the celtic world (but that is somewhat irrlevant to the concepts discussed here)

      2. Cannibal LOLocaust says:

        I appreciate your point about a moral center.

        Unfortunately, I don’t have any reason to believe that any manmade moral center has the capacity to root a civilization. A moral center based on consensus of men is the same moral center which leads leftists, and as a rule always seems to end up there. A moral center based on the ideals of one great man will take civilization to better places, but that ship sailed with the French Revolution. Now great and wise individuals will never again be able to implement their ideals as aristocrats, so the ideals of great individuals are disqualified from being moral centers of civilizations on the basis that we live in a world that no longer follows leaders.

        The morals of men are doomed to failure, and that’s why if I were to ever try to “educate” anybody on my university campus it would be about my own moral center: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

        1. crow says:

          I call it a ‘baseline’.
          Whatever form it takes, it is indispensable to good health.
          Without a baseline, where are you?
          Somewhere in leftyland…

          1. Cannibal LOLocaust says:

            Exactly. This is why I choose to take the most immovable of baselines as my moral standard: the will and teachings of the Eternal Father.

            That as a baseline for behavior makes any civilization strong and mighty, safe, affluent and happy. It doesn’t even require the civilization as a whole take up the belief, even a small minority will revolutionize it.

          2. crow says:

            My view is that a self-realized man needs no religion and none of his own ideas. He has dispensed with third-party guidance and is guided now by the same force that steers the cosmos.
            When he knows himself, completely, there is only one way: the one untainted by human preference.

            But self-realization is the thing, so elusive.
            How does a man become the God he yearns to be guided by?
            Meanwhile, there is religion.

          3. Ryan says:

            well said crow, i agree. but cannibal, i think that you are forgetting that conciousness itself is “man made” within the realm of materialism. the idea that there are still not influencers and controllers in the “modern era” is not true, take for one the influence of steve jobs, who convinced the west that it needed shiny white plastic rectangles to appear “up to date”, or Mao, who convinced people that his very word is god. the root of the problem lies in the the lefts arguement that it represents the MASSES, when in reality it represents a small elite few who trade power between privildged groups.

          4. Cannibal LOLocaust says:

            Crow: The true church of Jesus Christ actually promises that those who reach the highest levels of holiness actually become exalted in the next life, becoming gods and goddesses.

            There is no earthly way to achieve the goal of godhood, but there is an otherworldly way it may be done. By the proper authority of the one living God, anything is possible.

          5. crow says:

            C.L: Everyone either believes or doesn’t, what is told them by others, or by books. I don’t operate that way.
            I know what I know because I have been there.
            You know: like Jesus. Who was a man, like you, like me, until he became God. He became thus, through the experience that he was. And so he was.
            No future existence is needed, because present time is every time there ever was, is, and will be. Eternal.
            This is the nature of enlightenment; of Godhood, as you put it.

            There’s a trick to spiritual progress: never to judge anything by what you think you know. If you already know it, where is there to go?

            It’s what you don’t know: that’s where the meat is.
            When you are able to know nothing…

          6. Cannibal LOLocaust says:

            You are dissatisfied in life. I know that because you read this website and because you seem to focus strongly on what would fix the world. These are not the thoughts of a satisfied man. Regardless of your current fulfillment in life, clearly you must see that your own words reveal that you are not as fulfilled as you can be.

            I won’t belittle your spiritual development because you are obviously intelligent and well meaning, and you seem to have put a good amount of thought and effort into this. By visiting this site, it wouldn’t surprise me if you were also very savvy to the evils of this world and intent on avoiding them and keeping them out of your life.

            I can already assume many commendable things about you.

            There is one thing I know for certain about you, and it’s that you have not yet been exposed to the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this, because if you had been exposed to it then the Plan of Happiness would have touched your life and the results would be obvious.

            It is the plan of God since before the earth was formed that you, personally, hear His message of divine truth. In the premortal existence, you spoke with God and chose to be manifested in a physical body and endure trials and temptations so that one day you could return to live with God in a greater state of glory than you could otherwise – and that in the process, you could help establish God’s kingdom on this earth, a kingdom in every facet worthy of the presence of the God whom owns it; splendid, happy, moral and fulfilled in every possible way.

            I invite you to learn more about the restoration of the gospel through modern day prophets, the plan of salvation, and what spiritual opportunities are available to you if you so choose of your own free will to make sacred covenants with the One and Living God.

        2. A. Realist says:

          Good sir, the order of Heaven cannot be replicated on earth. What we have at best are depictions of it. Your moral center exists outside of the church. It is in your immortal soul. The church describes it better than anyone you have found, and that is commendable. However, even if Man never wrote a holy book or conducted worship, God would be present. The moral center of all immortal souls is in the works of God and how those reflecting the shining brilliance of His face. If you were a deaf-mute and knew no language, you would still know the brilliance of God. If you spoke only Nguni, you would describe the radiance of His face in a different fashion. But God alone remains unchanged.

      3. Robert W says:

        Better Odian than Odinist.

        1. Ouroboros says:

          Is this LOLocaust guy for real or?

          1. crow says:

            Sure he is. He’s doing his best.
            If I were who he assumes I am, he would likely be right, too.
            But, like almost everybody else I have ever come across, he assumes that what he knows is all that can be known. And that is why we are all where we find ourselves.
            He thinks I am motivated by desire for satisfaction. For happiness. Most people do. They are wrong.
            Consider: there must always have been a very few who knew things that others did not. Hence religion. Hence philosophy. Hence invention. Hence teachings of any kind. Hence all the quotes people love to repeat.
            Only in modern times, does everybody know everything, and nobody may know any more than anyone else :)

            The really bizarre thing, I find, again and again, is how so very few people are able to grasp that there are those who, having discovered something of immense import, and usefulness to others, then set out to share what they know with those others, with no thought of return to themselves.
            This concept, strange as it seems, is beyond almost everybody.
            It’s what got Jesus killed.
            It’s what would get him killed again, if he were to re-appear.
            People always evaluate others by the little they know of themselves.

    2. crow says:

      Great. Now, is there anything you don’t like, about leftists?

      Sorry; just my irrational sense of humour :)
      I’ll bet it felt good to get that said, eh?
      We’ve all suffered this stuff. That’s why we find ourselves here, I guess.
      Welcome, C.L.

    3. Although it pains me to admit it, leftists are people too. That’s what makes this life so painful at times; they are human beings like us and yet they are possessed en masse by demons from Hell. A great black cloud of Hell hangs over them, permeating them and tainting everything they touch. They are one unit, a great prosthetic arm for the Devil, united in chaos with a will not their own.

      I learned this lesson early on as well: you cannot “save” someone else. They have to decide to do it for themselves. At best you can stave off the collapse.

      I would have no problem demanding that liberals leave our nation, and sending them to some liberal paradise on the other side of the world. This is how evolution occurs: those who hold on to useless ideas are swept aside by those who are more realistic.

      During our lifetimes, this will probably happen.

      1. crow says:

        I learned this rather late in life.
        In fact I am still learning it.
        I know it, but still I do this crazy thing: trying to share what I know with those who don’t know.
        For all the good it does.
        A strange calling, but maybe there’s a way, as yet undiscovered, to do what has never been done :)

    4. A. Realist says:

      “There is one thing I know for certain about you, and it’s that you have not yet been exposed to the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ.”

      If only it were that simple. I, too, wish it was. However, from all that I have seen, Jesus Christ desires that we fix up our own mistakes. It is too greedy of us to ask Him to fix a mess of our own making. It clearly is ours. Blaming God would be blasphemy, and blaming Satan is not right, either. The Tempter is always there. Why do we answer his siren call?

      1. However, from all that I have seen, Jesus Christ desires that we fix up our own mistakes.

        Would you trust any god that did not? That’s a nanny not a deity.

        1. EvilBuzzard says:

          No. You blame that God for not fixing all your problems. Use his lack of any concern for MEEEEE as an excuse to justify piss-poor performance. Getting off my dead arse and making to work on time this morning just wasn’t God’s will. What could I do?

  5. A. Realist says:

    The best defense is a good offense. The people have learned this, of course. If you catch one stealing your watch, he’ll accuse you of profiling him, even if he’s white (he could be a homosexual or a Zoroastrian). It is not so much a legal thought as a social facade, because you end up looking like a cad while he looks like bloody Oliver Twist. In times of great disunity, every person has an excuse.

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