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Free will and fate

The denial of free will is a curious thing. One almost has to wonder why there would be a question in the first place. I suppose it is because we all have limitations and therefore construe that we are not “free.” On the other hand, when one overcomes a challenge, we realize we are capable […]

The End of Logic

Logic has held a special place in Western philosophy since the time of Aristotle and Plato. It depends upon logical language, which is words having specific, exact, and agreed-upon meanings. It also depends upon an agreed set of assumptions about the basic nature of things. For a long time, logic was more or less dependable. […]

In Memorial of H.P. Lovecraft, the Philosopher of Terror

Howard P. Lovecraft died March 15th, 1937 and his fiction about the terror of the great beyond is less of a fantasy and more of a warning. The predominant philosophers of the 19th century spent their time imagining and theorizing about the limits of our world and the extent to which we humans can explore […]

The self-driving car

The rise of the machines continues. Right now we have a self-driving car in the works that is apparently safe enough to be street legal. It scans the world around it using 64 lasers to produce a constant topographical map through which it navigates using GPS and road data. People get nervous when this happens. […]

Internal and external reality

Humans are proud of our big brains. This is what sets us apart from the animals and makes us special. At least, that’s what we think is true. Opportunity cost however comes with all advantages. Thus every strength is also a weakness because in order to have that strength, something else was displaced. In the […]

You cannot educate the fool

At the risk of being repetitive, exploration in finer detail of a crucial concept may reveal its central role in understanding realist thinking. For today, let us tackle this simple idea: education does not make a fool wise; it only makes foolishness appear wiser. Thus to educate everyone is to educate fools and to promote […]

Satan hides in our own eyes

Wherever I wander, there is always Satan, lurking in doorways and the shadows of obese people. I am told by people who have degrees than I have toes that he is everywhere, in varied forms. Global warming. Inequality. Racism. Terrorism. Intolerance. The 1%. Haters. No matter how far I wander, he is there. In a […]

Rationalism is the death of realism

Conservatism is like a mountain peak rising above the clouds. The light glints on it and we realize, surrounded by the ruins of the delusions of our fellow citizens, that conservatism gives us an option to certain failure. But we do not yet understand it. As a non-ideological viewpoint, Conservatism needs a different form of […]

Science defeats liberalism

“If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise,” wrote William Blake in his Proverbs of Hell. This proverb is widely misinterpreted as meaning that we can make a wise man out of a fool. That is not so; what it means is that a fool who tries new versions of the […]

The true nature of evil

For everything that exists on this earth, there are two versions: the thing as it is, and the human mental image of it. The thing as it is may not exist by itself, meaning that the thing as it is in fact is not a thing, but a coming-together of different forces. But the human […]

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