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Outliers (#42)

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

The first week of Trumprise passed and we all survived; he finally tackled immigration. If we get really lucky, he will take out the nasty tangle of laws based around civil rights that assume a white majority must always subsidize everyone else, including the worst of the lot, “affirmative action.” launched, and we also all survived, but the question of direction still haunts the Alt Right as the Alt Lite hovers like a robotic jackal, ready for a parasitic pounce at every moment.

Dissident Right Reviews Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Over at Dissident Right, August J. Rush has reviewed Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity by tackling assumptions about the meaning of “nihilism.”

Ultimately, Stevens rejects the Idealism of previous philosophers and instead notes that inherent truth (or meaning) does not exist; all that does is a world external to ourselves which experiences an objective reality, regardless of how we experience it.

…Stevens thus embraces ontological realism, and otherwise argues that while we can never fully be sure that The-World-We-Experience is The-World-As-It-Is, if our mental maps allow us to survive and thrive over a long enough time period, we thus must have an accurate (or at least advantageous) understanding of external reality. Thus, to Stevens, the question of epistemological realism is ultimately answered by the evolutionary fitness of an individual (he also extends this to societal-level phenomenon, with civilizational attainment serving as a stand-in for evolutionary fitness for these phenomena).

…Societies of any scale will have to integrate individual illusions into a cohesive framework that members can reasonably work within. This means that as a society scales, the collective mental map of reality gets further and further from The-World-As-It-Is. This process is inevitable.

This is a great synopsis of the book and of its challenge: how to find a realism that does not betray us. Its answer, presented more at the margins, is elitism and aristocracy, but the main point of the book is what this review captures, which is that we need a force of epistemological destruction like nihilism in order to slow the process of entropy of purpose that happens with civilization.

Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity has been fortunate to have a number of great reviews by talented writers:

Outliers (#41)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Trump was elected; the Left lost their minds but failed to achieve anything other than a large social event for people to use as a forum for attention whoring. Across the world the parasites — who must be idiots — are panicking because the free money train is ending. Not only that, but illusions are dying. Illusions of everyone just getting along by accepting everything. Illusions of grandeur and over-stated self-importance. And finally, illusions that we can all get along, or even live together. The West is fragmenting, and as the Left gets crazier, there is no longer a place for fence-sitters moderates.

Outliers (#40)

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

As the world prepares for a new American President, chaos reigns among the Left, who cannot admit that their smug moral superiority act went over only until it was proved wrong by its own actions. Now that we have seen the ultimate goals of liberal democracy, and have noticed that they resemble the horrors of Communism and the Terror, the functional people out here want nothing to do with them. The Leftist response has been to call us Nazis, ignorant, uneducated, dirt people, bigots, latent homosexuals and fascists. In so doing, they gambled on using what had been their ultimate power, and with its failure, they also have failed and begin their slide into neurotic obscurity.

For grim kicks, the entire Outliers family:

Patrick Bertlein Reviews Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity at Heathen Harvest

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Over at Heathen Harvest, long-time reader and commenter Patrick Bertlein writes a somewhat Left-leaning critique of Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity. From the review:

Much of this is about positivity, and in this Stevens’ nihilism is more uplifting than anything, but first you have to be able to see how you have created a false reality and move beyond that. This is not nearly as dark as one would suppose the subject matter is, and Nihilism shows more similarities with someone like Brené Brown than, say, a black metal kid brooding about the misery of his existence. All of this makes it quite confusing, for beyond the wacky ideas and parables, he often makes quite a lot of sense. Brett Stevens is a man of contradictions, revealing an interest in conservation while advocating for corporations, expressing ideas that many would find shocking and simultaneously seeming to say some of these things are in others’ best interests—and perhaps they are.

…Returning to how he defines nihilism and what was supposed to be the overarching theme of this work—philosophy—he reveals an empowering ideology that gives the readers an opportunity to analyze themselves and redefine how they perceive reality. To use his own word, nihilism is a “gateway” to lead to something better for the individual. Fatalism is dismissed as a false nihilism, passivity that only leads to an excuse to sit around doing nothing and wasting your irrelevant life away. The exact definition of nihilism he gives is a “lack of inherent value,” and if anything, nihilism is a spiritual path, not one obsolete of spirituality in any form. Much of this may surprise the layperson, whose views of the subject are of giving up on life and the complete antithesis to anything metaphysical. In fact, he sees things as quite the opposite, and strongly believes in subjects such as the karmic cycle.

This is an insightful view at the core of the philosophy: nihilism is a form of traditionalism, and a method of escaping the mental ghetto created because human mental impulses are stronger signals than perception of the world, especially in the distant future or multiple moves ahead. Our tendency to respond to strong signals, like danger or reproduction, leads us to become addicted to ourselves because of this disparity in broadcast strength.

Bertlein writes an insightful view, with a good joke above (hint: Brett Stevens was a black metal kid back in the day) and only a few glitches (Nietzschean not Spencerian, shock tactics adopted from Burroughs, anti-diversity not against other groups, and Darwinian not social Darwinian) in understanding, bringing to light what makes this book a useful tome for the average semi-awakened reader on the top right fifth of the Bell Curve.

Outliers (#39)

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

The first week of 2017 kicked off with massive doubt as the Obama era ended in a flurry of last-minute executive orders, pardons and other attempts to sabotage the incoming Trump administration. Liberal democracy continued to lose ground as illusion became less preferable than functional realism. Europe intensified its retreat from the ideology of humanism and toward a naturalistic sanity. And in the Alt Right, the focus shifted from defending ourselves to choosing another far-range target upon which to unite ourselves for an ongoing putsch… I mean push.

Christopher Pankhurst Reviews Nihilism

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Over at Counter Currents, Christopher Pankhurst reviews my first book, Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity. Along with an earlier review by Peter Heft, this is among my favorite writings about the book because it grasps the difficult essence of its topic, active nihilism.

In particular, the review establishes this excellent summary of my realistic support for nationalism:

On the second point, racial politics, Stevens is clear that he does not support a sort of colour blind politics, and he emphasizes that all cultures need to preserve their own ethnos in order to flourish. He does, however, reject any notions of racial supremacy, and also remains sceptical of any suggestion that particular ethnic groups are uniquely responsible for the present illness of the West. His view is that multiculturalism and diversity are attempts to mould societies into a particular egalitarian form and that they have proven to be wholly unworkable.

He also captures a succinct vision of the opposition to rationalization a.k.a. “rationalism”:

What Stevens would like to see more of is a pragmatic assessment of the way that societies work and an efficient implementation of best practice. Instead of this, we can see that people tend to decide (or are told) what is true and false, what is good and evil, and they then go to any lengths they need to in order to make reality conform to the expectations that these prior beliefs engender.

The whole thing is worth reading, and provides a great example of how to do a literary book review, which is distinct from the political approach that most reviewers have taken or the philosophical one that Mr. Heft pursued. Check out Mr. Pankhurst’s review of Nihilism at Counter Currents.

Outliers (#38)

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Holiday weekends bring out the best and worst in people. Most are disappointed, whether because they did not get the new gadget or because they live lonely and futile lives, none can tell. People drink a lot more, drive around aimlessly, behave selfishly. Leftists rage from their dingy city apartments after their ineffectual jobs, and want all of us to feel their pain. That is their version of “peace on earth, and brotherhood to all men.”

Announcing The Social Justice Warrior Flag

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Click on the image for full size. Should make the holiday season complete for the Social Justice Worrier in your life…

Activists Push #StopWhiteGenocide To Top Spot On Gab

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Yesterday, a small group of committed people assaulted social media with the hashtag #StopWhiteGenocide to raise awareness of the passive demographic genocide being used to displace Western peoples from Western Civilization. In this, our Leftist leaders replace us with third world people, who are used and discarded, in order to achieve permanent control.

It goes to show you what a small group can do with a clear idea and a will to cooperate with each other toward an ultimately productive end. Results were less impressive on Facebook and Twitter, which tend to censor right-wing topics farther right than centrist. However, as momentum grows, this meme and #DiversityIsOver seem to be gaining strength as people recognize the obvious.