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“An Introduction To Nihilism” And An Interview With Brett Stevens

Friday, October 21st, 2016


Over at Manticore Press, a short writing entitled “An Introduction To Nihilism” which explains in straightforward terms the philosophy applied in Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity.

Perhaps its most biting moment:

By facing the darkness of life directly and allowing the cold wind of the abyss to lick our faces, nihilism creates acceptance of the world as it is, and then embarks on a search for meaning that is not “social meaning” because it is interpreted according to the individual based on the capacity of that individual. Nihilism is esoteric in that it rejects the idea of a truth that can be communicated to everyone, but by freeing us from the idea that whatever truths we encounter must include everyone, allows for lone explorers to delve deeper and climb higher, if they have the biological requirements for the mental ability involved.

For this reason, nihilism is transformative. We go into it as equal members of the modern zombie automaton cult, convinced that there is objective truth and we have subjective preferences. We come out realizing that our preferences are entirely a function of our abilities and biology, and that “objective” truth is as much an idol as the Golden Calf of Moses’ time: a fiction and consensual reality created to keep a troupe of slightly smarter than average monkeys working together.

Its most interesting part however may be its clarity on the idea of nihilism as a different method of finding reality than the intermediaries and symbolic realities normally chosen by humans:

Nihilism rejects the ideas of universalism, rationalism and empiricism which have ruled the West for centuries. These ideas arise from our social impulses, or the desire to include others as a group and motivate them with what is perceived as objective truth.

Universalism holds that all people are essentially the same, and therefore that values are a matter of respecting the choices of each person, truth is what can be verified in a way a group can understand, and communication relies on words which have immutable meaning. Rationalism supposes that the workings our minds can tell us what is true in the world without testing, and implies universalism, or that the workings of our minds are all the same. Empiricism, now linked to its cousin logical positivism, states that truth is only found in observable and testable, replicable observations.

In addition, for your reading pleasure, Everritt over at A Natural Reaction has published “An Interview with Author and Philosopher Brett Stevens” in which he asks the big questions and some subtler ones that reinforce them. This was a well-executed interview.

Apparently this section has generated the most reaction:

Do you have hope for the future? If so why?

There is always hope. Humans can change themselves, or at least some can, and they tend to influence others by their natural leadership abilities. Right now, every Leftist policy is failing at once, and so history will force us to make a change. In my view, it will shift toward the vision of futurism and not the old, tired, and failed system of liberal democracy.

You may also notice that we have a new site design. This arose from practical concerns — how to make the text more readable, work around some technical glitches and support mobile devices — but also as an upgrade to our aging three-year-old site design. There will be minor corrections over the next few weeks as there always are, but if you spot something that has gone wrong, please mention it.

Postbox (#1)

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


An alert reader writes:

Based on what I have read on thus far, I know that you attribute deforestation to be a primary cause of climate change. So I was wondering what you thought of Donald Trump’s seeming unwillingness to take a stance on the issue. I am aware of the energy plan on his website, yet he always fails to mention any details from it when pressed on the issue in interviews. He always falls back on blaming China which is contradictory as they recently ratified the UN Paris Agreement, of which he plans to somehow revoke any further US involvement. This suggests to me that the majority of Trump’s energy plan is all but an afterthought as it is never really given it’s due attention unless it has to do with creating more jobs. While I would like to give him my vote, this is all very troubling.

This is an interesting question and deserves an in-depth answer which others may appreciate as well. Here is what was sent back to this alert reader:

There are two answers here: practical in terms of the game, and realistic in terms of what must be done.

In the world of the practical, Trump will do his best to avoid this issue because it is entirely a Leftist creation designed to load their solution as an assumption. There is no winning hand for him to tackle this without opening another front, and the answer will be nuanced, so that is bad politics.

In realistic terms, deforestation _caused by overpopulation_ is the problem. One huge solution to this is to destroy immigration entirely and cut all third world aid, both of which Trump has hinted at wanting to do.

This means that his solution is one he cannot admit, but that he has already mentioned, just not in relation to global warming.

Amerika Is The Alpha Male Of The Alt Right

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


Among the Alt Right and Neoreaction blogs, there are many good ones, most of which are featured in our links section. But Amerika, thanks to its many contributors, rises to alpha male status among even this select group, although only other alphas will recognize it.

Writing presents a challenge because words are acts in themselves, and it becomes tempting to separate the words from the meaning. As Arthur Schopenhauer wrote in “On Authorship”:

Again, it may be said that there are three kinds of authors.

  1. First come those who write without thinking. They write from a full memory, from reminiscences; it may be, even straight out of other people’s books. This class is the most numerous.

  2. Then come those who do their thinking whilst they are writing,—they think in order to write; and there is no lack of them.

  3. Last of all come those authors who think before they begin to write: they are rare.

Writers suffer temptations. There is the temptation to construct the message around what the audience believes should be true, which brings in more readers but limits what can be said. There is the temptation to write with the emotions, which makes one seem bold and extreme. Or to write excuses for the personal failures of the audience, and find scapegoats instead of solutions. All of these are paths to dumbing-down.

Alpha writers are those who focus on expressing with clarity what is most accurate in their observations. An Alpha does not spend his time writing prose that flatters the audience or gratifies their pretense; he brushes past these things and tells them something of relevance. A good book is like a pocketknife, full of handy tools to use in the many different types of scrapes one can get into in life.

Your beta writer will rage and bluster in order to be part of the trends of the moment and to get “his share” of the attention. An Alpha will take a middle path: calm, reasoned and yet unwavering in its focus on the bottom line. Your Alpha writer is like an old West gunsel, soft-spoken and steely-eyed, waiting for the chance to pounce and then acting with abrupt and conclusive violence.

Writers of this nature, like the contributors to this site, are not here to make you feel happy and warm. Nor are they here to give you a shot in the arm of righteous rage and victimhood. They are here to slay the dragon, which is human ignorance, and to re-orient your mind toward useful activity.

This is what the Buddhists call a “middle path”: avoiding extremes not as a moderate, but as someone who is reality-based and therefore does not need the signaling which is the intent of extremes. There are practical reasons for this; as recent research suggests, extremism can backfire:

A recent study published in PNAS showed that when people who hold extreme opinions are exposed to even more extreme opinions, they tend to moderate their views. Unfortunately, exposing moderates to these same intervention messages makes them more extreme in their opinions, so this technique may be a double-edged sword.

When exposed to extremism, extremists get less extreme and moderates get more extreme. For that reason, a winning strategy is to avoid being extreme in the ways that are obvious, but to be extreme in the ways that are not, pushing the moderates toward more fully realizing their views.

On this site, you do not see the kind of punitivism and scapegoating that is the norm on all political sites because it is the norm in democratic times. Instead, there is a different kind of extremism: rejecting failed policies and unrealistic plans like diversity, equality, democracy, ethno-bolshevism and other nonsense that pleases groups when spoken but fails in reality.

That is why our writers are Alphas and this site is the Alpha of the Alt Right. We do not back down from the essential issues, nor do we get confused with the fascinations and intellectual accessorizing of the betas. Instead, there is only that steely-eyed look down the barrel of a weapon, fixed on the target always.

Outliers (#26)

Sunday, October 9th, 2016


Bruce Charlton writes an interesting analysis of the reason for the enduring popularity of the Left:

This is not a rational thing, but a gut-level thing – mostly inexplicit and denied. But fundamentally, peoples’ hopes are pinned to some kind of sexual Nirvana. They are fantasies of overwhelming and consciousness-obliterating pleasure; freedom, growth, power, status…

These fantasies are very various between people, often in opposition between people and in one person; which is why the coalition of the Left is so large.

While there is a lot to think about on this issue, and probably multiple causes, to my mind the dominant cause of Leftist popularity is that “equality” is one of those words like “peace” that shuts off the human brain. It promises a reduction of risk by extending universal mandatory inclusion to all people, so that the tensions of competition, hierarchy and different abilities are erased.

This has a power greater than sex which is that it speaks directly to the massive and underlying fear in people who are no longer sure that their civilization has a purpose. On top of that, they then find surrogate outlets for their thirst for power, including sex, money, domination, subjugation, deception and other acts that make people feel supreme in the short term.

From The New Yorker, an insightful look at the Tom Wolfe-esque struggle that has replaced distribution of wealth as the struggle of our time:

Voting is no longer the test of inclusion. What is happening in the rich democracies may be not so much a war between the haves and the have-nots as a war between the socially advantaged and the left-out. No one who lives in poverty would not trade that life for a better one, but what most people probably want is the life they have. They fear losing that more than they wish for a different life, although they probably also want their children to be able to lead a different life if they choose.

Of the features of modern society that exacerbate that fear and threaten that hope, the distribution of wealth may not be the most important. Money matters to people, but status matters more, and precisely because status is something you cannot buy. Status is related to identity as much as it is to income. It is also, unfortunately, a zero-sum game. The struggles over status are socially divisive, and they can resemble class warfare.

With the takeover of civilization by social control, social power is all that matters. Popularity trumps all else, and if you have enough media and social clout, you can even launch a company like Theranos and bring in billions. The manipulators have triumphed, but the result is a crab bucket competition for those fifteen minutes of fame, which forces a “race to the bottom” that explains our current cultural void.

From The Wall Street Journal, a devastating look into the corruption of American politics:

Newly disclosed emails show top Obama administration officials were in close contact with Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign in early 2015 about the potential fallout from revelations that the former secretary of state used a private email server.

Contrast this with the Official Narrative, as reported by CBS:

President Obama only learned of Hillary Clinton’s private email address use for official State Department business after a New York Times report, he told CBS News in an interview.

One wonders: who isn’t lying at this point? Probably the people pointing out that the above arrangement is not just obvious evasion of the intent of security regulations, but also an attempt to hide sensitive materials, and also evidence of corruption in the White House on a scale that dwarfs Nixon exponentiated.

Nihilism Advances Slowly Toward Global Domination

Saturday, October 8th, 2016


The term “nihilism,” sometimes referred to as “the black pill,” terrifies people. It means that there is no inherent right way to do things, language is arbitrary, and truth is interpreted in individual minds to varying degrees of accuracy relative to reality (esotericism). It is relativism exponentiated. It is what we scapegoat as the black abyss beneath our feet.

In reality, it is none of those things. Nihilism is a simple recognition that the universe exists outside of human intent and is always more important than human intent. Our big brains, of which we are inordinately proud, can do many great things, but they also tend to mislead us. Humans tend to “invert” anything they encounter, or switch it around so that humans appear to be the lords of this world instead of the world being its own master.

Building on this form of active nihilism, one can discover meaning, but then is forced to realize that meaning also is created through relativity, or by the mutual approach of observer and object. This requires the observer to discipline himself in the discovery of the world.

Nihilism also signifies that people are unequal because they have unequal abilities and therefore, widely different accuracy in perceiving the world. It is an extreme form of realism that expresses radical skepticism toward human intent and tendencies toward self-deception.

For this reason, nihilism is feared most by people who want to exert control over the world. Humans can create illusions, share them through tokens, and by using social control enforce them on the group, but they cannot change the will of the world. It is going to do what it wishes. Death will still be there, as will tragedy and sadness. Paving over those with pleasant illusions does nothing but weaken us.

Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness and Eternity, the first book from essaying Brett Stevens, continues its march among the few remaining people who can think, and heads toward global domination. Its controversial thesis — that human pretense, not political systems, destroys our future — rejects politics itself.

This book sketches a Black Pill solution to modernity: Instead of fighting over which universal truth we want to win out at the polls, it rejects the idea of universal truths entirely. It points toward a realism of an esoteric nature, assessed by the mental capacity of exceptional individuals, in which human intent and the resulting tendency toward solipsism is viewed with suspicion if not outright hostility.


Nihilism is the first in a three-part series. Nihilism explores the gateway to philosophy with a clear mind and optimized, self-disciplined approach to reality; Solipsism describes the modern illness that is responsible for all failings both political and otherwise; and Parallelism, a volume of all-new writings, explores a philosophical solution to these challenges in both essay and fiction forms.

As described by its publisher, the book:

Unlike the control-oriented systems of thought that form the basis of contemporary society, nihilism reverts the crux of moral thinking to the relationship between the individual and the effects of that individual’s actions in reality. From this, a new range of choice expands, including the decision to affirm religious and moral truth as superior methods of Darwinistic adaptation to the question of human survival, which necessarily includes civilization.

So far it has delighted some readers, and others have either thrown it across the room or ranted extensively on Amazon about the horrors involved. It achieved #1 on the list of new releases in social philosophy on Amazon, and has gained some of the best readers in history who are sending in images of their copies of Nihilism: 1 2 3 4.

You can see more user-submitted images in this post, including a “Where’s Waldo?” in a bookshelf full of classics. The book has also garnered an expert level review from RightOn contributor Peter Heft, which explores the tiers of philosophical assertions made at random — or is it? — in the book. You can also read interviews with the author here, here, here, here, here (part two) and here.


Any author would be fortunate and feel blessed to have the attentive and insightful readers that this book has attracted. Readers have written in with comments, questions and supportive words, all of which are appreciated. If you, reader of the present article, have any of the same, please feel free to leave them in the comments to this post. You may also wish to comment on other discussions of the book in the same black pill circle of sites that produced Amerika, such as here and here.

You can find copies of Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity at the following retailers:

If you are a representative of a regular publication who would like to review the book, or a retailer who would like to stock it, please contact us here.

An Alt Right Links List

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016


You will notice that the blogroll has been updated, which is another way of saying that it is both gone and lives on in a new place. Amerika featured a blogroll for some time to show off blogs of importance, but then, the blogs page came about, and the two were duplicative.

To avoid conflict, the blogroll has moved to the blogs page, and where it was are links to the sections of the links page, which has expanded from a list of Alt Right blogs to a general list of resources for next-generation Rightist thinkers. If your site is not listed, please send along an email to user “brett” at this domain.

In the future, this list will expand to cover all topics of interest to a normal human being, as filtered through an Alt Right viewpoint. This is a certainty because of the sprawling way the list expanded until it was reorganized and updated recently, more akin to clearing scrub than anything else. In the meantime, give it a look-see here:

Outliers (#25)

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016


Moldbug Re-Learning The Lessons Of Slaughterhouse Five:

Moldbug, or (((Moldbug))), some have asked. Nonsense: more likely, just growing up in postwar America and being indoctrinated in the same individualistic Leftism as the rest of us. But an alarming naïveté manifests itself here:

At least in the West, ex-Nazis actually got off quite lightly. (One way to see that the Allies were the good guys and the Nazis were the bad guys is to look at how the latter would have treated the former after a similarly unconditional victory. Okay, I guess, there was a little bit of slave labor. But it was comparatively minor.)

Good guys are those who fight for what is right. The Allies and Axis were both good-intentioned guys, but no party in any of those wars rose to the level of “good guys.” Why? Seek your answer in classic Moldbug: they were all democracies or the products of them — of course they were based on illusion and lies.

Cynical Libertarian Society Features The Alt Right and

You can find the link below in our new “Digests” mini-section. Unfortunately, this appears to be a dying art. CLS assesses the Alt Right:

Here is what the Alt-Right is getting right:

  • Diversity doesn’t work.
  • Democracy doesn’t work.
  • Circumventing natural selection doesn’t work.
  • Everyone is not equal.

I have to define “work” in order for these statements to make philosophical sense. In this case by “work” I mean: Lead to the creation and maintenance of a free society in which individuals can strive to achieve their greatest potential and be independent within interdependency.

To this, we might add: the basis of the Alt Right is that structure in reality, notably biological structure as expressed in genetics, regulates our future, not human intent. For this reason, genetics is upstream of culture which is upstream of politics. This means that we need practical ideas to adapt to this reality like nationalism, hierarchy, aristocracy and, for Western European groups, the focus on transcendental purpose which has appeared in our healthiest civilizations.

Hells Headbangers Metal Distro Now Has Copies Of “Nihilism”

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016


One of the premium heavy metal distribution (or: mail order) sites in the world, Hell’s Headbangers, now has copies of Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity in stock and ready for ordering. This is a great place for metalheads and others to find reliable mail order service at good prices, now with extra nihilism!

The Amerikan Nihilist Underground Society (ANUS)

Monday, September 26th, 2016


The past lives with us. Events are effects of causes in the past, and over time that present becomes past, and a cause of the new present. We live in the future of the past and the past contains not just its causes, but the archetypes we see re-cur time and again as patterns.

For those who are relatively new to the history of this site and its writers, some backstory may help. Amerika is the latest of a series of online communities dedicated to the idea of abolishing the notion that human intention is more important than reality.

Its origin hides three decades ago when a kid, barely a teenager, chose nihilism as a personal philosophy. In his eyes, all of humanity was infested by self-deception, and the root was a lack of understanding of the logical structure of objects and events in reality, usually because it was glossed over with social feelings, personal emotions and deceptive simplifications designed to make other people accept it as real.

This manifested in an early series of writings distributed by a hacker group known as the American Nihilist Underground Society (ANUS); it was sometimes also spelled Amerikan Nihilist Underground Society. Run through a group of dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs) and dedicated to public pranks, subversion of political ideograms, and telecommunications knowledge, the group was a bit of an anomaly.

For starters, while its members were in theory liberals, it embraced a Nietzschean elitism and a skepticism toward humanity, resulting in a tendency toward anti-social behavior as a means of rejecting the approval of the herd, which would result inevitably in its ideas being assimilated, which involved corruption through simplification and removal of controversial elements, thus denaturing them. The group had seen too many metal bands go down this path in a search for public approval and thus big mass culture dollars, and wanted no part of it.

Throughout the late 1980s, the group published a newsletter and text files — short blasts of information about technical and philosophical topics — through the bulletin boards of the day. You can read more about this era in the article “Hacker Metal” in longstanding music e-zine Perfect Sound Forever.

With the advent of the public internet in the late 80s and early 90s, ANUS took to the global bulletin board USENET with its screeds and members became active in metal and politics subs, abrading the dominant paradigms and socially acceptable political tropes with anti-humanistic and pro-atavism propaganda. In addition, other hijinks transpired which served to destabilize the sheep-herd areas of the early internet.

On USENET, members tackled difficult topics in groups including, the Ted Kaczynski fan group, and were active in numerous attacks on illusions in groups dedicated to them. This got ANUS an early reputation as a “troll group,” and confirmed for many members that public discourse had passed into mob rule, and therefore that logical discussion was impossible, and the only means of interacting with the audience was to deceive and mock them, forcing a re-evaluation of opinions by those observing.

Throughout this time, members of the groups were fans of dissident music. This began with synthpop like Kraftwerk and punk like the Cro-Mags, but evolved into thrash bands like Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (DRI), Cryptic Slaughter and Dead Horse, and eventually migrated to underground metal, a type of heavy metal that threw out the rock elements of usual heavy metal to become a new style, divided into “death metal” music with its emphasis on structure and phrase, and black metal which strove for atmosphere and melody which rejected the anthropocentric nature of rock.

As part of this, members of the group created a radio show in Southern California which reached millions of people and lived on from 1997-2001 as an early online podcast. Continuing the mission of publishing metal reviews that began on BBSs like The Metal AE during the 80s, the group published reviews of underground metal first to USENET, and then to a succession of web servers.

In the mid-90s, these moved to a web domain,, here captured in its second year of operation. This site combined social criticism, philosophy, an early ezine, death metal reviews and interviews, black metal articles and theory, gore pictures, blasphemy and many random exhibits centered on the topic of nihilism. This site frequently bounced between web hosts because of the taboo nature of its content, which back then was enough to get a site thrown off of its paid host, usually without refunds.

ANUS also operated one of the first free speech forum, which started in earlier versions — now lost — on other servers. This forum gave rise to the right-wing direction that was forced upon ANUS by its rejection by the Left, who demonized it at first for its elitism, and only later for its refusal to endorse class warfare and its rejection of the multicultural, pacifist, atheist, and socialist dream in which many Western citizens of the 90s were vesting their hopes. Such people, referred to by ANUS members as “tools” in the 90s slang and currently called “cucks,” found themselves alienated by the content on the site and were quick to call for boycotts and bans of mention of the site on other forums.

During the late 90s, our members contributed to a number of rising projects, including the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (LNSG) which contained the formative elements of the nascent dissident or alternative (90s slang for: “not mainstream”) right: a strong Nationalist awareness, an aversion to democracy and cruelty, but most importantly, a focus on resurrection Western Civilization not just Western politics. This controversial site operated one of the most active forums of the day, which attracted among others school shooter and all-around good guy Jeff Weise, who is remembered fondly by former members from there.

Starting in the year 2000, some of our members became active with a mail-order business, Evilmusic. This outlet sold black metal, death metal and related genres, and unlike the standard of the time, did so with shipping confirmation in professional packaging and used a reliable e-commerce system. Unfortunately, this venture jumped into a genre at the time when it was dying, which meant that the good bands had lapsed and were replaced by either sold-out versions of themselves or inferior copies, which drove away anyone intelligent from the fan base, replacing them with idiots who wanted the usual rock-n-roll jive with metal flavoring. This business was abandoned in 2005 for that reason.

As time went on, it became clear that the web had changed, and people wanted sites which focused on a single topic at a time. Following Jorn Barger’s invention of the blog (“web + log”) in the late 90s, the website format had changed from the archive to the news stream. As a result, ANUS split in two: the underground metal began migrating to Death Metal Underground, and the politics went to a new site, named CORRUPT (which is not an acronym, but was always spelled out in all caps, for reasons now lost to time). This site later blossomed into an organization and later, a zine named Exponentiation and a full-time blog with multiple contributors.

During this time, members also participated in troll groups including the Gay African-American Association of America (GNAA) which relentlessly trolled people in the grips of the modern dysfunction, including Apple users and multiculturalists. This further enhanced the reputation of ANUS as trolls which was used by its enemies to discredit its innovations in the early internet, including in site design, e-zine publishing and heavy metal journalism.

CORRUPT thrived because something was needed that would unite human biodiversity (HBD), the nascent nationalism of the West, a Nietzschean desire to end the decline and fall of Western Civilization, and anti-democratic feelings which did not fall into the National Socialist or fascist models but sought a way “out” of the American political system without waffling about “third ways.” CORRUPT recognized that one was either realist or humanist, and that there were no grey areas at this high level of abstraction about basic approach, and quickly published a number of articles overthrowing the dominant groups of the day and questing for a new path.

At some point, CORRUPT began to go on its own path more toward the third way. Some members wanted another outlet, so Amerika was resurrected from its nascent days and time as an Al-Qaeda fan site (for which it is still banned as a “hate site” by many services) and converted into a platform for non-mainstream Rightist writing. In early versions of its current form, it continued the CORRUPT mission in a more Nietzschean and environmentalist direction, but rejected the idea of any idea-sharing or compromise with the Left.

With that change, we arrive at the present era. The ANUS mission has matured and become the full raging realist manifestation that it always was, rejecting the idea of social morality and the necessary social control it creates in favor of a results-based view of humanity working from naturalistic principles. As such, it is within the Right, but often barely so, and continues to push the boundaries of what is accepted by thwarting human pretense and solipsism, rejecting the idea of human intentions as more important than reality, and demanding a higher standard of quality rising toward excellence from those who have every ability to achieve it.

Outliers (#24)

Sunday, September 25th, 2016


The self-hating West described, from an unusual source:

We repeatedly tell stories about a white protagonist who goes on a journey of self-discovery by mingling with exotic brown foreigners and becoming better at said foreigners’ culture than they themselves are. We eat it up in the form of faux-historical epics, splashy science-fiction special effects extravaganzas, and earnest nonfiction projects about writers paid by their publishers to take exotic vacations.

The frustrating thing about being annoyed by the Mighty Whitey trope—and there are a ton of people upset— is that it’s so frequently employed by the well-meaning “good guys.” The whole point of “going native” is that the familiar Western civilization is portrayed as inauthentic, ugly, broken, flawed. The “exotic” foreign civilization is somehow more natural, more primal, more sensual, the way people really ought to live.

…It’s hard to avoid the feeling that this repeated fantasy—of a white person shedding their whiteness, abandoning their home culture, joining the oppressed, and finally taking up arms against all the other, still-racist white people and killing them all—stems from a desire to be absolved of guilt. White guilt, that dreaded emotion that’s been inflicted on countless white Americans through social studies classes, Black History month TV specials, and lectures from left-wing non-white bloggers like myself at this very moment.

Arktos/RightOn founder Daniel Friberg interviewed by Russia Today

Why should humanity get its act together, with a revitalized West leading it? Among other things, because we are making a potentially fatal gamble about alien life:

“If intelligent life has evolved (on Gliese 832c), we should be able to hear it,” he says while hovering over the exoplanet in the animated “U.S.S. Hawking.” “One day we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back. Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. That didn’t turn out so well.”

The grim fact is that in all of life, the race is on, and the end result is more like zero-sum than not. Any alien species worth its salt will be patrolling the stars to find potential threats — and eliminate them. This means humanity has only a finite amount of time to get its act together before wandering aliens eliminate us, probably by introducing a pathogen that our science cannot thwart.

The consequence of solipsism: people believe they are action heroes in their own movies, equating trivial acts of self-interest with noble contributions to humanity:

“Our goal now is to ensure that this never happens to another innocent citizen,” Tiffany Crutcher said. “We’re going to break the chains of injustice. We’re going to break the chains of police brutality.”

In that solipsistic world, objecting to the police shooting your brother after he attempted to cuck them is “breaking the chains of injustice.” They might as well call it “ascending to the state of angels” or “being a black American Gandhi.” It is all virtue signaling, concealing self-interest, which will come in a $5-$10 million dollar payout.