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Gay marriage reveals fundamental problem

Inspired by the previous blog entry, I decided to take a closer look at the gay marriage issue in particular. One of the main problems I’m finding with this latest trendy social issue is the requirement for people of Abrahamic faiths to variously support sin indirectly through the system of taxation. This is similar to […]

Checking in

We live in a time of great content confusion. People confuse entertaining content, that panders to their need for variety, over descriptive or accurate content. What they consider “good writing” is usually the opposite, meaning that instead of being descriptive, it is effusive and emotive, producing dramatic entertainment but little to no information. As a […]

Video star

Want to introduce more people to the ideas you find at this blog? Make a difference. You will sleep better at night knowing that you have done something no matter how small. A volunteer team is assembling videos, in which audio of articles being read out loud is played while some form of visual […]

“Behave” reprinted on British Freedom Party site

Amerika and myself are fortunate to have my article, “Behave,” re-printed on the British Freedom Party website. This party does interesting things and their support means a lot to us. The party’s objectives are: The objectives of the British Freedom Party shall be to defend and restore the freedoms, traditions, unity, identity, democracy and independence […]


For those who are joining our discussions, a quick note on how to use the commenting system. As stated in another post, there are no “rules” per se but there is a requirement that content be constructive, productive or otherwise informative. This is flexible and impersonal. If your comment is off-topic but in some way […]


Conservatives tend to be law-and-order types who nonetheless are not in favor of rules. Rules are inflexible; they allow wrong-headed people to easily circumnavigate them as they are written and violate them in spirit, and they tend to punish right-headed people in complicated situations. What we prefer are ideals which are expressed through a form […]

The Stark Truth: Notes from Brett Stevens, Part 2

The second part of the written interview with verbal discussion by Robert Stark over at Voice of Reason Radio, a non-partisan radio show that explores alternatives to modern politics and includes emphasis on nationalism, continues what was discussed in the first part. You can hear the audio broadcast part 1, part 2 on the Voice […]

Brett Stevens interview on Voice of Reason Radio

Robert Stark over a voice of Reason Radio, a non-partisan radio show that explores alternatives to modern politics and includes emphasis on nationalism, has conducted a radio interview with me. Or rather, because a live radio interview wasn’t possible, has conducted a written interview and then discussed it on the radio. You can hear the […]

“Masculinity Versus the Age of the Chinless” on In Mala Fide

As part of my community outreach, I’ve contributed a piece to notorious men’s rights/post-conservative blog In Mala Fide. This particular piece addresses the assault on masculinity from those who wish to divide it as a concept and by creating a false concept of it, thus obscure what men need to do in order to reclaim […]

The art of commentary

What does this picture have to do with what follows? Nothing! But it was too good to waste. So now to business… Here’s something unusual… is an unusual place, dealing in unusual fare, and, not surprisingly, it has unusual commenters. If you think about this, is becomes apparent. What sort of people read these […]

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