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Outliers (#34)

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Our potential future sails into uncertain waters. The death of liberal democracy is now clear: rather than muting the dark side of humanity, it encouraged it, and now our populations are divided between illusionists and realists. The realists want to seize control before the illusionists force us into permanent third world status through demographic genocide and civilization collapse. We desire a renewed Western Civilization based on the greatness of old, and shying away from the managerial state that both tries to save the delusional from themselves, and control the rest of us with good intentions and bad methods. As the West rediscovers its will to live, it discovers the idea that life should be good and pleasurable, and for that reason, that we can throw out all of the fetid rot and the compulsively neurotic people who will otherwise lead us into a darkness of revenge, greed, victimhood and passive aggressive bullying.

You Heard It Here First

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


The team that evolved into the Amerika writing group started out in the late 1980s writing about nihilism. This was a rejection the shaping of our knowledge by human mental convenience, and a cry for reality-based radical skepticism of “truths” shared by the herd.

Since that time, we have scooped every other source on several points of importance for all future rightists:

  • Diversity Does Not Work. While most of our compatriots were focused on criticizing specific ethnic groups, our approach was to say that diversity itself is the problem. Each group acts in self-interest to establish its own values as standards and to shape the future of the nation, and this naturally brings them into conflict, resolved only in Balkanization or reduction of the group to a lowest common denominator grey (or “beige”) race.
  • Class Revolt Is The Problem. At a time when most others were blaming capitalism, technology or infiltration for our decline, we argued that civilizational decay was at the root of it, spurred on by a radical individualism caused by an over-abundance of people without purpose, whose survival had been protected by civilization. Class warfare destroys most civilizations.
  • Bootstrapping Is The Solution. Although others still seem unclear on this issue, our group argues that the only solution will come through seizing political control while simultaneously nurturing a cultural movement toward excellence; the two will form a feedback loop. This enables society to re-evolve toward greatness.
  • Realism Leads to Idealism. Taking a hint from the Germanic Idealists, our writers have argued for some time that extreme realism leads to a view of reality as a structure composed of something thought-like at a level below physicality. This rejects both atheistic materialism and dualism, and argues instead for a layered monism.

The texts linked in this post are from the 2000s and 2010s but reflect writing from the late 1980s through early 1990s which, originally posted to long-gone web servers and USENET, has been steadily edited toward greater accuracy.

As we approach nearly three decades down this path, our writers want to remind you: You Heard It Here First. We are ignored by many of the larger publications on the Right, as well as by all the Left, because we do not dumb down what we write, nor do we provide easy scapegoats and the type of emotional drama found on blogs. But most of all, we are feared, because our nuanced answers have more duration than the appeals to feelings that make most writing inaccurate.

The time that is coming will be decided by a single question. We either choose to lift our spirits toward goodness and excellence, and by so doing, restore Western Civilization, or we follow many other failed societies down a path from which there is no recovery. It ends in a grey race, without culture or philosophy, obedient to a few cruel leaders who manipulate it as its people stagnate and reverse their evolutionary path, ending up as hominids standing among ancient ruins whose meaning is long forgotten.

Outsider Art Gallery LD50 Posts Alt Right Exhibit

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Provocative London art gallery LD50 has launched new exhibit about the Alt Right, male frustration, Neoreaction, spirit cooking, Pepe, Kek, the occult and the rise of memetic communication.

Fresh on the heels of a success Neoreaction conference, the gallery has created videos centered around Alt Right and Neoreaction texts which make writing into a basic podcast for greater enjoyment of the viewer.

I am fortunate to be featured in one of these videos, a reading of “The Black Pill”, itself a compilation of ideas from my late 1980s and early 1990s writings about nihilism:

Outliers (#33)

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


The British Establishment is still resisting Brexit; the American Leftist media is trying to find a way to claim the election was invalid. A power vacuum has opened because it appears that the people who claim to be in charge are in fact oblivious to the consequences of their actions. It remains to be seen if a single one of them is competent. And yet, the world waits. The reign of Trump has so far been peaceful and filled with confidence because, as Milo Yiannopoulos would say, “Daddy” is back in the house.

This is a pressure cooker whose lid is being screwed tighter while the temperature rises. This is an angry animal, forced into a cage and tormented, determined to find itself free.

…These jokers take a thief’s share of our salary, of the money we spend, of the money we save, of the debt we accrue and the deaths we endure. And in return we are told our voices don’t matter. Don’t count.

…They say people with nothing to lose are the most dangerous of all. I think the Establishment both here and in the United States may be about to learn the biggest threat to peace and order in their respective countries, will be entirely of their own making. – Katie Hopkins, “And if that sounds like a threat – it is!,” Daily Mail, November 25, 2016

  1. Why is Russia challenging NATO right now?
  2. What issues do you wish the Alt Right would emphasize?
  3. How can the Alt Right help Donald Trump and Nigel Farage?
  4. If given political power, how would the Alt Right end the decline of Western Civilization?
  5. Should the Alt Right rebrand as “The New Right”?
  6. What practical things can be done about pollution, overpopulation and species extinction?

Outliers (#32)

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


As the realization of both Brexit and The Trumpening hits the Western World, it becomes clear we have turned a corner: we have found some spirit to fight. The years of slow decay, followed by the acceleration of Leftism after 1945 and 1991, have done their damage but people are realizing a lack of faith in human intent (egalitarianism) and a renewed faith in common sense, nature, time-proven solutions and the transcendent. The world keeps turning, but its human spirit has forever been altered, and for once it seems, for the better.

Outliers (#31)

Sunday, November 13th, 2016


This week took a historic turn with the “American Brexit” kicked off by the election of Donald J. Trump at the 45th President of the United States. That, in turn, has prompted vast searching on the Right for what our mission is and what are the achievable steps to walk us back from an Enlightenment™-based egalitarian societal toward a hierarchical, realistic, naturalistic and transcendental one. To that end, take a peek at some of the best writing this week.

Election Plans

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


It has been decided that in this house, we will hope for the best in the election, but spend the day watching Lord of the Rings and thinking on what it is we want for society. That movie series follows the quest of a motley band of officially unimportant citizens in their quest to restore a Western monarchy.

Oddly, that follows with about what the modern West needs. The yeoman hobbits play a vital role in coming together with others to restore order when threatened by insatiable evil. Along the way, the characters involved discover within themselves supernatural awareness and a deep existential longing for social and moral order.

There will be snacks of a mostly-healthy nature, possibly fermented beverages, and no shortage of pipe weed (“…a variety of Nicotiana…”). While the world struggles with whether it wants to live or not, and people outside rage onward, we will contemplate our deepest hopes. All else has been canceled to allow this, not like anyone will get much done on this momentous and historical day anyway.

What are your election plans?

Outliers (#30)

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


In the early internet days, links lists provided a vital resource because search engines and indexes were limited. In the present time, when the net is overflowing with options and search engines favor the big sites, links lists provide both a resource to find undiscovered content, and a narrative, in that whatever the Herd wants is usually wrong and so here is an option for the thinking reader. In tribute to Robot Wisdom and Outside In, here is our weekly list of links.

Outliers (#28)

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016



  • Feel free to mention bug reports about the new design here.

  • Strategy: how shall pressure be put on Donald Trump, if he wins, to go farther Alt Right?

  • It is clear that physical removal of Leftists will be necessary. How, and how gently?

“An Introduction To Nihilism” And An Interview With Brett Stevens

Friday, October 21st, 2016


Over at Manticore Press, a short writing entitled “An Introduction To Nihilism” which explains in straightforward terms the philosophy applied in Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity.

Perhaps its most biting moment:

By facing the darkness of life directly and allowing the cold wind of the abyss to lick our faces, nihilism creates acceptance of the world as it is, and then embarks on a search for meaning that is not “social meaning” because it is interpreted according to the individual based on the capacity of that individual. Nihilism is esoteric in that it rejects the idea of a truth that can be communicated to everyone, but by freeing us from the idea that whatever truths we encounter must include everyone, allows for lone explorers to delve deeper and climb higher, if they have the biological requirements for the mental ability involved.

For this reason, nihilism is transformative. We go into it as equal members of the modern zombie automaton cult, convinced that there is objective truth and we have subjective preferences. We come out realizing that our preferences are entirely a function of our abilities and biology, and that “objective” truth is as much an idol as the Golden Calf of Moses’ time: a fiction and consensual reality created to keep a troupe of slightly smarter than average monkeys working together.

Its most interesting part however may be its clarity on the idea of nihilism as a different method of finding reality than the intermediaries and symbolic realities normally chosen by humans:

Nihilism rejects the ideas of universalism, rationalism and empiricism which have ruled the West for centuries. These ideas arise from our social impulses, or the desire to include others as a group and motivate them with what is perceived as objective truth.

Universalism holds that all people are essentially the same, and therefore that values are a matter of respecting the choices of each person, truth is what can be verified in a way a group can understand, and communication relies on words which have immutable meaning. Rationalism supposes that the workings our minds can tell us what is true in the world without testing, and implies universalism, or that the workings of our minds are all the same. Empiricism, now linked to its cousin logical positivism, states that truth is only found in observable and testable, replicable observations.

In addition, for your reading pleasure, Everritt over at A Natural Reaction has published “An Interview with Author and Philosopher Brett Stevens” in which he asks the big questions and some subtler ones that reinforce them. This was a well-executed interview.

Apparently this section has generated the most reaction:

Do you have hope for the future? If so why?

There is always hope. Humans can change themselves, or at least some can, and they tend to influence others by their natural leadership abilities. Right now, every Leftist policy is failing at once, and so history will force us to make a change. In my view, it will shift toward the vision of futurism and not the old, tired, and failed system of liberal democracy.

You may also notice that we have a new site design. This arose from practical concerns — how to make the text more readable, work around some technical glitches and support mobile devices — but also as an upgrade to our aging three-year-old site design. There will be minor corrections over the next few weeks as there always are, but if you spot something that has gone wrong, please mention it.