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I’m on vacation for the next couple weeks, maybe more if time is needed. I relish interactions with the thoughtful people who post comments here, but I’m not sure I’m reaching enough of an audience through this method. Thus it may be time to take advantage of this vacation and see whether a void is […]

Links list clean-up & media takeover

Someone had mentioned that most of the blogs in the right-hand side list were defunct. While I hope that’s not true, it seemed that about a third were inactive. I’ve pruned it a bit; it’s not personal, but I’d like it to be a reading list. My “loyalty list” is much longer and includes all […]

Jonathan Bowden New Right audio and video torrent

Jonathan Bowden was an essential member within the British nationalist scene, most prominently perhaps for his involvement in the British National Party; however his output extends far beyond party politics. An erudite orator, Bowden spoke on a variety of subjects with an aim at illuminating a far-right perspective with logical precision and spiritual fervor that […]

Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage releases “Of Men and Ruins” Issue 2

The Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage has released the second issue of its publication “Of Men and Ruins,” this time containing the Brett Stevens article “Is national identity necessary for empathy?” Like many others who have realized that modernity, while perhaps the most comfortable method of living, slowly kills us from within through […]

How to help this site

I grew up in the hacker community. We were hackers in the oldest sense, meaning that we liked to make machines do things that others couldn’t make them do. (This is unrelated to the act of stealing money by exploiting known weaknesses, which advances nothing.) Hacking is about pushing boundaries. You look at what exists […]

Brett Stevens interview at the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage

Conservatives preserve the permanent things by holding on to that which not only works, but creates a transcendent beauty in life. This is why we idealize “the good, the beautiful and the true” and is why we conserve these things where we find them, resisting a tidal wave of human individualism and short-sighted solipsism. The […]

Lawrence Auster 1949-2013

Early this morning, one of the brightest lights of right-wing thought moved on from this world. As an American who enjoyed the idea and reality of America, Lawrence Auster was not “new right” in the European sense of co-opting leftism with rightist motivations, but since America had already done that with neoconservatism, he went to […]

“The internet is a brain disease” video

One of the many people who help us periodically has created this video based on a previous text by Vijay Prozak. The video, which features immersive video imagery and ambient soundworks, explores highlights of the text in a visual context.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

If the only prayer you ever said in your life was ‘thank you,’ that would suffice. – Meister Eckhart Thanksgiving is not a holiday; it’s a ritual. Rituals exist like a kind of existential “to do” list, reminding us when to stop and focus on certain bigger-picture issues, so that when we return to our […]

Choosing our direction

You may have noticed that our posts are now every other day instead of every day. This is not from a lack of things to write, or will to write them. With the time I would spend making a post every other day, I’ve directed my time toward a larger writing. This has been overdue […]

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