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Tiger Society may be sub-optimal

Amy Chua, formerly of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, is probably a liberal. However, she espouses a very conservative idea: our choices of action determine the results we get. In Tiger Mother, she outraged parents across the world by showing how if they were willing to work at it, they could make their kids […]

Monsters (2010)

Millennials are in a bubble of their own creation. Others watch them, but don’t communicate, because we know the bubble is there and are aware we will be attacking with anger for puncturing it. We can tell that they are the products of decades of leftist indoctrination, broken homes, commercial “culture,” and the legitimization of […]

The postmodern abyss of college

In a liberal arts college, the only thing campus progressives seem certain of is nothing. They are certain of God’s absence, race’s social construction, and gender’s ambiguity. No objective truths can be found and everything, particularly culture, is relative. Their certainty in nothing only gets stronger; if you dare challenge them, Godwin’s Law is quickly invoked, […]

Parody: Imagine

Imagine there is Heaven Imagine there is Hell God exists above us Below us Satan dwells Imagine all the dead people Rising from the grave Imagine men with a country A place to call your home Something to live and die for A purpose beyond your own Imagine all the dead people Eating human brains […]

Chinua Achebe

When an author has had a good long run, it probably does not make sense to mourn their deaths so much as to note what they did of significance. Today we lost Chinua Achebe, the African author whose 1958 account of instability during a revolution, Things Fall Apart, is on the syllabus at many universities. […]

Lifesavers Spear-o-Mint candies

Life Savers Spear-O-Mint hard candies $4/6oz How does a traditionalist live? There’s many layers to that question. Beyond the big stuff, which includes questions of values and activity, there’s the question of everyday life. Our world is toxic: we are surrounded by bad imagery, destructive ideas, nearly poisonous food, degraded behavior and few options for […]

The easy way

For every material end we wish to achieve in life, we can say there are generally two ways to achieve it: the hard way, and the easy way. However, since there is no such thing as a free lunch, the cost of the thing has to be offset somehow. Sometimes it happens in subtle, salient […]

We have nothing in common

As election season winds up for a conclusion, one salient fact unrelated to the outcome can be discerned: In America, as in Europe, we no longer have anything in common with each other. Whenever there’s an election, equal parts of the citizenry think the others are insane, and the gulf is widening as the left […]

How ordinary people ruined the West

The best ideas are unpopular because their unpopularity means that they are both contrary to the trends of the time, and there’s a threat that they’re correct. The primary mythos of our time is that of external control, both in the idea that we can control other people (we cannot) and that any misfortunes or […]

My introduction to the world of make-work and adult bitterness

In fifth grade I was infuriated when a new obligation was introduced in addition to our actual studies. It was called an “assignment notebook.”  Once you received your homework in whatever subject, you then had to write down that you had homework in whatever subject… I know, I know – what if we forget between now […]

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