Amerika continues the work of previous sites like the American Nihilist Underground (1988-2010) and CORRUPT (2008-2012) in addition to numerous BBS and USENET postings from 1988-1998.

Its outlook is conservatism in its original form, or that which tried to conserve the best of classical Western Civilization after the onslaught of the French Revolution in 1789. This conservatism has two parts: consequentialism, or a radical realism that cares only for effects in reality and rejects human judgments and emotion, and transcendentalism, or the idea that the rules of life are well-known and cannot be changed, but we can improve the quality of our experience by understanding the invisible pattern language of nature.

This clashes with mainstream conservatism, which is more mainstream than conservatism. The mainstream always drifts Left because humans are seduced and cordycepted by the promises of peace, equality and brotherhood; these seem altruistic, but are in fact selfish manifestations of individualism, which is the idea that “no one can tell me what I cannot do” that lurks in the hearts of most humans, and extends at its most toxic to denial of history, culture, heritage, customs, faith, common sense and logic.

Individualism presents the downfall of humans. We are small beings in a large world, and we either configure our minds to fit within that reality, or construct a false reality to fit within our minds. Individualism creates collectivism because people, motivated by excessive self-interest, bond together to form groups designed to enforce the individualist mentality upon civilization, thereby forcing it to accept all of the herd regardless of their lack of contribution or negative behavior.

That herd then mobilizes to take over the civilization, reprograms it to favor illusion over reality, and then watches as it destroys itself. The Rich,™ the Jew,™ and all other scapegoats do not do this to us. We do it to ourselves, by following what “seems” good to us. All civilizations die of class warfare, with the bottom attacking the top and then the leaderless society collapsing.

Amerika recognizes that we are in a war of ideas. It is the illusion which most people think is good versus what actually works and therefore is good. The solution is to get back to conservative values, purge “equality” as an idea from among us, and then rebuild. Those of us who are original conservatives are not extremists, nor are we moderates.

We are driven by something outside of the human world, which is an appreciation for the order of nature and the divine. This realism means that we do not avoid difficult issues but tackle them head-on, and then refuse to take pointless extremist positions or their opposite, compromise positions based on pragmatism or avoiding obvious truths so that “everybody can just get along.”

We recognize that Western Civilization collapsed long ago and that this collapse was formalized in the World Wars, and that it is up to us to get civilization back. This requires setting aside our egos and pretenses and accepting that self-rule cannot work, and that instead of democracy and jobs we need a balanced model of civilization design.

While much of our writing concerns biology, not just of race and ethnicity but including caste and sex, this creates a powerful moral matrix: Darwin tells us that our goal is to adapt to our environment, or reality, and so people are either moving toward realism or they are in effect opposed to it, which makes them not helpful at best and liars at worst.

In all human endeavors, a group will collapse once it becomes popular. This happens because the original purpose is lost as the herd comes in, and the herd then demands that itself be the purpose, which converts that group into the “same old thing” for humanity, which is equal sharing and acceptance of everyone. That promptly destroys whatever made the endeavor unique in the first place.

The only salvation from this process is to re-affirm purpose to a civilization, which requires protecting culture through strong nationalism, creating social order through caste, removing equality in favor of hierarchy, establishing leadership by aristocracy, and repatriating all who are not of the founding group.

The goal of Amerika is to unite all traditional wisdom into a revitalized conservatism built around rejection of The Enlightenment™ as well as modern horrors like Libertarianism, Communism, National Socialism and democracy. We are raging realists who fear no truth, and this makes us threatening to most conservatives, but also gives us answers that no one else seems to be able to find.

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