Amerika is what happens when Soviet-style social engineering comes to the United States. This concept is no longer fiction but everyday reality. Marxism, under the guise of “progressive” and “liberal” reform, has taken over our government and society.

Unlike in the Soviet Union, where Marxism arrived at the barrel of a gun, in the US it came about through cheeseburgers. Those little balls of tasty fat represent the convenience culture which created a runaway chain reaction. We twerked our way into social decline through individual acts, not revolution.

A society of individualists will destroy itself. Individualism occurs when people see their primary goal as self-expression through social interaction. Truth is secondary and with it, morality and values. People live for their own drama and self-gratification (cheeseburgers) and throw out everything else.

Eventually these people bond into groups called Crowds that unite through an ideology of individualism. They demand equality in all things, which seems to mean an equal chance, but when applied retroactively means subsidizing the losers at the expense of the winners.

Our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. The same spirit that has us try to do things our own way, when not tempered by a strong culture and system of values, becomes a weapon against society itself. It also creates a false socially-mediated individualism that erodes our individuality.

Amerika is not America, at least not the America we grew up in. Amerika is the same disease we see in the European Union, that we saw in archetypal liberal revolutions in France and Russia, and that has caused the collapse of great empires like Rome, Angkor Wat, Greece and Egypt. It is death from within.

To prevent this collapse, we need to renew the life cycle of civilization and create a new version of ourselves without the disease. This is called Futurist Traditionalism, and it has these components:

  • Aristocracy. Democracy chooses trends and liars. Aristocracy creates a hereditary caste of people with leadership skills and “nobility,” a personal trait that means the desire to do what is best for society as a whole. Ordinary people do not understand this and thus having them vote is a travesty.
  • Puritanism. Sin is error and leads to the undoing of our minds. What we think of as “good” are moral choices that lead to a transcendent, reverent outlook on life that fills us with hope and possibility. Deviation from this creates people who are outwardly “excited” but inwardly depressed.
  • Ethno-culturalism. The happiest societies are those who maintain the earliest state of civilization, which is homogeneity of ethnicity, religion, culture, customs, language and values. The nation-state has failed and with it the “proposition nation” united by political ideas only.
  • Naturalism. Reverence for nature is the essence of believing that life is not a mistake, but a purposeful and wonderful experience. Thus we must find in ourselves a reverent approach that unites religion and nature, and sees in nature the wonders of Creation and its infinite possibilities.

We will create this world by breaking away from the dying remnants of the modern liberal democratic West, and as that rotting parasitic edifice fails, pushing it aside. We do not need it. It does not represent us. The people who believe in it are corrupt or scared, and the former need to go elsewhere and the latter re-learn.

Our viewpoint is a fusion of New Right, American paleoconservative, Traditionalist and “crunchy” conservative beliefs. For the past twenty years, we have been writing about the coming collapse from within and how to avoid it. Our solutions require a gradual growth of wisdom through experience. Join us… we are the future.

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