Very few conservatives have any idea what conservatism actually stands for. Most simply oppose the encroaching post-totalitarian Nanny State, but remain unsure of why.

Amerika.org approaches conservatism from a philosophical point of view, on the axis of thinkers like Plato, F.W. “Fred” Nietzsche, Edmund Burke and Roger Scruton. We see our quest from a historical view in which establishing a thriving civilization in the vein of the early days of ancient Greece and Rome takes precedence over all other concerns.

What stands in our way is a universal human tendency toward Crowdism, which is what happens when individualism extends too far and becomes solipsism, and a group of people unite to enforce the necessary illusions for that assumption as reality. This tendency, of which liberalism is but one incarnation, universally creates parasitic decay that ultimately destroys whatever civilization hosts it.

Our symbol, the “cheeseburger,” reflects the moral question that faces each one of us: do we evolve upward, creating better versions of ourselves along with a better society, or do we devolve into bloated couch-dwellers who munch fast food and believe convenient lies?

Democracy, freedom, capitalism and other false gods will not save us. Nor will crusading against the liberalism spectrum — from mild forms in libertarianism and anarchy all the way through strong state forms like Socialism and Communism — alone do this. We must reconstruct a society based around uncompromising realism and personal honesty and responsibility.

To do this, we require a strong sense of identity, created by the ascendant triad of culture, heritage and values. Crowdism opposes all shared values and standards of behavior through its primary viral weapon, “equality,” a form of hubris which demands that we reward people for being alive before determining whether they contribute anything toward our future. Since stagnation is death, we must move forward, and thus any contribution except a positive one constitutes decay, decline and a step toward collapse.

Crowdists adopt objects of pity — the poor, minorities, the unusual — and use those people as a justification for power being turned over to liberals. This is a marketing technique, just like other political and ideological promises. Since WWII, liberalism has abandoned its hard-left orientation toward Communism and now demands a mixture of “cultural Marxism” with consumerism to fund it. It seeks to destroy all culture, families, heritage, values, beliefs and personal integrity in order to create malleable people who serve its ideological ends.

Our solution is esoteric conservatism based in nationalism, monarchism or other strong leadership, social hierarchy and most of all, social standards. We are not another blog to wave the flag, agitate for wars, talk about how freedom and democracy make you the super-star of your own movie, and so on. We talk about reversing the decline of the West and heading toward a new golden age.

That heady quest is not for everyone. But if you want more than just resisting the worst outrages of the insane who through the vote have conquered the West, and want to instead make a U-turn and head toward health instead of comfortable but terminal mental sloth, start reading our regularly-posted articles and leap in at the comments section.

We’re glad to have you here.

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  1. There used to be a list of books that you recomended on the old website. Would it be posible to get it somehow? Maybe republish/add again. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog with interest. Is it possible to receive updates via e-mail?

  3. I see you advocating for Monarchism more than once. Is it something you advocate for America, becuase America has a tradition of Republicanism since its inception, and if so how do you conciliate this with Nationalism since American nationalism is linked to the aforementioned Republicanism.

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