Western Civilization is dying. This death began thousands of years ago when individualism, or the idea that individual choices and desires are more important than reality, became socially acceptable. Since that time, individualism has morphed into equality through collectivized individualism.

Equality states that people must be accepted regardless of the quality of their contribution. People like equality because it is essentially pacifism, or a removal of the internal conflict needed to maintain hierarchy. But with equality, quality is destroyed and society unravels, resulting in manic consumerism.

To fix this problem, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Unite natural leaders on a goal.
  2. Reverse Leftist policies, laws, regulations and institutions.
  3. Replace dying ideas and institutions with new versions of their original forms.
  4. Disenfranchise the voters, exile the bad people and repatriate the non-indigenous.

This is a more extreme viewpoint than you will find on any other conservative site, simply because it is common sense taken to its logical conclusion. As a result, it is never popular, and people conspire against it because they fear what would happen in a functional society.

Join us… we are the future!

Brett Stevens

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  1. There used to be a list of books that you recomended on the old website. Would it be posible to get it somehow? Maybe republish/add again. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog with interest. Is it possible to receive updates via e-mail?

  3. I see you advocating for Monarchism more than once. Is it something you advocate for America, becuase America has a tradition of Republicanism since its inception, and if so how do you conciliate this with Nationalism since American nationalism is linked to the aforementioned Republicanism.

  4. hello from Italy, I would like to submit a short article, could you write back to my email? thanks

  5. Hello,

    Sorry to bother you but I just tried to send an e-mail on Penttilinkola.com and it didn’t work because of ” Internal Server Error (…) “. Then I remembered that you wrote an introduction to Can Life Prevail ? so I took the liberty to come here.

    Do you know the owner of this website ? How can I contact him ? It’s about some french translations I made of his website : I have some moral and legal questions to ask him !

    Thank you in advance for your response,

    Have a good day ! ( And keep on the good work ! )

  6. Hi Brett,
    It’s Sofia from Australia heregood to see you’re keeping up the good work. Those bloody left wing liberals! Is Alex still about?

  7. Hey Brett,
    Thanks for the invite. Interesting stuff, Couldn’t agree more about the reversal of Leftist policy. I will probably differ on certain points, but for the love of equality who could blame me;)

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