Welcome to the realist wing of conservatism. We are those who accept life as a biological quest for survival and realize that religion, patriotism, finance and law are substitutes for that quest. All civilizations destroy themselves by chasing after substitutes and denying reality as a result.

Amerika exists to chronicle the collapse of Western Civilization and to explore ways that we can restore Western Civilization.

Its fundamental thesis is that social pressures overwhelm high-IQ populations, leading to internal fragmentation and then individualism, causing a type of collective neurosis that over time destroys the society. This happened in ancient Athens and Rome as well as innumerable other places on earth. Most civilizations die, but ours should live.

The collapse of Western Civilization began thousands of years ago but has been accelerating as decay tends to do. The Enlightenment™ and the French Revolution were the death knell, and after that, human preference for individual and social thinking took over from realistic thinking and the West fell.

We now live in the age after that downfall and have a simple choice. Either we cut out the unnecessary, renew the necessary and start over, or we become another third-world shadow of a former great empire, like Brazil or Mexico. We can avoid this fate, but it requires us to ignore what is mentally convenient and instead look at what is real and true.

Amerika advocates a solution that takes the essence of conservatism, roughly a radical realism plus an awareness of qualitative questions, and distills it into a goal of restoring Western Civilization.

It does this through a political philosophy, UltRight or Ultra-Right, which expresses the ideals found in an underlying theory of civilization, Futurist Traditionalism. This in turn reflects an ontological outlook known as Parallelism.

This goal can be achieved by uniting most of the 2-5% of our population who are natural leaders, and therefore think in a non-inverted way, working from goal to method instead of in the inverted fashion, from method to goal.

We are race realists, but only secondarily to biological realism, which means accepting that people are not equal in ability, understanding or communication. For this reason, there are no universal moral standards or educational regimens that can make everyone into equal factory-shaped products that act out ideology.

We are also diversity realists. Civilizations function when their people are able to cooperate without much internal communication and at a high level of trust. This only happens when the group is not just racially but ethnically homogenous. Our group is the Western European descended peoples; without them, Western Civilization cannot exist.

Most of all, we are Nietzschean realists who recognize that without a purpose, a people withers and dies. Modern life is killing us all, through high-stress jobs, ugly pointless activities, mutilated architecture, soulless living and most of all, a pervasive individualism that denies reality and thus can never understand its beauties.

Humans have, since The Enlightenment™ placed the human individual before any sense of social, natural or divine order, sought to replace the world around them with a human world. We bulldozed the forests and put up prison-like cities. We have replaced the animal within with a neutered, pacifistic and deferential robotic human who hates himself. We have replaced excellence with mediocrity so that everyone feels included.

It does not need to be this way, and in fact, if we head down this path we will end up like every other failed civilization, living on through a third world population that has no culture, is of mixed heritage, lacks abilities and can only subsist not excel.

Our task is to reform conservatism — the union of realism and transcendental, qualitative purpose — so that it can resist the horde of people repeating neurotic paeans to equality while destroying the remnants of their civilization. The old order failed, but as long as our people live, we can rebirth Western Civilization yet again.

Join us… we are the future!

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    • I believe, that Jesus taught this very doctrine openly and even radically. I’m amazed when so called Christian leadership rejects the obvious. Why go to the trouble of making more wine, to prove that you are divine? Why go to the trouble of actually dying, to save Mankind? Because there is no separation from the two realms, physical and Spiritual. They are one in the same and conclusions can be made from either with the same result. Love it Bro. William

  1. G.W. Rees says:


    Do you review or post music? I see that you reviewed some music by Winglord a few years back.


  2. Pavol Horvath says:

    Are there any contant details to the writters, especially Brett? Thanks. Pavol

  3. Pavol Horvath says:

    There used to be a list of books that you recomended on the old website. Would it be posible to get it somehow? Maybe republish/add again. Thanks.

  4. Lucian Lafayette says:

    I’ve been reading your blog with interest. Is it possible to receive updates via e-mail?

  5. proJAY viJACK says:

    I see you advocating for Monarchism more than once. Is it something you advocate for America, becuase America has a tradition of Republicanism since its inception, and if so how do you conciliate this with Nationalism since American nationalism is linked to the aforementioned Republicanism.

  6. Ben says:

    Is it possible to download the old Corrupt Radio episodes somewhere these days?

  7. missy says:

    Thank you for breaking down this problem, well done! I totally agree!

  8. Francesco says:

    hello from Italy, I would like to submit a short article, could you write back to my email? thanks

  9. B.R says:


    Sorry to bother you but I just tried to send an e-mail on Penttilinkola.com and it didn’t work because of ” Internal Server Error (…) “. Then I remembered that you wrote an introduction to Can Life Prevail ? so I took the liberty to come here.

    Do you know the owner of this website ? How can I contact him ? It’s about some french translations I made of his website : I have some moral and legal questions to ask him !

    Thank you in advance for your response,

    Have a good day ! ( And keep on the good work ! )

  10. Sofia says:

    Hi Brett,
    It’s Sofia from Australia heregood to see you’re keeping up the good work. Those bloody left wing liberals! Is Alex still about?

  11. Perdurabo says:

    Hey Brett,
    Thanks for the invite. Interesting stuff, Couldn’t agree more about the reversal of Leftist policy. I will probably differ on certain points, but for the love of equality who could blame me;)

  12. Wolf says:

    Hello, there is no CONTACT page on your site.
    How can I contact you?

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