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Deep Ecology

After the first two decades of environmentalism, a problem arose: people sympathized with the environmentalists, but didn’t see the root of the problem. Further, they were terrified of more Government regulation and didn’t want another group vying for power in Washington and Brussels. So, out of the consternation that followed, the Deep Ecology movement was […]

Weird science: fecal implants replace local culture

With the proliferation of dangerous superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics, the unusual treatment is gaining respect from researchers across the country. That shift in thinking reflects a growing regard for the complex and largely unknown bacterial ecosystem inside the human body. The “microbiome,” as it is known, is now the focus of a $115 […]

Why are modern people narcissistic and useless?

I find myself asking: why is it that people online are such irrational, queeny bitches? The answer: like people in our society, they’re narcissistic and delusional, but it’s easier to do online because you can claim to be a King and no one will immediately know the difference. People think they gain points by making […]

More election fraud: coercing the mentally retarded vote

[B]us loads of mentally retarded and severely handicapped patients from a state funded facility called The Caswell Center were being transported to the voting location and their black democratic state employee aids were voting for them. They claimed they were assisting; but, how can institutionalized mentally retarded patients know how to vote much less make […]

Another election scandal for telling the truth

The head of the Hillsborough GOP, David Storck, distributed an email from a Republican Party volunteer saying the voters are a threat. That’s because, as the volunteer says in the email, he sees “car loads of black Obama supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama.” It goes on to say, […]

Just kill him

Perfetto’s biggest fear, he says, is that he’s going to reoffend. His measure of success isn’t reassuring. “I haven’t bought pornography yet, and I’ve been out (of prison) almost a week,” he said yesterday. He failed so frequently in prison that he “maxed out” his sentence last week and landed in Concord alone, broke and […]

Do Generations X and Y have a ‘rage deficit’?

It seems that, at least in America, we’re rage-deficient, a passive-aggressive generation, if you will. We bottle up our rage at our jobs, at those around us, at wars, all to maintain a sense of comfort in the known. What I am saying is nothing new, nothing extraordinary – it is probably a clichéd platitude […]

Andrew Lahde: A Living Legend

Below is a letter from investor Andrew Lahde, someone who decided to say “kiss my ass” on the way out the door, preferring to profit from an empty, materialistic industry but with a long-term view on life much more healthy than any of his contemporaries. I applaud Mr. Lahde for doing the right thing and […]

Candidates ensure social popularity eclipses study of the issues

The internal campaign idea is to twist, distort, humiliate and finally dispirit you. We pay people and organize people to go to all the online sites and “play the part of a clinton or mccain supporter who just switched our support for obama” We do this to stifle your motivation and to destroy your confidence. […]

Blasphemy is to speak of the literal truth

Jesus Christ was not God, and Mary was not a virgin, according to a controversial new book written by an Australian Catholic priest. “What a breathtaking know-all, to claim he knows the mind of Christ contrary to scripture and tradition. His words rob Christianity entirely of its meaning and purpose,” Father Robbie told News Ltd. […]

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