Posts from ‘June, 2008’

High Gas Prices = The End of Plastic?

In days of high gas prices, we don’t feel bad for proprietors of gas stations. While this article demonstrates that proprietors don’t make a lot of money in certain areas (I don’t see this happening in, say, Massachusetts), it also shows that our plastic-based economy has a long way to go before the “convenience” of…

Survivalists – From Marginalized Laughing-Stocks to Future Leaders?

Americans who pay attention to the news are starting to fear an imminent collapse of our civilization. Many of them are throwing in the towel before the slow decline, and heading to the countryside for a life of frugal self sufficiency. It’s a lot like how ex-smokers can’t stop talking about how terrible cigarettes are….

Large nuclear waste dumps – the government's solution to the oil problem

The US government is already preparing for peak oil crises globally. What great long-term thinking; let’s build more nuclear power plants to feed the ever-hungry central air compressors and, who knows, maybe all those electric cars one day? Instead of waiting 50 years for oil to deplete, we can now stave off crises for thousands…

Times Online (UK) embracing population problem

Why have I been entranced by population, of all things? I have my theories. I grew up in a religious, left-leaning American household that tyrannised my childhood with guilt. Before we ate, we had to pray for hungry Chinese peasants, and then we had to clean our plates for the starving Armenians (long dead, but…

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