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Why Europe is in better economic shape

Europe…has high domestic savings rates and balanced trade accounts with the rest of the world. Europe, unlike the United States, is not increasingly in hock to China. ~~~~~~~~ A senior French banking official told me, “If a banker promoted these subprime mortgages here, he would go to jail.” ~~~~~~~~ In a recent interview, Germany’s Gunter […]


Although the idea of the individual, judged by morality and beholden to others for the form of being human and not the degree of striving toward a goal of greatness, remains filthy and horrible underneath its coating of cupcake-frosting sentiment and submission to the winds of life, there is one area where a nihilist could […]

WSJ advises you to invest in food

The main reason for rising prices, of course, is the surge in demand from China and India. Hundreds of millions of people are joining the middle class each year, and that means they want to eat more and better food. A secondary reason has been the growing demand for ethanol as a fuel additive. That’s […]

The Obama Future

It’s not dystopic, like something you’d read about on It’s certainly not a utopia, either. Here’s your Obama future: [click] Per an article on the current welfare state in the UK, the moral hazard of throwing money at people so they can spend it on junk food and entertainment is exactly this: they will […]

Our foreign policy is motivated by domestic lobbies

Israel is simply not a good ally. Here’s an essay written a couple years ago, preceding a book released by the same authors. [click] Israel is the only recipient of foreign aid by the US not needing to account for how the money is spent. Billions per year, about $500 per Israeli, goes to Israel […]

Government Immigration Policy Costs Taxpayers Thousands Each

More than 37 million immigrants in the United States, both legal and illegal, cost the federal government more than $346 billion last year, twice as much as the nation’s fiscal deficit, according to a report released yesterday. [more]

Virginia School Shooter

As usual, the media drowns out reality with bullshit reasons for seemingly “insane” people wanting others dead, and then taking action to make it happen. This isn’t to support the action of one individual killing many others, but just as the case with terrorism, there are very real reasons for this behavior that go far […]

George Carlin Interview

[click for full interview] I’m going to switch it over and get your take on some stuff, after being a keen observer of human nature and how people operate. I don’t know if you’re aware of the whole kerfuffle of Jane Fonda on the “Today Show,” saying the word “cunt.” Yeah. That was one of […]

Interview With John Feeney

In-depth responses to some great questions posed by the staff. John Feeney is one of the few but growing number of people out there who realize there are simply too many human beings on the planet and the time for radical change is now. We’re either going to lose billions to hunger/thirst/resource wars in […]

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