Posts from ‘February, 2008’

De facto monoculture

Half-listening to a smarmy news radio interview accidentally today in the process of doing other things, a new instance of a somewhat familiar word caught my attention: “monoculture.” The way it was used was in the context of apology for “multiculture,” which is obviously its etymological opposite, and, seemingly a cute way to imply something…

Preservation of traditional values agreement

PRESERVATION OF TRADITIONAL VALUES AGREEMENT Knowing that in the modern time, the tail (technology, individualism) often wags the dog (all of us living together in civilization), we collect these declarative values for the preservation of our cultures that arose before human consciousness, and by all inclinations, will preserve us where our technology and bureaucracies fail….

Interview with a Revolutionary Klansman (John Baumgardner)

As part of my ongoing search for the political soul of America, I’ve started reading up about fringe groups on both right and left. One that really interests me are the far-rightists who go unrecognized by the far right, and there seem to be quite a few of them. This suggests to me that the…

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