Posts from ‘January, 2003’

The Life and Death of Brandon Vedas

Suicide visits in unexpected ways. People — addicted to the pretense of everything they do being just fine, and no need to watch out for the grim reaper or other Darwinian ghosts — choose to ignore the cause->effect relationship of events. Thus to them suicide “just happens” and cannot be predicted. A more sensible outlook…

If all bad parents killed their kids, the gene pool would thrive

The other day, something happened. A young girl (2 years old) in the UK was beaten to death by her family, while social workers were afraid to intervene. You can read more here. My response? I say give the parents a medal. 1 – They were obviously unfit as parents. 2 – Humanity is overpopulated….

America is so liberal we believe freedom is conformity

I was waltzing through a website the other day with a no good frame of mind, looking for images to pirate, when I came across some people talking the typical liberal bloviation that is the hallmark of our time. I know you’re trained to disagree, but actually open your mind for once. This whole era…

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