Posts from ‘October, 2002’

Quit with the moralizing bloviation

One thing that’s ultra-fecal about living in America is the degree to which every public event must be moralized. I would guess that most of the reason for this is people emulating what they see on television, movies and in political debates. Because our system is based on demogoguery, you can’t simply have an event […]

Avoid the label: good, evil and other higher truths damn us

We humans get into deep shit when we avoid the obvious and start constructing imaginary worlds out of the terms we use to describe real world things. For example, the debate over “Racial Profiling”: when does a physical description cross the line into being discrimination? It’s a troubling issue for our society, but not difficult […]

Freedom is incompatible with taking a stand

I found this charming link floating around on a BBS for masturbating metalheads (metal is a genre that’s 99% loser and 1% beyond genius). It’s part of that wonderful aspect of American “culture” that says, “If your life sucks, but you talk to enough people about it, it will be just like a movie and […]

The wisdom of Avril Lavigne: Liberalism and Christianity Are the Same Idea

For years people have told me that I’m a paranoid wingnut for seeing “secular Christianity” in modern liberalism. I thought it might be useful to expound on a fragment from the smarmiest and cheesiest and most greeting-card-ish palaver our society can produce. Enter Avril Lavigne with “Sk8er Boi“: Sorry girl but you missed outWell tough […]

Saving lives is deciding not to decide

From CNN: “No cause or aspiration justifies the taking innocent life,” Ralph Boyce, U.S. ambassador to Indonesia said in a statement. “The United States has offered all appropriate assistance to the government of Indonesia to see that those responsible for this cowardly act face justice.” I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this. There […]

Oversocialization Makes Parodies of Both Left and Right

The worst thing about an oversocialized country like America is that people are too afraid of social taboo to think clearly. In this kind of civilization, it’s more important to agree with the dominant trend and thus not to fuck up socially than it is to make the right decision. Thus we have recent hilarity […]

Conservatives need to get back to Tradition

When people ask for a classification of my political views, I usually reply with either: “I’m a classicist” or “I’m a Greco-Romanist” or “I’m a traditionalist.” I don’t say I’m a conservative, because that’s not true. I don’t say I’m a leftist, because that’s not true. But my belief systems – like those of most […]

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