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The organised ignorance as the Danger for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century (Marek Glogoczowski)

The organised ignorance as the Danger for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century

Marek Glogoczowski

The exact title of the lecture I was asked for is “Dangers for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century”. This title suggests that some kind of impersonal evil endangers our existence. Moreover, this evil is somehow linked with the history of past 20 centuries of our civilisation. But where from does this danger come? I am teaching at present philosophy and I would like to begin this lecture with the recall – or anamnesis as ancient Greeks would say – of the opinion of Socrates about the Evil. According to this philosopher people have intrinsically good nature. All their actions, which have the evident character of wrong-doings, are born solely from their ignorance. In light of this Socratic logic, the well visible accumulation of wrong-doings in our environment should be attributed to simple-mindness and ignorance of past and present Proud Constructors of our civilisation. In particular we should be aware that the evil might be introduced by the activity of various enlighting the society” institutions, which corrupted into Centres of Ignorance, and thus also centres of – frequently unconscious – crime.

This conference is held in the Reading Room of the Main Library of our Pedagogical School. On all sides of it we have shelves with encyclopaedic books and newspapers. So we are gathered in a place where the Knowledge is accumulated. According to Socrates logic we find ourselves in a place which should be the source of wisdom and Good. But do all volumes and newspapers collected here give us the honest information? Precisely in this Reading Room a week ago I had a displeasure to find false news printed in Przeglad Tygodniowy (The Weekly Review) from Warsaw, with which weekly I’ve collaborated for years. I found there a whole series of articles introducing an unaware reader into an error: for example at the date of December 1 (1999), its “European” correspondent repeated without hesitation a news from American Aviation Week and Space Technology, informing us that Specialists from the Pentagon were able to paralyse the Yugoslavian air defence only with the use of computers. During 78 days of conflict Serbian anti-aircraft defence destroyed only two NATO planes, and so on. The correspondent of Przeglad Tygodniowy re-wrote than an impressive story of fake NATO planes created by Pentagon’s “magicians” (operating with Space Technology, of course) on Serbian anti-aircraft radars. In fact, until now NATO Headquarters assures us repeatedly that only two manned planes of the Pact were destroyed over Serbia. But is it the true information or only the fake one, created in our newspapers by those famous Pentagon’s “magicians” (especially in the matter of public relations)?

Already at the end of April this year a competent American monthly Defence and Foreign Affairs estimated the real number of manned NATO planes destroyed at about 40, including 3 “invisible” F-117. Moreover, in Polish journal Trybuna of November 27 (it means, four days before publication of Pentagon’s “revelations” in Przeglad Tygodniowy) appeared a lengthy article informing that in reality Serbian anti-aircraft defence destroyed in total 326 flying enemy objects and that 35 NATO pilots were held in captivity in Yugoslavia. In exchange for those pilots (and for the official silence on this affair) the Serbian government received from Western countries quite a huge (although unknown in numbers) tribute. According to Trybuna, this “war tribute” is at the origin of not only of the present stability of the actual “anti-European” regime in Serbia, but also of the surprising speed in which the country recovers from NATO inflicted wounds: already more than 30 bridges – out of the total of about 60 which were destroyed – are reconstructed! (At the end of October, during my travel to Belgrade, I’ve crossed the Danube by one of those freshly renovated bridges.)

All this indicate, that it is sufficient to look carefully at shelves in this Reading Room to find an important source of misinformation (in other words, of organised ignorance) in the World: it is the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. In the case of lasting already ten years war of (American) “Europe” against Yugoslavia, the organised ignorance has become the principal source of evil on our Continent. Here I will outline in short how putting into secrecy of real intentions of “hidden leaders” of the Western World has lead to the accumulation of various disasters not only in Balkans but also in all Europe.

1. So called Human Rights have become the pretext for an attempt to decapitate – as wrote it Alexander Zinoviev in his “Letter to Serbs” – of an entire European nation. (One of my friends, Prof. Vladymir Bozkov from Skopie, Macedomia, put this goal in more general terms. At the occasion of beginning of the third month of bombings he told me Oni chotiat’ ubit’ wsiech umnych ljudi – “They (rulers of the West) want to kill all mindful people”.)

2. As the result of partial succes in realisation of this grandiose project, in Kosovo was established an Albano-Muslim state ruled by professional gangsters. Perhaps in future this war will bear the name of “Heroine War”, for it was conducted at the demand of the Albanian Mafia lobby (represented by Bob Doyle and Joe di Guardi) in the American Senate1[1]. (The prototype of such “moral war” are Opium Wars conducted by English merchants in China.)

3. The province of Kosovo and Metohia was abundantly shelled with munitions containing the depleted uranium. This was a completely purposeful action of littering of a significant part of Europe with highly toxic and radioactive waste produced in nuclear power plants. The same ecological ethics guided NATO commanders ordering the bombing of Serbian National Parks with incendiary bombs, and organising the pollution of whole of south-east Europe with highly toxic residues from burning refineries and other chemical plants.

4. Several bridges over Danube were destroyed as a part of a project of inhibiting all international traffic in the center of south-east Europe. Although provisory bridges are completed, the destroyed ones remain buried in river sediments, blocking in this way the cheapest bulk merchandise transport in more than ten European countries.

5. NATO probably tested the “seismic weapon”, while bombing for months, with heaviest 2,5 tons bombs, regions of tectonic faults in Serbia. During these bombardments in Central Serbia was observed at least one, relatively moderate earthquake (of force about 5 on Richter scale). But soon after the completion of military activities there were 3 very big earthquakes (of force over 7 on Richter scale) at the edges of tectonic faults which were bombed. (One earthquake in Athens and two, very murderous, in Turkey in the vicinity of Istanbul.) Although the correlation between those earthquakes and earlier bombings might be random, my professional sense of geophysics (dating from time of my studies at U.C. Berkeley, 30 years ago) predicts that the repeated striking of a fragile plate in one point may result in its delayed rupture in an apparently not predictable, remote place. It is quite possible that Turkish pilots, dropping bombs on Serbia, contributed to the heavy earthquake damage in their own country.

6. As an unpredicted result of this “War for Human Rights” we witness a specific bestialisation of the Albanian population. At the beginning of war this population was invited (mostly by NATO cassette bombs) to escape from their settlements in Kosovo, and thanafter it was excited (principally by their leaders trained by Western instructors) to rob, to kill and to torture their Serbian neighbours. There is a real danger that this bestialisation of culture will widespread – thanks to numerous Albanian migrants – throughout all Europe.

All these evidence indicate that our “Americanised Europe” is in reality fighting the war against itself. It is the war against its own, historical population and culture, the war against its own wealth, and even against its own landscape. This pathological situation may be compared to the situation of a man infected by a specific HIV (Human Immunodeficiency) Virus: his immunitary cells specialised in maintenance of the “moral order” within the body attack and destroy other cells of his own immunitary system, which they erroneously recognise as “aliens”. Those “aliens” in Europe of to-day are all mindful people, mentioned in point 1. (The normal, specific task of those people is – as postulated it already Plato – the maintenance of harmonious proportions in all parts of the social body.) The society, deprived of its “mind” stratum, turns than into a cancer-like mass of parasite organisations (lodges, corporations and Mafias) which grow freely, promoting at the same time an uncontrolled growth of most primitive social strata. (The Albanian population, which thanks to NATO occupies at present the entire Kosovo – and spreads towards Greece and Germany – has in average 9 children per women.)

What is this “HIV-like message” – or, using the modish terminology, the “cultural tumor virus” – which ravages, since the Industrial Revolution, the entire Planet? At the entrance to this Reading Room are exhibited European Union sponsored posters which prise values of so called Human Rights. Here I will announce a controversial thesis that precisely these Human Rights are the greatest danger both for the Humanity and for our Environment. These artificial “Rights” enable simple-minded men not only to intervene, without any moral objections, into the Global eco-system. (The recent aerial war against Yugoslavia gave an excellent example of such narrow-minded intervention – see points 3 to 5.) Those “Rights” permit also the harrasment of all more cultivated and intelligent people. (See points 1,2 and 6; at present a specific “human law”, forbiding to travel to the European Union, is applied to already 600 Yugoslav leaders.)

We have no time here to enter into details of the Evil incorporated into the very constitution of Human Rights. To those who are interested in this matter I propose a careful lecture of an article of Karl Marx “Zur Judefrage”2[2] (“To Jewish question”) written already 156 years ago. In this significant article (which forms the base for the rest of writings of this thinker) Marx ends his reflection on human rights in a following way: No one of so called human rights exceeds beyond the egoistic man, it means the individual which orients himself exclusively with his self, with his own particular interests, his egoistic outlook and who is isolated from the community. In the light of those rights man is not at all considered as a social (belonging to a species) being.

The fact that higher forms of personality develop only by close, direct contacts between people is well known in psychology. The commercial regime (to which artificial “social body” the worshipping human rights Civil Society automatically degenerates) diminishes in a radical way the possibility of development of direct, altruistic contacts between humans. It thus sensibly diminishes the possibility of formulation of more broadminded, pro-social and pro-ecological views. And, as argued Socrates, the ignorance and narrow-mindness is at the origin of all the evil in the man-made-world.

At least two prominent historians of science, Lynn White[3] in USA and Pierre Thuiller[4] in France, insist that the present ecological crisis has its roots in the very ideology of conquest characterising our Judeo-Christian civilisation. So, in order to localise the ravaging our culture HIV (or more preciesly MEME – the Mind Emptying and Memory Erasing) virus, we have to screen carefully Sacred Books of Laws of our, grown with the Bible, society. While doing this, we will easily find that in these “Covenants with God” are inserted educative models which promote the culture of “socially succesful” lies and deceits, increasing thus the general level of ignorance. Also models which glorify the common cowardice, selfishness, jealousy and greed. In those antique Jew “constitutions” we find even an appraisal of eco-terrorist behaviour (“The fear of you shall be upon every beast on the earth and upon every bird of the air”) as well as the (fake) promise of globalisation (“There will be one Shepherd and one herd”). Somehow these dubious Biblical values and desires impregnated the behaviuor of “doctors and scribes” which dominate in our post-modernist times.

Book-sellers of to-day make good affairs selling books dealing with the “Code” of the Bible. Here I would like to anamnese that the pertinent deciphering of the biblical word LORD was done by Karl Marx already 156 years ago. According to this philosopher, this sacred word means MONEY. (Literally: Money is this fervent God of Israel, against which no other god can stand up. Money became the world power, and the Jewish practical spirit became the practical spirit of Christian nations.) With no doubt money can put into obscurity the most evident facts. Here is sufficient to recall the story of “invisibilisation” of NATO planes (and their crews) destroyed by Yugoslav Army. All this mean that Money (“God of Israel” in Karl Marx opinion) is this God of Ignorance we were searching for. And of course, our beloved Financial Institutions are Centers of organised (by the ignorance) Crime. If we do not tame the overgrowth of those “Temples of Ignorance” we will have (a criminal) End of the History, an apparently glorious event, already prophesised in the “Apocalypse” of St. Jean.
I would like to end this lecture with the opinion of Noam Chomsky pronounced in September 1991, shortly after the Gulf War: Our educated classes march in disciplined order, repeating learned by them slogans; the society becomes rotten from inside; we become valets of the (corporate) state which consists of mercenaries, and we are dreaming that someone will pay us for the destruction of the world5[5].

[1] See for ex. the information contained at internet pages of Benjamin Works, the director of American Strategic Issues Research Institute (www.SIRI-US/backgrounders/Archives Kosovo).
[2]“Zur Judefrage”, Deutsch-Französiche Jahrbüher, 1844.
[3]Lynn White “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” , Science, 155, no 3767, 1206, 1967.
[4]Pierre Thuiller La grande implosion, rapport sur l’effondrement de l’Occident en 1999-2004, Fayard, 1995.
[5]Quotation after Open Magazine, no 10, California 1991. The sentence was translated back to English from its Polish version. (Attention! The two last a linea before the quotation from Chomsky were not included in the original lecture.)

[This lecture was given on December 14, 1999, at the Pedagogical High School at Slupsk in northern Poland. It was a contribution to the EU project “The European Dimension of Education” realised in a collaboration with the Växjö University in southern Sweden.]


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