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The hermetic circle (Miguel Serrano)

Tantra is a religious secret method of sexual love. The male must be pure; the woman can be a sacred prostitute from the temples, what at the end means that she is also pure . They prepare themselves a long time before realizing the “Maithuna”, in sanscrit, or mystic coitus. Both persons isolate in the jungle and live as brother and sister, like the alchemist and his Soror, having an interchange of ideas, images and words (grinding, wasting the substances, wearing the metal). They sleep together, naked, on the same place; but they do not touch each other. Only after long months they can have the realization of the Tantric Mass, drinking wine, eating cereal and practicing the “Maithuna”. This act is the end of a long process of psychic understanding, until the flesh has been transformed, until it has been transfigurated, “perfumed” as a lotus, until the lead has been converted into gold, with mercury’s help, of the misterious fire awaken on the base of the spine. Then this fire is the one that now works when the female is possessed on the “Maithuna”. This fire is an non extinguishible fire. In the act of supremus love – that have nothing to do with current love, when only death acts, and produces flesh life- In this time, the one who performs is the Angel of Death, who produces spiritual life. She, the woman, the magic love priestess, touches him with her serpentine fire, and all the chakras of the male, of the tantric heroe, are all prepared already for the mystic death and ressurrection, this process awakes all “concious centers”, at the same time this ritual open her chakras either. At the end of the Maithuna, , the unnamed pleasure is reached not on the eyaculation of semen, what is extrictly forbidden, it´s reached on the vision’s pleasure. the opening of the Third eye, the fussion of the opposites organs. On the Maithuna. Semen does not go out, but goes inside. The process of creation is inverted with a retrograde movement, explained in some way. The creature of this forbidden love is the Androginous, the Complete man, with all his Chakras or energy centers awaken, or opened. On the Self encounters. With the last flower, the one that never existed, the one created more than five thousand years ago.

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