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The “Stoning of Europe” in Serbia (Marek Glogoczowsk)

The “Stoning of Europe” in Serbia

Marek Glogoczowsk


At the end of this March I e-mailed an “open letter”, suggesting that in order to teach Serbs to obey the European Community ethical standards, NATO will be forced to realise the “Dresden phase” of Yugoslavia bombings. And in fact, at the end of April, the American military authorities announced that ten additional B-52 flying fortresses will join NATO air Armada. Those carrying up to 32 tons of explosives monsters are prepared for the blind, “carpet” bombings of the Great Kosovo targets. Thanks to the already seven weeks long “peace mission”, the beautiful landscape of Yugoslavia is slowly changed into a heap of ruins. Probably even animals from numerous National Parks migrate at present to more quiet parts of Balkans (as it was the case few years ago in Bosnia). And all this destruction – including the growing ozone hole above South-East Europe – is done in the name of Human Rights supposedly endangered in case of one of 26 ethnic minorities living in present Yugoslavia. The prolonged cruelty of actual bombings demonstrates a deep illness of our Euro-Atlantic civilisation. Here I will try to point out historical and cultural sources of such vicious, typically Western, behaviour.

1. A positive feed-back between Human Rights and prostitution

Journalists report that Albanian Mafia searches for young women in war refugee camps. Those women are than smuggled out of Albania to work in Italian brothels. These specific female “workers for peace” without doubt will pay a special tax – as every Kosovar in the West does – for the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Our politicians expect that KLA will help NATO to establish Human Rights in Kosovo. So logically, if you are an enthusiast of enforcement of Human Rights in Europe, you should ask in brothels for services of Albanian prostitutes. (And of course, you shall buy drugs only from certified Albanian dealers.)
As the NATO-inflicted misery of Balkan countries is spreading out, we shall expect, even in distant European countries, the subsequent increase of not only of the number of refugees, but also of the number of prostitutes, drug peddlers, armed robbers and other vanguards of the “Great Albania” civilisation. (As you surely know it, KLA is the “armed arm” of Kosovar’s Mafia, which underground organisation collaborates closely with CIA, DIA and other NATO secret services.)

2. The Global Mafia is the only “ethnic minority” which profits of NATO incompetence

From our “invisibly controlled” mass media leaks out that many of refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia are under the control of local Mafiosi, not only recruiting future prostitutes there, but also racketing humanitarian organisations working with refugees. This means that those local Mafiosi are interested in prolongation – and this as long as possible – of the present “holocaust” of Albanian population of Kosovo. (The suggestive term “holocaust of Kosovo’s Albanians” was coined by Marek Edelman, a prominent Jewish intellectual living in Poland.)
As this holocaust – or more precisely the Bible-style exodus – of Albanian population continues, it becomes more and more evident that it is not so much due to Serbian barbarity, but to the conspiracy of NATO planers with KLA warlords. Both those “heroes” are interested in profits obtained thanks to well publicised miseries of refugee camps. (According to Serbian sources, already in the summer of 1998 KLA forced thousands of Albanians to move out of their villages and to hide in forests. This action of fake “ethnic cleaning” was enterprised to give pretext to NATO attack against Yugoslavia. As in the case of victims of Italian Mafia, the terrorised population is usually afraid to speak – especially in public – who is the reall responsible of their misery. And the Kosovo Mafia is particularly rude: only in 1998 KLA killed in Kosovo 77 Albanian civilians.)
The other ethnic minority which profits from the military incompetence of NATO are stockholders of various Arm Industry Corporations: the longer it will take to subdue Milosevic, the better will be various “Quantum Funds” and other uncovered (and covered) organisations controlling the Stock Exchange. Albanian Mafia than, as well as financial groups of Wall Street and the City of London, are the only minorities to profit from the present destruction of not so small piece of Europe. Ruthless chiefs of those web-like organisations are in fact true “new dictators” of our post-modern times.

3. The treason of the Socialist International

In Western Europe nearly all governments are run at present by socialists. We may than say that Europe has become a Super-State. All those “new socialists” unanimously approved the NATO attack at Yugoslavia. The socialism, by the very definition of this word, means social (i.e. communal, national, or state) control of major industries, banks and infrastructure, assuring to every member of the society appropriate work, housing, education and so on. Our “New Socialists” (or Super-Statits) have forgotten about this. Their common goal at the end of the present century is the total privatisation – which means the wholesale – of communaal, national, or state richness. And gross buyers of this denationalised wealth are frequently Mafia controlled corporations of “owners of the Planet”. The recent 50-th anniversary of NATO at Washington was the World Festival of national leaders who turned into corporate serfs or even prostitutes.
The crime of Milosevic – who is also a socialist – is that he has not sold his nation to the Global Mafia. And such guilt will not be left unpunished by true, hidden dictators of our European Community.

4. The historical background of the Anti-Marxist Revolution

The Foreign Affair Minister of Germany, Joske Fisher accused Milosevic to cling to the outdated vision of the state independence, which was popular in the 1930-ies. This German progressive politician apparently is not conscious that the social system he proposes – and this at the dawn of 21-st century – is a faithful copy of the social system which was practised in Middle-East roughly 2,5 thousand years ago, well before the advent of Christianity. But to the point. Many speakers at the NATO anniversary meeting stressed out that this military organisation is the product of French Revolution ideals. Also in Poland, Marek Edelman (whose “holocaust” associations we mentioned above) used to insist, at various occasions, that the utopia, for which his community is fighting for, is called Citizens Society. This modern utopia of the strictly egalitarian, super-tolerant society was at roots of French and American Revolutions, roughly two hundred years ago. This utopia is thus elder than socialist ideas, which were born in the middle of 19-th century. Socialist ideology was a reaction to miseries, wars and ecological destruction caused by capitalist “citizens society”. I will quote here the opinion of Karl Marx about citizens’ society, contained in his famous article concerning the Jewish question: The practical necessity, egoism is the base of citizens society (…) The God of the practical necessity and of the egoism is money. Money is this venerated by all means God of Israel, against whom no other god can stand up. Money become the world power, and the Jewish practical spirit became the practical spirit of Christian nations. Jews emancipated in the same extend, as Christians become Jews. (…) Moreover, practical domination of Jewish spirit over the Christian world has obtained in Northern America an evident and normal expression. Even preaching of the Gospel has become the object of commerce, and a bankrupt merchant becomes priest, while an enriched Gospel preacher turns into small business. (Zur Judenfrage, published in Deutsch-Französiche Jahrbücher, 1844)

This forgotten at present, “anti-Semite” opinion of young Karl Marx elucidates many otherwise incomprehensible features of our post-modern times: it is an unquestionable fact, that the “unique god” of our civilisation is money; it is also well visible that among our Jewish elite we find the greatest enthusiasm for the total commercial uniformisation of our Globe. It is also true that the Christian Vatican ever more loudly speaks about “the Hebrew root of our faith (in Money)”. As the judaisation of our culture progresses, we all start to think and to behave in a way similar to antique Hebrews.

The present bombing of Yugoslavia – which lasts already seven weeks – may be, for example, compared to the process of slow stoning of Saint Stephen, accused by orthodox Jews of speaking blasphemous words against Moses and his God. (According to “Apostles Acts”, this accusation was prepared by a prominent Jewish intellectual Saul, who later made a career among Christians as the Vicar of Christ, under the name of St. Paul.). Similar blasphemous words we hear from Serbs of today, and from Milosevic in particular. They refuse to incline to the authority of the World’s Bank, and to our “unique god”, which is Money. Moreover, all participants of this wonderful, postmodernist techno-spectacle of “stoning” of Yugoslavia, develop in themselves the feeling of righteousness and serenity: Bill Clinton for example, before this event was a weak man, considered to be a liar and hypocrite. Now he is selling himself to the public as a bold war commander, encouraging “apostles acts” of American Army. And so on.

5. The perverse use of holocaust imaginery

The same is valid in case of antique redemptory ritual called fullburning or holocaust. Before bombing started, Albanians were known in Europe as Mafiosi of all kinds. Italian coast guards were even shooting at boats with clandestine Albanian immigrants. Once NATO bombs stirred the flux of refugees, and major mass media become filled with horror stories of alleged Serbian brutality, the formerly closed Gates of Europe opened widely for the flow of Albanian refugees from Kosovo. (As Macedonians remarked, native Albanians frequently manage to substitute, for those from Kosovo, in lines of men waiting for emigration.)
The same effect had the extremely well publicised Holocaust of Jews from Central Europe half a century ago. Until then Jews, especially very rich ones, were imagined in general as mischievous, jealous and greedy people, sensibly deficient in ethical behaviour. The character of Shylock from Shakespeare play “Merchant of Venice” is the best example of this public picture of Jews. After “The Holocaust” this attitude changed entirely. Jews manipulating World Bank’s activities, and inventing “new economical philosophies” for their own, egoistic purposes, have become social heroes. George Soros was even declared, by the American “Fortune” magazine, “the philanthropist of year 1996”. The Jewish Mafia, which controls in “the web” way major mass media, has became immune to any critics.

From evident reasons those historians and philosophers, who dared to question the size of The Holocaust are heavily punished. The book Founding Myth of Modern Israel, written by an 80 years old French philosopher Roger Garaudy, (who put in question the number of Jews killed during 2-nd World War – 1,5 million instead of 6 millions?) was confiscated and forbidden in European Union, its author was condemned to pay a hundred thousand francs fine. The publication in Poland (in 350 exemplars) of arguments of “holocaust revisionists”, arguing that the use of insecticide gas Cyclone B for mass human killing was technically improbable, ended the professional career of an able historian from Oppeln (Opole) University. It also exposed him to the risk of 3,5 years of imprisonment for the propaganda of “Auschwitz lie”. And these are not the only examples of intellectual terror in this domain.

All this ugly, truly necrofile interest in exaggeration of the number of victims of massacres and other brutalities, suggest that we are living in a completely pervert civilisation. It has one face of “Great Albania” with its preponderance for Mafia-like businesses. Also the face of “Great Germany” with its “techno-totalitarianism” (as Serbs call methods of their aggressors). But in the most general outlook the super-state we are constructing now is simply the “GREAT ISRAEL”. It is the ideal state dreamt of by the antique Jewish prophet Issaiah. And also the dream of the European reformer John Calvin and the Slavic Pope John Paul II. As Marek Edelman postulated it few years ago, during a public discussion in Jewish Centre of Cracow, the foundation of such a super-state needs that the blood of an innocent scapegoat be shed. This is precisely the fate of the proud Serbian nation whose blood is slowly spilled away by our globalist priesthood (Albright, Cohen, al. Gore, Soros, Geremek, Brzezinski and so on.)
The super-state we are constructing at present has the same characteristics as its antique homonym destroyed by Romans: under the bright shield of the Decalogue and of Human Rights sits, on its fabulous treasures, “The Brigand’s Cavern”; the Hypocrisy is our unquestioned King; the numerous “like stars on the sky” heirs of the enterprising liar and coward Jacob are “healing wounds of their souls”, contemplating with pleasure miseries and material wounds they inflicted to (much less numerous) heirs of a noble and courageous Jacob’s brother Esau. And all of us will turn with time into professional prostitutes earning their lives in halls of this “Temple of Merchants”. In this famous Temple (of which construction our freemasons are dreaming since centuries) all Platonian ideals of ethical stout are damned forever.
For this simple reason all thinking – and striving for a clear vision of things – humans (like the Austrian writer Peter Handke) shall join Serbian nation in its fight against the post-modern version of ABRAHAM’S EMPIRE OF PROSTITUTION AND FAKE.

[This text was published at in summer 1999]


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