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Poland at the Gate of EURO-Paradise – the oncoming bonum commune, or the plot of “Global Investors” ahead? (Marek Glogoczowski)

Poland at the Gate of EURO-Paradise – the oncoming bonum commune, or the plot of “Global Investors” ahead? 

Marek Glogoczowski 


According to official plans, in 2004 Poland should become a member of the European Union, and in expectance of this “merry wedding”, all consecutive governments of Poland after 1990 consistently push the country into „open arms” of our Western friends. Unfortunately, nobody until now told us with sincerity what for is this pro-Unionist rush. On one hand we have arguments of “a New, converted to capitalism, Left” (in power at present) arguing – visibly in the style of “Letters” of Apostle Paul – that “national freedom is in the nation’s obedience to EU Masters”. On other hand, opposing the EU “Christian Right” is desperately campaigning against “atheist Europe”, arguing that UE is an updated version of “Soviets”, and that we shall not participate in an another “super-kolchoz”. (This argument was raised by the Russian “missionary” of pure capitalism, Vladimir Bukovsky, during his recent visit to the League of Polish Families mini-party.)

Arguments claiming that EU is “a God-less super-cooperative” are widespread among clergy influenced intellectuals and politicians, but these arguments are not confirmed by EU practices: if EUROland was a super-coop, we will have all interest to join it. Western Europe is affluent, and to become a member of an affluent cooperative has all advantages: cooperatives, by their very nature, assure the decent life, housing, work, holidays, health services, education and even cultural activities to its members. (Cooperative farms in Czechoslovakia had living standards close to these in the West). Unfortunately, as everyone (except the Polish Right) knows, UE is not a super-coop, it is a kind of a super-corporation, and this is quite a difference. Corporations by their very nature are greed motivated, and thus they are hostile to the outer world, which is an object of their colonization and exploitation The most drastic example of such corporate attitude is the behavior of the British Company of India in 19 century. So we have to suspect that the “friendly welcome” of Poland (as well of other nations) to the “Land of EURO” is a kind of deceit, which will not profit Poles but will profit a very small minority of hidden “shareholders” of a super-corporation code named UNITED EUROPE.

There are symptoms of this deceit in the history of Poland of last dozen of years. There is a minority (in fact a very small minority) which get enriched in a fabulous way thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Western media stress that the former “nomenclature” was the principal beneficent of “counter-revolutionary” changes in Eastern Europe, but this is only the half-truth. So called “investors” from the West get enriched in Eastern Europe in an even larger extent, and at present we have in Poland several thousands of English speaking “gastarbeiters”, employed at posts of owners and directors of formerly Polish enterprises. The dimension of this phenomenon remains concealed from the sight of a general public, and I know about it, for I worked for a certain time at the International School at Cracow. Only by “an accident” the press revealed that the salary of a “Portuguese” director of Big Bank at Gdansk is 990 thousands zlotys, it means 250 thousands Euro per month. Like in India of 19 century, these fabulous fortunes earned in Poland by imported “investors” (and by working for them local comprador bourgeoisie – i.e. men specialized in wholesale of the country) are linked with the equally impressive impoverishment of common people. In last dozen of years about 500 thousand of Poles have become homeless; in the Central Pomerania region up to 50 pct. of village households have no electricity, farmers simply cannot afford to pay for it. The official unemployment rate is about 20 pct. but unofficially it is much higher, roughly half of the active population is not sure whether they will have jobs in oncoming months. The country has become saturated with (used, or bought for a credit) cars, but roads have become devastated, and all large scale, communal projects have disappeared, and so on.

After 12 years of intensive “reforms”, one may find that the country has become rich in appearance, but at the same time extremely poor inside: hipermarkets and billboards announcing instant happiness flourish, but under their cover in Poland disappeared up to 95 pct. of electronic industry and three quarters of the textile industry, previously considered as the one of the best in the world. The same holds practically in all other sectors of industry, except the one, which is producing highly alcoholized, “strong” beer. In this artificial situation, when the country only imports, both the common people and the State get drowned in debts, and thus they are becoming completely dependent of their hidden (in banks) masters. Moreover, their debts are quickly multiplied by usury rates (at present about 20 pct. per year) practiced by “Polish” – which means, in 80 pct. foreign – banks, which devastate the country like monstrous parasites. Thanks to the strict, monetary politics imposed by IMF (and locally enforced by politicians of Soros’ Foundation’s obedience) the country in last 12 years practically have been “sold for nothing” to the clique of so called “Coalition of Global Investors”. This type of adaptive reforms was administered to all “post-communist” countries, and the whole war in Yugoslavia shall be seen uniquely in terms of the conquest of the Western (with no distinction between Jewish, Albanian, or “American”) Robber Barons.

The fact of the nearly total loss of independence is covered by silence by “our” (which means, American and German tycoons owned) press. Only seldom we can hear at TV voices – such as of professor Swiezawski, an old Polish philosopher – who warns that while dreaming about “Europe”, we risk to find ourselves in hands of “The Europe of Pillage”. Voices warning abut this option are coming also from other countries, and Bulgarian writer Blagovesta Doncheva, describing the tragedy of Yugoslavia, which for 11 years resisted to IMF/CIA/Soros Fund and local cretins’ pressures, wrote: “They (CIA, Soros Foundation, and other “investors”) are interested solely in the full conquest of the Balkans as a starting step for new crusades! (…) For them every population in every conquered country is only a nuisance: less people – less problems.”

The problem of „superfluous population” is well felt in Poland of today. In the contradiction to the „bad” times of socialism, when people were searched for jobs (also for these jobs which were very highly paid), at present officially 40 pct. of youth ends studies without perspectives of employment. The situation is even more dramatic at Polish villages, where the realisation of “development principles” of IMF has lead to a situation similar to the situation of Ireland colonised by the British Union three centuries ago.

Already at the beginning of 1990, when the state owned, big farms were put abruptly into bankruptcy (by a sudden cut-of of all subsidies, combined with usury rates exceeding 100 pct., with stable rate of exchange zloty/dollar) the overall agricultural product of Poland was reduced by 35 pct. in comparison to “bad” socialist times, when the state and co-operative farming was permitted. At present about 13 pct. of farmland remains uncultivated, and the entry of Poland to EU – at conditions which are proposed by Brussels – should led to a further worsening of the condition of Polish farmers. According to information I recently received from the office of parliamentary group “Samoobrona” (Self-Resistance), the incorporation to EU will rise costs of agricultural production about 40 pct., while farmers may expect only 10 pct. increase of prices of their products. In order to compensate for this loss of income, subsidies for agriculture in Poland should correspond to about 67 pct. of analogous subsidies of Western farmers, while the EU proposes to Poles only 25 pct. of subvention the first year, 30 the second, and so on.

This is not the only danger. According to other sources, the EU intends to “improve” the structure of Polish farms, which have the size on average 7-8 hectares, and to promote much bigger farming units, thus reducing the number of “family” farms from 2 millions at present, to 800 thousands and than 400 thousands in a dozen of years. This technically is feasible, but it will put on the market, liberated from agriculture, at least three millions more people searching for an employment. Some of these newly unemployed will migrate surely towards Western Europe, creating there “a race” for jobs and the easily predictable decrease of salaries there. The artificial misery created by such a “plan” will also increase the criminality level inside the country – already at present many villages remain completely at the economic margin of the society. The cultural degradation of Poland (as well as of other “post-communist” countries) must contribute, in a feedback, to a general degradation of Europe, with growing tensions between different national groups, competing for artificially restricted places of labor. Some people evidently will profit out of these changes, and already in 1993 I heard (privately) from a German employee of the World Bank that in regions of Poland, which are “cleaned” from poor local farmers, rich farmers from Holland will be settled. This “humanitarian” project becomes ever more visible here.

As points it the official statement of “Samoobrona” (Self-defence – see the Attachment 2) “The process of extension to new countries of Central and East Europe is a historical event for the European Union. The process is a chance for both sides.” Nevertheless one can sense a kind of a deceit in specifically arranged details of this “Joining the Union” process. “Samoobrona” writes: “It must be stressed that so far Polish farmers are very critical about the “aid” submitted by the EU and other countries. In its essential part it didn’t serve well the Polish agriculture (too many experts and too insignificant concrete investment support). When the aid for financing experts was increasing, the Polish agricultural industry was collapsing and co-operatives were shut down. Both these sectors are very strong in the EU countries. Is this a coincidence?!”

On June 6th this year “Samoobrona” attempted to block the illegal (in light of existing governmental decisions) import of cheap, subsidised by EU grain, which imports blocks possibilities of consumption of the grain made in Poland. During the demonstration a part of imported grain was spilled on a railway and than it turned out, that the grain was of a surprisingly poor quality, mixed with straw and rodents’ excrements, as if collected from rests left in grain storage houses. Laboratory tests, which were done, suggest that the grain in this transport was polluted with the pesticide nitrophen, too. Samples of this “imported good” were secured for police investigations and also smuggled to the Parliament in order to show to its members, what are these “goodies” the West stuffs Poland. Somehow this grain, full of straw and rodents’ excrements, symbolise the entire help received by Poland (as well as other Eastern European countries) in last decades.

As an expectable reaction to these “smart investors” attempts, to cut roots of existence of nations of Eastern Europe, in the East appeared once again pro-socialist trends. They are well visible in the very high score of Czech Communist Party in recent elections, and in the equally high rating (about 20 pct., the second in the popularity party) of “Samoobrona” (Self-Defence) in Poland. Nevertheless, without a clear vision, what we want to avoid while joining the EU, we cannot hope that the future will become less pathological than it is at present. Despite bright (as United Colours of Bennettone) appearances, the grim reality will quickly show up from behind walls of all these sprawling at present hipermarkets and internet cafes, resembling these famous Chinese Opium Smoking Shops, a hundred years ago.

Our common enemy (enemy both of Western and Eastern Europeans) is this fabricated already more than two hundred years ago “liberal” ideology, put coherently as a program by John Stuart Mill and refined, in a form of ideology of the “Open society”, by Karl Popper and George Soros at the end of 20 century. The “opening” of a society means in practice the country’s tolerance to these “pushers of modernity”, who consistently sell straw and rodents excrements, mixed with rests of pesticides, as the healthy grain from which inhabitants of the entire Planet are invited to bake their everyday bread. If our politicians do not liberate themselves from the “Anglosaxon”, completely idiotic belief that the common good (bonum commune) is realisable by a means of the individual greed, the future of all of us, as well of our children, looks indeed very grim.

[published – in French – in “Balkan Info”, Paris, February 2003]



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