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On Anarchists and Communists (Dirk van Havenskerke)

On Anarchists and Communists

Dirk van Havenskerke


Is anarchism an ideology? That’s debatable. What is certain is that those who really consider it to be an ideology are a marginal phenomenon. Are anarchists left-wingers or right-wingers? They can really be either. However, like many problem cases, they mainly position themselves on the left these days – or, to be specific, in the multi-culturalist camp. And yet, even the anarchists do have the occasional thinker. In the anarchist magazine “Perspectief” there is an interesting article on how to combat the nationalist forces in this country:

“Those on the left wing, who, through history, have repeatedly shifted from oppression to resistance, should especially appreciate that the legislative demonisation, making political enemies to be “criminals” is not only a dangerous strategy, but has always been the favorite strategy of all dictatorships, fascist as well as Stalinist…

This confirms that in our society totalitarian tendencies manifest themselves, among other things in the progressive limitation of free speech. Also of interest is a remark in “Perspectief” about the multi-culturalist club “Hand-in-Hand”:“The sentimental plea for the multicultural society is looked upon in horror by the traditional political parties because of electoral fears, but by approving murmur it is adapted by the free market. The multi-nationalist trade and industry, which, with regards to the globalization through competition, diversification and flexibility, after eliminating the differences between the genders, will now prosper by the elimination of racial differences. The globalized world market will be multi-cultural and multi-racial. The market encourages changes in racial relations. Whoever understands this, understands the fundamentals of the market. For the market, maximizing profits is the main goal.”

This second quotation shows that the so-called multi-cultural initiatives really pursue the opposite of what they proclaim. Their goal to include outside ‘cultures’ is not safeguarded and respected – it is destroyed. The ‘leaders’ of these so-called anti-racist groups know this. Their supporters, most of them very young and, in spite of their well-meant intentions, extremely naive, do not.

And then the communists. Communists can not be clamied to be our best friends. However, under the banner of free speech, they have a right to express themselves too. How does the IKS (“Internationale Kommunistische Stroming in België” = “International Communist Movement in Belgium”), active in about 20 countries, comment on the anti-racism and anti-fascism of the PVDA (“Partij van de Arbeid” = “Labour Party”) and SAP (“Socialistische Arbeiders Partij” = “Socialist Workers Party”) and their spin-offs?

“In the name of the so-called threat of fascist danger – we already show that this “fascist threat” is nothing more than an enormous hoax- the gauchists use every opportunity to call upon the working class to defend democracy: “to cast up a dam against the extreme-right means claiming equal rights, the broadening of democratic rights” (from ‘Solidair’, a PVDA weekly). These pseudo-revolutionaries in service of the bourgeoisie call upon the workers to defend the bourgeois state, to tie themselves to the ruling class with hands and feet!”

And further: …”The gauchists call upon the workers to gather, in the name of anti-fascism, behind the banners of the bourgeoisie: “The struggle against the extreme-right needs to be fought in as broad and single-minded mass movement as possible, which radically opposes the fascist positions on immigrants and refugees and works for another way out of the social crisis – the hour of struggle has come!” – (from “Rood” = “Red’, an SAP magazine) – “If the hour of struggle has come for these nonsensical gauchists, then it is the hour of struggle against the working classes. By pretending that fascism is the main enemy, they ‘invite’ the workers to mistake their goal. They want them to forget that today, it is not fascism but democracy that is responsible for the decay of their standard of living and their working conditions.”

And, concluding: “Contrary to what the gauchists want to hammer into the head of workers, the main enemy of the working class is not fascism, but anti-fascism and all the democratic campaigns who take a ride on it.”

You’ll never hear anything on the groups around “Perspectief” and the “IKS” in the mass media – this in sharp contrast to all extremist anti-racist groups. You now know the reason. These extreme anti-racist groups do the dirty work for the old ruling parties and their allies, and are paid with the crumbs that fall off the table.

“Over anarchisten en communisten” translated into English by T. Jonsson


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