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Interview with Tomislav Sunic (Tvosg)

Interview with Tomislav Sunic



1. Can you give us a brief background of yourself?

I was born in communist and communized Yugoslav Croatia, grew up partly in the United States, where I did my Ph.D. in Political Science, and where I also lectured. As a kid in communist Yugoslavia, I had to express my family hatred against the communist system by dropping out and becoming a hippy. I had fled from home and went to India. I’d probably depict myself as anarcho-nationalist, or socialist conservative, regardless of how this dog tag may be reinterpreted in different ages. Quincey, Colleridge, and Baudelaire, along with rolling up a joint and listening to Frank Zappa’s lyrics were on my mind back then. Reading books in several languages helped me, though, to complete universities and get a good peak at the Establishment… however much I have disliked it and still do..

2. Would you consider yourself as a Croat Nationalist?

If I blurted out that I was, that would, after a good second thought, not be correct. I’d rather depict myself as a white male with a good sense of European roots. By my temperament and fondness of aesthetics I am French; by my sense of the tragic and geographic proximity I am German; by my destiny a Croat; by my legal super-ego and Confederate-Southern sympathies, and my historic choice, I am a European-American. The petty nationalism that we have observed in Europe over the last one hundred years has deprived Europe of its best gene pool, and has done irreparable harm to all European peoples. What is of my concern is the passing of the white race. Needless to say, I communicate much better with simple folks from Croatia or Flanders than with the East or West Coast intellocrats, or for that matter with Croat-caviar liberalo-leftist intellectuals. Yet I only like the smell of the Croat coast and the odour of Croat oak trees near where I live for the time being.

3. What do you think when you look back on the Croat-Serb war which started in 1992?

In hindsight we are all paying a hefty price for the wheelings and dealings of Lloyd George, Clemenceau and Wilson, the real movers and shakers of our modern drama. During the Versailles get-together, in 1919, these world improvers whipped European peoples into a “nationalist” frenzy, by creating artificial multi-ethnic states. The first multi-ethnic Yugoslavia was just one of those surreal miscreants, whose purpose was to block the legitimate German road to its south eastern glacis. Both Serbs and Croats are victims of their own self-induced misperception imported from the West. Now they’re paying a price for trusting their former allies. The French and British had played a suicidal game by destroying the Austro-Hungarian Empire – the real incipient European Empire, and the legitimate motor behind genuine European unification

4. Croatia was previously independent under Pavelic during WW2. Did this have any impact on the newly independent Croatia?

Of course it did, although nobody wants to admit if for obvious reasons. After a millennium of nonexistence, Croatia resurfaced on the land map under Ante Pavelic in 1941. Alas, this was the wrong time and wrong place, because Croatia chose a losing side! The second time, the late Franjo Tudjman in 1991, played a smarter and more realistic game. Hence the need all over Croatia today to drum up chest with slogans of “democracy” and the religion of “human rights”, and occasionally recite the Liberal Credo in order to preserve a modicum of sovereignty.

5. Moving from Communist Yugoslavia, you have warned that Croatia’s main threat now comes from “Western” consumerism and Capitalism. Can you tell us why?

The advantage of Communism was its transparence. Who could not decipher a communist hack? You? Tell me, have you ever seen a handsome communist or an attractive leftist or a feminist? These are basically human miscreants that suffer from enormous complex of physical, psychological and intellectual inferiority. Hence their obsession with egalitarian nightmare. The barbarity and vulgarity of communism, led to its own decline and demise.

Quite different is the modern metastasis of the liberal system that is far more dangerous in the long run. The classical imagery of the enemy is blurred. One does not know how to target the real foe. In a way we all become domesticated victims of the western liberal system and its side effect of consumerism. The modern Western capitalist system is gently destroying millions of Europeans without leaving traces of blood. I have seen them both, yet millions of youngsters in Eastern Europe are now falling prey to this soft liberal delusion. I have grave dilemmas myself and might sound to you like a hypocrite. After all, I prefer Coca Cola and nice looking white women to chador clad Muslims or papal conservative Christian flesh mortification. Hopefully, young Europeans and European Americans will manage to blend their archaic traditional roots with a Promethean sense of post-modernity. There are encouraging signs that the liberal system is entering its decline, too.

6. As ‘old enemies’ what were your thoughts when NATO bombed Serbia because of the fighting in Kosovo?

Lots of Croats experienced “Schadenfreude” — malicious joy —when NATO bombed Serbia. The assumption still goes in the region, that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Not so!

Neither NATO nor the EU could care less about Balkan peoples. In 1991, NATO and the EU gave Milosevic and the Serbian -Yugoslav military might ‘green light’ to carry out aggression against Croatia. Milosevic was punished by the Hague kangaroo court, not because he is a bad guy, but because he did not successfully complete the game that had been assigned to him; that is to say, he did not safeguard the unity and integrity of the Versailles-Potsdam artificial Yugoslavia at all call costs.

7. With the [F.Y.R.] Macedonians now involved in fighting against Albanians – do you think the Balkans can ever be free of bloodshed?

Macedonia has a problem with its identity as a State. Bulgaria traditionally does not recognize the ethno-genesis of the Macedonian people. It considers Macedonians to be Bulgarians. On top of this, Macedonia has a population of 30 % which is non-Slavic Albanians. Albanians are scattered in four different foreign jurisdictions. It is a badge of stupidity on the part of the EU and US bureaucrats to assume that this part of Europe can be put to rest by some academic formula, or some consensual model. Every people in this region suffers from its own mythologized past and has its beef against the neighboring peoples. Only the idea of European empire could bring remedy. But this requires a long term re-education and the resurgence of the “rooted” and true European elite, not the banker-bureaucrat coalition housed in Brussels.

8. Is the fighting in the Balkans an argument against Nationalism … or Internationalism?

Indeed, recent inter-ethnic fighting between, among and amidst these surprisingly similar European peoples has left a nasty aftershock upon the legacy and the future of European nationalism. The cosmopolitans and globalists, following the savagery of the recent war in the Balkans, can gleefully argue that internationalism and One-Worldism is the best answer. I doubt it.

Forced multi-cultural marriages never work. Bring the Irish and English, Flemish and Walloons into unnatural and promiscuous union, violence and disruption are bound to follow.

Sooner, rather than later, Europe will pay an enormous price — but on a far larger scale — in terms of its own violent balkanization for having imported more then 15 million Third World immigrants. Liberals and global players are the prime culprits in creating this simmering multi-cultural chaos. Every people has to respect the other people’s turf and distinctiveness. Full stop.

9. What do you think when you see “the West” attacking Afghanistan?

We know who benefits most from the bombing. The irony is that the richest country on earth attacks the poorest country on earth. The root causes of terrorism have never been addressed. This regurgitating rhetoric of hypermoralism, hyper-democracy, mixed with feel-good culinary diplomacy by the Allied troops sounds phoney. Neither the Americans nor the British are aware that every aerial sortie of theirs is bound to fabricate millions of potential terrorists round the Muslim world.

As usual it is the naive European and American workers, men end women, who must foot the tab for these ruthless global plutocratic players.

Dr. Sunic, Many thanks for the interview.

Dr. Tomislav (Thomas) Sunic is author and former professor in political science in the USA. He has lectured in French, German , English and Croatian all over Europe.


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