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Defending European heritage and identity (Integral Tradition)




The need for a independent European unity

Europe needs to regain self determination free from all forms of foreign influence. The European people will have to stand together to defend themselfes against foreign intervention. The peoples of Europe have distinct yet closely related cultures. Cultural identity enriches and gives meaning to the lives of individuals and communities.
The cultures of Europe are threatened by the “globalisation” of the economy, which puts immediate consumer demand before a sense of place or a respect for spiritual values and cultural heritage. Foreign-owned corporations, television soap operas, newspapers, advertising and large sections of the music industry promote a uniform, levelled-down culture based on materialism and transient relationships, whereby the individual is reduced to the level of passive consumer. Globalisation is founded on ignorance of the past and indifference towards the future – and on a present increasingly characterised by ecological crisis and spiritual values. This makes it necessary to reject all forms of oppressive foreign imperialism such as international finance capitalism, Zionism, and the like and to find measures aimed at regaining the vital interests to self-determination of the European people. The NATO is a military force foreign to the European continent created and used with the only intent of militarily enforcing the interests of the west.
The defence of cultural diversity, self-determination and the protection of Europes native cultural traditions should lie at the heart of government policy towards education, the economy and defence. All this makes a position of political independence and armed neutrality for Europe necessary. Europe must build an independent military capacity so that the European people can persue their own interests and defend themselves against intervening and in this way aggressive nations. This demands opposition to any foreign military bases on European soil and to deplore the punitive and demoralising cuts in the armed forces.
This also means above all the preservation of European identity both cultural and ethnic.

The present European union

Politicians have systematically bargained away almost every right to decide for a independent European future. They have locked Europe into trade treaties and supranational bodies that at best restrict its freedom of action and at worst are hostile to its cultural and economic survival. These include the European Union (EU) in its present constitution — formerly known as the European Community or Common Market. NATO and GATT also threaten Europes freedom, bind its peoples to foreign political and economic interests and (in the Case of GATT) tie them to a “global economy” based upon the pressured movement of populations to meet arbitrary “market demands”. A succession of weak, unrepresentative governments have signed away the peoples’ right to self-determination to supra-national bodies such as the European Union and NATO. The EU erodes Europes sovereignty. It is a creation of supra-national capitalism, aimed at arranging national boundaries and political structures to maximise profits rather than to reflect the interests of Europe’s peoples and protect Europe’s diverse (but inter-related) cultures. Euro-federalism has not created a federation or network of autonomous communities working together, nor has it protected local cultures. Instead, it has created chronic centralisation and remote, oppressive bureaucracy. The European union is based upon economic interests and takes power away from national (or regional) governments and places in the hands of bankers and economists who have closer connections with transnational corporations than the needs of the people. The EU accelerates the crisis of political legitimacy in Europe and pursues its agenda to destroy national identity of the European people through forced immigration, forced monetary policy, anti-agricultural economic policies, forced economic and military integration which destroys self sufficiency of European nations. It is the EU, in practice, that is anti-European.

Foreign infiltration

To regain its consciousness Europe has to concentrate on and cultivate its specific European heritage. This means the rejection of foreign influences of any kind. One of the most urging problems is the mass infiltration by foreign ethnicities. Foreign ethnic minorities already constitute a considerable part of the present population in many Europan countries. Native communities were never consulted by their governments whether they wanted to become “multi-cultural” or retain their own identities. Immigration has therefore been one of many weapons directed against Europes peoples by a political and economic elite which does not respect their traditions and benefits from their disintegration. The introduction of new population groups contributed to the fragmentation and breakdown of the extended family and support network these communities need to survive. Community breakdown has in turn created a growing culture of violence, suspicion and hate. This is not the fault of the incomers, and the solution to the problems which now afflict older and newer population alike certainly does not lie in “scapegoating” or other recriminations. The cultural identity of the peoples of Europe must be protected against the destruction of native traditions through exploitative economic globalisation and “politically correct” social engineering and against the forces of transatlantic imperialism, military intervention tied to foreign interests, centralisation and the global economy. The destruction of our cultures serves the interests of supra-national bureaucrats and transnational corporations, because it reduces us to a rootless, transient population disconnected from its history. This is why mass population shifts of economic migrants into Europe have been encouraged by all establishment parties, and a policy of enforced assimilation imposed on natives and immigrants alike. This policy of assimilation is often described as “multi-culturalism”, but in practice involves the erosion of both majority and minority cultures and might more accurately be termed “mono-culturalism”. Muslim community leaders, for example, recently criticised “multi-faith” education in state schools, on the grounds that it undermines the concept of religious faith and hence is detrimental to Muslims as well as Christians or other religious communities.
On current demographic trends, the native European people, will be an ethnic minority in their own countries within sixty years. To ensure that this does not happen, and that European people retain their homeland and identity, an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin is necessary. This is to ensure that all Peoples may live in their own environment and develop their own tradition according to their cultural, linguistic, and personal characteristics. This does not include nor endorse hatred of any kind – but rather realizes the only hope for the progress of mankind into a new and happier world is the geographic and social sovereignty of all Peoples.
Racism defined as the assumption that one culture, or one group of human beings, is inherently superior to another and that this should be reflected in government policy must be rejected categorically. By contrast, we respect and value all human cultures — our own and other peoples’ alike. We do not accept that there can be a hierarchy of cultures. But we also state categorically that forced assimilationism and “positive discrimination” are undesirable, and that attempts to impose this policy on different peoples in our lands can lead only to alienation and conflict. In place of multi-cultural conformity, we seek to enshrine cultural diversity, in the belief that cultural identity is a human right, and that there can be no democratic, sustainable society without strong cultural foundations.
This means the necessity to halt further mass immigration, regeardless from where and fair but strict limits on those granted asylum. It has to be recognised that movements of population are an end-result of poverty, the arms trade, arbitrarily-drawn borders, dictatorships, and the plundering of countries by corporate interests. These problems should be tackled at their roots, by distinct cultures learning to work together.


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