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When the food wars come…


Overpopulation is the West’s fault. Although controversial like any apocalypse theory, overpopulation occurs when we have too many people to take care of them all. With so many starving and resource wars breaking out on a regular basis, we are clearly above our carrying capacity. This leads to the question of how this condition occurred and what can be done about it. The first part is easy: overpopulation is taking place exclusively in developing countries, and it is the direct result of Western policy toward these countries.

Sometime during the last century, the West out of a misguided white guilt made it a priority to create genetically-engineered crop strains bred to withstand harsh conditions in “developing countries,” which is a shorthand for countries which have always been third world and did not magically hop on the technology bandwagon like whites and Asians. The West gave advanced agriculture to people who could not have developed it for themselves, and not only did not understand it, but had no reference point or ability to understand the type of social, political and economic infrastructure necessary for first-world societies.

Western people saw African babies covered in flies on television, and demanded that a solution be found immediately. Western politicians, always eager for a distraction from our ongoing collapse, quickly leapt at the chance to send everyone off on a new crusade that would keep them from looking at the decay at home. They funded and encouraged the “Green Revolution” which started in the 1960s and resulted in third-world countries being able to feed themselves more efficiently, to which third world countries responded with rapidly increased breeding as the exponential nature of r-theory genetic reproduction revealed itself. Countries that had a few million starving now had tens of millions who would rapidly starve. The West redoubled its efforts in response.

While the West — occupying itself with careers, social status, education and other individualistic traits — not only kept its breeding in check but in fact reversed growth and experienced a population decline, the rest of the planet began breeding like yeast. With the Green Revolution crop strains, the internal combustion engine, and the work of Western medics and aid agencies, these populations bloomed to new levels far beyond what is sustainable for those land areas. Westerners, who devote much of their time to wondering whether their cars and lunchmeat are “sustainable,” never gave much thought to the effect of dropping masses of food into already unstable populations.

This process is reminiscent of another natural phenomenon, the algal bloom. When fertilizer runoff or other raw nutrition makes its way into ponds and lakes, it has the effect of dumping food aid on the local algae, who promptly breed out of control. They then choke the life in the pond, cutting off the food sources they need as well as all other species, leaving behind a dead pond with rotting algae on top. This is similar to how bacteria will expand in a Petri dish to consume all the food and, after limited success consuming each other, die off in near-unison. Similarly humanity has dumped food on itself, causing its population to skyrocket with no end in sight and no mechanism by which it can be checked, which awaits just one tragedy before self-consumption and die-off.

The white race is Prometheus who stole the fire of Mount Olympus to give it to mankind, except while Prometheus was sentenced to be picked apart by vultures for all eternity, we get to sit and watch the whole earth swell, burst and finally rot away in a great Malthusian Holocaust of our own making. We have created populations dependent on us who live hand-to-mouth. They are one crisis away from experiencing a mass population collapse. When that tragedy hits, they will first deplete their own resources, then blame us for not giving them more than we already have. After that, it will get ugly. They have someone to (accurately) blame for their predicament and will turn on that group with larcenous vengeance.

When the food wars hit, then the water wars, and then finally the hordes of starving third worlders are pounding on your gates demanding food, water and shelter that they have no idea how to make for themselves, Western society will finally re-assess this program. The ugly truth is that we caused a world population explosion in the name of pacifying our own TV-watching consumer-oriented voters, who do not understand that just because someone will provide a service for money does not guarantee a lack of consequences of that service. As the third world explodes into the first, cannibalizing families just to fend off starvation for another week, the West will finally see that through our own short sighted foolishness and “good intentions,” we brought this on ourselves.

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