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On The Advocacy Of Destructive Things Versus Things That Seem Destructive But Are Not

Those of us who take up the pen, if we are honest, never advocate that which is destructive, but we often must speak favorably of that which seems destructive because it goes against the assumptions of our time. Keep in mind that the Crowd is always wrong, or at least looking in the wrong places, so what it insists is true is in fact a deception.

However, on the Right and associated “movements,” there a number of people who do not advocate win-win solutions where every group comes out ahead. Instead, the us-versus-them narrative replaces a reasonable take on reality, as is the case with the Left, which in the future — if there is one — will be seen as a type of mental disease.

The grim fact is that what is spoken of here will benefit everyone. African-Americans, Orientals/Hispanics, Indic Asians and others would benefit from being sent back to their home continents with new knowledge — and more importantly, new expectations. A whole lot of people in India demanding American-style functional institutions would advance conditions there quite a bit, much as Americans coming back from Europe and Asia demanded higher standards during our frontier days, and by creating a market, ensured they would occur.

Nationalism works. Aristocracy works. Socialism does not work; positive reward does. Transcendental outlook, duty and naturalism work. Hierarchy works. Everything else fails: we have had 6,000 years of human civilization, and it is clear what works for producing higher civilization, and what does not. Our only enemy is our fear.

This fear is understandable. Radicals — even the intelligent and realistic ones — demand that we abandon what we know and launch off into new territory, even if it is only new to us and not new to history. But what we have now is not working; people are miserable and not breeding, becoming degenerate and apathetic, often simply self-hating.

Thus we have a world to gain beyond the barrier of fear, and by continuing with the present, only a slow road to decay.

This decision is thrust upon all of us whether we want it or not, and at some point, we must choose one of the two directions. Do we wish to rise or continue falling? The solutions will be scary at first, but as the logic behind them is revealed, we will see better results.

Our only obstacle is our fear.

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