Furthest Right

A new outlook

Am I my brother’s keeper? No, I am the keeper of my patch of the universe, and I and my brothers (and sisters) are pathways to that end.

Linear thinking presents perils. Linear thinking tells us that at some second, one thing “equals” another, to varying degrees. But it makes more sense to solve over time, and to keep in mind that nature does not make the same thing twice. This way, energy always has someplace to go, between unequals in a constant search for equilibrium. An equilibrium of disequilibrium.

Morality: a fabrication to make us feel others will not kill us or outperform us. Also, a shield so we can pacify them while we plan to kill them, outperform them, or morally outperform them. A gift with an installment plan.

Is there a purpose to life? Life is the purpose of life. We are within that and must create and project a form of life that makes us purposeful.

Love cannot exist without love for the world itself. We are subsets of the world; our love for each other is generated from the archetype of loving life itself. The most loving act is one that appears unloving in method, but achieves a loving end, and we love such an act because it is rare, brave and almost never acknowledged, at least in public.

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