Furthest Right

Write a letter to the disease of our time

Dear Random Modern Person,

Please cease being narcissistic and denying ultimate reality. You think you’re unique, and ironic, and intelligent, but really you’re another sad wanker who feels a sense of power from denying the obvious. You bring ruin to everything around you.

I encounter you on the job, in the mall, on the street, at metal shows and on metal message boards. I am not sure why you persist in your actions, because you seem depressed and you attempt to supplant your low self-esteem with traits borrowed from your favorite sports teams, bands, movies, politicians, etc. in an attempt to make yourself seem unique.

People like you outnumber people who do not have your disease. However, people like contribute nothing except doing what you are told to do. Left on your own, you become the ultimate consumer, a snob for your Progressive or apathetic views, and a self-centered bore.

Thank you,
A naturalist


The problem is usTM.


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