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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day and although the server appears to have died of an autoimmune disease (“500” errors mean configuration screwups, causing the system to work against itself) it is imagined that status signaling will hit peak “Live Laugh Love” sometime around when the daytime television shows start in a couple hours today.

However, this shows us the duality between the realists and the subsidists, who are those who want someone else to fix all of their problems and give them money to keep being dysfunctional. Realists acknowledge that AIDS is a crisis and believe that the individual should do whatever is necessary to avoid it.

Subsidists on the other hand believe that their problem should be made your problem and that all of society should address the concerns of whatever group is having issues. This creates infinite demand, since life is suffering and someone will always be struggling, which is convenient for those in power.

While the subsidists are clearly nuts, realists might see HIV/AIDS as an opportunity to do some quality research into the human immune system. We grow through crisis and conflict, and humanity learned a great deal from its study of the AIDS crisis as a biological question.

The same applies to many other diseases and problems. While the solution should not be, as it was, to panic the entirety of society about a disease that afflicted at most a half-percent of them, it makes sense to convert these bumps in the road not into teachable moments but into learning moments.

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