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Why Western Europeans Are Unfazed By Terrorism: It Happens Daily


Although most of the people living in Austin, Texas are parasites living off easy government jobs or moronic carny culture, it is disturbing to see a mass shooting in the midst of its blithe-vapid party nexus:

He said the Sixth Street incident was believed to have begun after a disturbance between two individuals led one of them to shoot into the crowd.

A woman, believed to be in her 20s, died on the scene. Four other people were shot, three of them women believed to be in their 30s, who were taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge. The other person injured, a man, refused to be taken to hospital. Commander Mike Benavides of Austin-Travis County emergency services said the women had serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The gunman, believed to be a light-skinned black or Hispanic male, escaped,Manley said.

Other than the occasional white school or workplace shooter, the violent crime in America is generally pepetrated by minorities and minority-admixed whites like the Irish (Middle Eastern), Italians/Greeks (Middle Eastern), Slavs (Asiatic). Remove those, and leave the original Western European mix, and you have a low-crime environment like Scandinavia before it opened its borders to Americans and every other kind of immigrant.

Others go into their reasoning for why this disparity exists, but a simpler and more direct analysis is to point out that in a society designed by Western Europeans for Western Europeans, those who are not Western European will never feel at home and in control of their destiny. They are always a conquered, captive and subjugated population by virtue of the fact that their people did not design and create the society in which they live. The natural human tendency is to lash out.

Instead of blaming these groups for their crimes, it makes sense to see the crime as an effect of an underlying cause, which is the psychological, moral and social instability of diversity as a policy. Remove diversity, and all of this madness goes away, and Western Europeans can stop enslaving themselves to the futile task of keeping the multiculture barely functional and subsidizing it.

Every Western European who spends his days as a police officer, a public servant or a business person takes on the burden of making many exceptions to the obvious and necessary so that the multiculture can survive within a society where it otherwise has zero relevance. The reason that political correctness is so strong is that this task is thankless and perpetually incomplete, so requires people to go into a psychotic level of denial in order not to feel that their civilization is collapsing around them.

Our lax response to terrorism arises from this state. We are accustomed to everyday violence and to living by being in denial of it, so the fact that the terrorist attacks are slightly more intense — usually a factor of three times your average ghetto gun battle — does not faze us. We are already worn down by the constant violent crime that has fractured our society since the late 1950s.

Despite that, until the great push for massive integration in the 1970s, there were still many areas entirely separate from this dysfunction. These pleasant enclaves were not all wealthy, merely of a single ethnicity, and not all of them were white, either. When we see photos of these places now, they look naïve to us because every single object in them is not designed to resist theft, vandalism, public defecation and other signs of our decline.

Since that time, and especially in the 1990s with the Great Leap Forward on diversity, that America has vanished, replaced by a place that looks like we turned a prison inside-out and painted the normal areas with it. Safety glass, bollards, chains, alarm systems and private security are everywhere as diversity tears us apart, much as it has done to every group of people foolish enough to make it policy.

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