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Why they used to hang rapists

First, given that you have had no intimacy since the time you were raped, you have no experience of such acts except in a way that is violent and unexpected. This lack of experience has left you with two issues: a lack of sexual experience of a positive and nurturing kind and an avoidance of intimacy that can only lead to an increased fear.

This second point is similar to the experience of agoraphobics – they have a panic attack away from home and so retreat back to home as their only place of safety. Therefore, the avoidance of the outside world and the lack of positive out-of-home experiences both reinforce the belief that all is to be feared and does not allow for experiences to challenge that belief. To a degree, therefore, you have developed an understandable phobia about physical intimacy

The Times

Some things never go out of style.

Honor, courage, loyalty, and stringing rapists up on the nearest tree and kicking the horse out from under them.

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