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Why They Hate Us

Adapted from notes for a speech for the AmRen 2022 conference, which for personal scheduling reasons I was unable to attend.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the task before us has always been clear: save Western Civilization from its ongoing suicide. To do that, we have to mention the things that people want to ignore because they are the big important things, and those mean big changes and consequences. People hate that.

We have come together because we talk about one of those big important things, namely genetics. We recognize that in order to have Western Civilization, you need to have ethnically Western European people and not dump random elements into that gene pool. This is taboo and upsets a lot of people.

People forget that life is both good and bad. It has a dual character just as we do, the weather does, or even time itself. There are ups and downs. Many people fear the bad times so much that they want to forbid mention of them, which is an ancient practice, sort of a superstition really.

This means that life is upsetting sometimes and we have to talk about upsetting things. Our ancestors wrote “free speech” into their Constitution because they saw that when European countries began to crumble into ruins, the first thing they did was enact language taboos to prevent noticing the obvious.

The big point here is that being upset is not bad in itself. It can lead to good things, and is necessary for good things to come about. Without some scraped knees and tears, we never learn. Without one broken heart, we might not know how to love. Without failure, we do not strive for success.

However, humans divide into roughly two groups based on how they see the world.

The first sees life as baffling and mostly bad, and in response they seek some way to make it tangible and manipulable to their minds, so they simplify and see it in black and white terms. I call these “people of the moment.”

People of the moment have disordered minds because they do not want to accept the bad in reality. They have no hope and want only to find something to make them feel better right now because they have given up on feeling better about life over the long term.

The second we might call “people of eternity.” Some of these are religious, some not. They see life as a mixture of good and bad that produces the possibility of good, and looking at the whole of life over the whole of time brings them comfort and helps them order their minds.

People of eternity have hope but only if that eternity is preserved, which is why they tend toward order. They feel good when they believe that their civilization is enduring and heading toward a good place, and despair when they see it break down.

Do these groups reflect our political divide? Mostly. The majority of people are muddling through life, constantly reacting to whatever is thrown their way, and really do not have a plan, so they are in the people of the moment category. All Leftists and many conservatives belong to this group.

People who feel bad about life want it to become small, as if it could fit in their hands. They view reality as something like a diorama: a small landscape on a table top with figurines and objects. This makes the world tangible and manipulable in the symbolism of the mind.

They feel that this way, they can remove everything that is scary and be left with only what is “safe.” At the back of the diorama, they believe, there is a Utopia once you have taken away all of the little toys that represent the dark sides of life.

This orients them toward an impulse to destroy. They throw out the baby with the bathwater here: civilization is scary, so remove it. Race is upsetting, so erase it. Social class is difficult, so tear it away too. Maybe we can get rid of gender and stop thinking fat people look unhealthy, too!

These people are not, as Nietzsche summarized, acting destructively because of “nihilism.” They are acting toward controlling their world based on the model that their minds can conceptualize. They do not mean badly, but they create horrors time and again.

What were the French Revolution, Communism, and the 1960s Civil Rights jihad but attempts to use equality to remove all the scary parts of the diorama, leaving only Utopia? All of these ended in horrors because denying reality leads to conflicts with reality and reality always wins.

The people of the moment are the driving force behind ideas like diversity and socialism that are eating the West alive. Those ideas created the situation that forced the world wars, powered the 1960s civil rights revolts, and now are driving the “woke” attempt to justify White Genocide as a moral good.

Priotizing the moment over eternity always ends badly. For example, your coworkers get a paycheck, spend it all on bar tabs, lottery tickets, cigarettes, dope, video games, and restaurants, and then the next Monday they are back at work talking about how The Man is keeping them down.

Or you see the mistake management makes all the time. Costs rise, so they cut salaries for the people who do the actual work but keep management intact, which purges their best workers and replaces them with more desk-warmers. Next quarter the business falters because no one remembers how to run it.

For people of the moment, any division between human beings is “cruelty.” Whether that is racial, gender, ethnic, religious, or social, they see “discrimination” instead of a natural sorting of human beings. But diverse societies across the board produce constant conflict.

We need only to look at Northern Ireland, Rwanda, Kosovo, Kashmir, South Africa, or even Ukraine, where the Russian-led Holodomor killed millions, for examples of how it does not matter which groups are involved in diversity, but the fact of diversity itself that guarantees future conflict.

Then we can look at all of the societies which were formerly diverse and now are mixed-race grey people wastelands, with numerous examples in South America, Asia, Central America, and the middle east. Even in China, ethnic conflict over Uyghurs and other minority groups produces chaos.

Diversity erases culture. When you include other cultures, you have to relax your rules and ways to include theirs, which creates a permissiveness spiral where any rules are too many. Soon you permit everything except yourselves to live.

When you include other cultures, your standards, values, behaviors, calendar, history, and cuisine get erased in an effort to accommodate the newcomers. Bringing in foreign groups means that kids fall in love with the girl or boy next door and have mixed-race kids, and those get folded into the wider group as trace admixture.

Even tiny amounts of foreign DNA shatter the intricate frameworks that provide our abilities. There is no “race gene,” but each race and ethnic group is comprised of many genetic traits. When they breed within their group, this framework of traits is preserved. Admixture removes it.

Like bad managers firing the people who do the actual work so that they can have more bureaucrats, diversity throws out the thriving core of a civilization and replaces it with people that the power structure can use as voters, labor, and taxpayers. The government consumes society in its quest for equality Utopia.

Their justifications are dubious. The third world was poor before colonialism, and third world groups adapt poorly to first-world civilizations because of a large and persistent IQ differential. The guilt and shame heaped on us daily exists to blame us for these facts.

Even more, different groups trying to coexist in the same nation suffer because no one gets what they want. No group gets to live by its rules, for its own purposes, and in control of its own future. Diversity destroys the self-esteem and autonomy of all groups because none can control its destiny.

Created in the name of avoiding cruelty, diversity may be the greatest cruelty of all. To strike back at it, we need to strike at the root: our belief in equality. When people demand equality, the target of that equality expands from social classes to genders and eventually to other races and now transgenderism.

History shows us that as societies die, they adopt diversity in order to have enough people to staff their factories and fight their wars. When the dust of the collapse settles, the original group has vanished, replaced by trace mixed-race people like in Southern, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europe.

The original group will not come back. It has died as surely as if it were fed into gas chambers, starved to death, or machine gunned at the wall. This is the end of that civilization and what replaces it is simply play-acting at being the original.

There can be no compromise here. Any diversity, even one drop, is a moral evil that will make us into a third world nation that will never rise again. In the name of avoiding cruelty, we created an even greater cruelty and ushered ourselves into self-destruction.

For the West to survive, it has to go through this maturation process and get rid of diversity, preferably through some gentle and honorable method like reparations-with-repatriation for all non ethnically Western European peoples.

To get to that stage, however, we have to leave the philosophy of the people of the moment behind. People of the moment look at our methods and try to eliminate cruelty there, but this avoids the underlying problems, and so they invariably create greater cruelty in the name of kindness.

We can leave the philosophy of the people of the moment by rejecting equality, which was the idea that powered the Soviet, French, and Chinese revolutions. In the West, White people fighting White people for equality has doomed our civilization. WW1, the Napoleonic Wars, WW2, and all our revolutions fit in this rubric.

I am not saying to join the mainstream conservatives in their folly. They want a vigorous capitalist theocracy or something like it, and that will not save us. Religion alone is not a substitute for culture and race, and while I like capitalism, it alone is not a solution either.

Like most Americans, I fall on both sides depending on the issue. I am half-hippie and half-fascist. The hippie side says leave people the heck alone and let them have lots of free time to figure themselves out, and the fascist says anarchy is terrible and society needs leadership, social hierarchy, and strong culture, the latter of which depends on not just race but ethnicity.

These two work together better than one thinks. For the big issues, we need strong simple rules and focus on informal methods like culture. For everyday stuff, which conservatives focus on almost exclusively, we need more of a hippie approach of accepting people and letting them live their lives.

This is the “third way” that we need, not another government based on scientific engineering. Race is important, but to preserve it, we have to get rid of the dogma of the people of the moment. We are realists, not egalitarians.

People like me do not oppose diversity because we hate Africans or Semites. We oppose diversity because, like rent control or welfare, it is an egalitarian program which hurts Western Civilization. For us to survive, we must have zero diversity.

For the past century, people like us who see the truth about race have been fighting upstream because they will not name the real enemy. Diversity is a symptom of our decline, but the cause is our infighting over equality.

By redirecting our energies, we can strike at the core of our opposition instead of fighting surface layers. We fight for our race so that we have a future. If we reject equality, by inertia we will reject diversity and enjoy a renewed Western European America!

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