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Why the courts ignore rape

Check out the anatomy of a disaster in formation:

The jury heard she drunk up to six bottles of wine before the pair had sex in her flat in Canterbury, Kent, in February last year.

The woman, who described herself in court as a ‘recreational binge drinker’, said she found Mr Bacon lying in her bed one morning with no memory of what had happened.

She immediately accused the university student – who was her friend’s housemate – of taking advantage of her, shouting that the law had been changed because of ‘f****** like you’.

In her interview, the woman said she would never have consented to sex with Mr Bacon because he was ‘not her type’, and she did not feel the need to ‘chase after a 20-something man’.

The Daily Mail

I am an unpopular realist; I say things that upset people because they know they’re true.

You drank six bottles of wine, woke up after sex had happened, and want us to assume the sex was not consensual because of your normal habits?

Lady, you didn’t exist at the time of intercourse. Your brain was obliterated by alcohol. You may or may not have made a choice, but no one can prove either way.

You’re the one who made yourself a victim here.

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