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Why liberals love race

The phrase was seized upon by those Trevor identifies as ’ guilt-tripping white folks’ as a potent stick to batter every public institution in the country.

They have used the catch-all cliche; of ‘racism’ to advance their own agenda, silence dissent and bully the paying public into submission.

Fear of being accused of ‘racism’ has paralysed the police force.

Fear of being accused of ‘racism’ stalks the corridors of our Town Halls and government departments, creating a generation of box-ticking, brain-dead bureaucrats. Zey are only obeying orderz.

While it is true most of the phoney allegations of ‘racism’ come from humourless, middle-class, white Guardianistas, they’re not on a guilt-trip.

As far as they are concerned, they are good people. And the way in which they reinforce their own self-righteousness is via a constant crusade to make the rest of us feel guilty.

In truth, most of the hatred comes from the Left, who enforce the cult of ‘diversity’ with Stalinist zeal, deliberately destroying the careers and reputations of decent people who dare to disagree with them. Being wrongly accused of racism is as hateful as racism itself.

Daily Mail

Multiculturalism destroys what we are genetically, which evolved differently and with some benefits, from where others went. Who wants to bring destruction on their own people?

We might as well just admit that “liberal” is a code-word for low self-esteem, revengeful person who’d rather see us all burn than admit they’re lost in life. The cure for liberalism is social order that gives former liberals meaningful activities.

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