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Why I Voted For Sheila Jackson Lee

Houston faces an upcoming challenge. With twenty billion dollars in debt, rotting infrastructure, and a population that is at least three-quarters non-White, the city hovers on the edge of South Africa style collapse as vital services collapse and the dwindling White audience is milked for ever-increasing taxes.

The “safe” candidate, John Whitmire, is a Democrat like all the other candidates with a chance of winning since diversity holds the swing vote and most diversity groups vote Democrat across the board. Jews are an outlier since a quarter of them vote Republican, but in past elections, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, and Africans all voted almost exclusively Blue.

He will, if elected, do his best to keep the current system running without too much inspection of what has gone wrong in the past. He is not a Trump who wants to remove the bad and keep the good; he is a classic middle manager who wants to write lots of little rules restricting the bad from being too bad and forcing them to be mostly obedient to him.

Houston runoffs, in a city of millions, are often decided by as few as twenty thousand votes. Most of the nice whitish and White people are trying to vote for Whitmire to hold back the floodwaters after the disaster that has been Mayor Sylvester Turner, who leaves the city twenty billion dollars in debt with collapsing infrastructure.

However, nothing good comes from simply patching up the system to limp along for another few years. It needs to crash so that it can restart; people understand the universal language of pain and not much else. Until they encounter a crisis on a daily basis, they will not think seriously about changing what they are doing.

Sheila Jackson Lee will be as insane as a mayor as she has been as a politician in the past. She understands almost nothing, chooses extreme options as a matter of course, and tends toward both hyperbole and ethnic grifting. Giving her command of Houston will push it closer to collapse.

Since people only learn through pain, collapse is what we need. Better a sudden and visible crisis than an invisible coverup of the decay, allowing it to live on, as Whitmire offers. We need the abyss, and Sheila Jackson Lee will bring it, so the smartest vote in Houston is for the worst candidate.

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