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Why Education Makes People Stupid, and Other Inversions

As we conduct the postmortem on another human civilization that has failed, the usual questions take primary importance: what went wrong, and how do we avoid it in the future?

No other questions matter. It turns out that like the life of a human being, the life of a civilization is the most important task, and that even though it takes a long time for the civilization or human to physically die, once it becomes unhealthy the momentum rapidly approaches the point of inevitable demise.

You will notice that no conservative site addresses this topic. It is the ultimate elephant in the room. Every human society on record has died of the same things, but these seem preventable if they are identified. However, many humans want the decay to continue so that they can take advantage of it.

On this site we talk about Crowdism, or the tendency of human groups to use peer pressure to deny reality because it is the lowest common denominator fear of most participants, and inversion, or how over time any system becomes turned against its original goals.

These have an origin in individualism, the confusion in the undisciplined human mind between individuality and social recognition of the individual, manifesting in a me-first pathology, and rationalization, or “backward thinking” that replaces goal with the status quo.

Thinking of this nature plays into the urbanist or bourgeois mentality of not wanting to pay attention to anything that does not advance personal material benefit, and this manifests in demotism or the domination of social popularity over realistic thinking.

We can see inversion play out in the education system. Something designed to make people mentally disciplined toward analytical thinking — education past the fifth grade has this as its implicit goal — instead becomes a method of introducing conclusions into their minds which they will never re-analyze.

Like advertising, it works because most people think in terms of social status and therefore, only focus on how others think of them in ways that can enhance their own sense of importance, relevance, safety from risk, and positive future coming like a lottery win instead of the reward of smart choices.

In a state of inversion, the method (means used to effect a goal) replaces the goal. It is like a job: instead of trying to grow crops, you do your assigned task, like watering them. You will do this even if they are dead from overwatering, something that happened in the failure agricultural system of the Soviet Union.

Inversion ultimately confuses instance and essence. Essence is the transcendental, structural, and logical nature of something, like the design of a chair. Instance is a specific chair in a specific place at a specific time. Goals revolve around essence and are open-ended, like “grow plants,” “build civilization,” or “achieve excellence.”

Inversion is also referenced as means-over-ends thinking. That means that, as in Political Correctness, some methods like equality become approved, and everything else is forbidden. This contrasts ends-over-means thinking, where you actually have a goal and then find whatever method will make it happen.

Instances however are tangible, both in material terms and in how easy it is for our minds to grasp them. Few can understand a chair in abstraction, but everyone can operate a specific chair.

In the case of a dying civilization, human groups come together from what the individuals in them share, which is individualism. They then agree that mentioning threats to individualism, like reality, is taboo. At that point the humans create an alternate reality, like a superstition or luck ritual, of the things they agree are not threatening.

The Right has matured a great deal over the past few years, and the first elements on the Left are doing the same. We need to start talking about The Human Problem, namely how all of our civilizations get a mental disease and then self-destruct. Remember this now: only one voice has been talking about these things for three decades.

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