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Why are we manic about murders?

An Orange County utility worker may have found what dozens of investigators and search crews have been looking for during the last five months — the bones of missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony.

Orlando Sentinel

Laws of the herd:

If it happened to someone, we’ve got to find out and beat the guy responsible — because it could happen to you.

If someone else has something you don’t have, whether a privilege or wealth, it should be distributed — because otherwise there will be resentment, which could be extended to you.

If some idea comes up which threatens the herd, it must be destroyed — because instability can interrupt you.

Keep the peace at all costs. Even if it’s a fair fight for a good cause, it can inconvenience you.

If it looks like you need to fight, crush anyone who doesn’t want to, because otherwise you’ll lose some of your number and you’ll have to fight harder.

If other people realize they’re being manipulated, that’s bad, because you’ll need to manipulate them someday — and you don’t trust the idiots to figure out what’s right for you.

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