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Whole behaviors strengthen families

I talk a lot here about the organic society and the idea of whole logic.

Modern logic, or rationalism, takes a single factor of many and lets it stand for the whole situation.

It’s derived from the populist religious/consumer tendency to assign good or a dollar value to any item in an absolute, universal context.

For example, “Turnips are worth $5” makes zero sense to a man starving on a desert island — turnips are worth whatever he has at that point.

Or even, “Killing is bad,” from a society that then kills killers. Or even exterminates a species or 8,057.

Whole logic means that every factor is architectonically balanced, meaning that each factor supports all others. The act or object makes sense on its own and in its context as a result.

Whole logic is an outgrowth of parallelism, or the belief that properties emerge situationally, and must be considered as competing solutions derived from a universal but immanent order. Parallelism rejects symbolic logic and rationalism in favor of whole logic, or making sure that every act and principle is reverent and coherent with both context and focal point.

Someone else understands:

Working away from the farm means working apart from the family unit and poses a real threat to the Amish way of life that is centered on family and faith.

When the Amish go off to work each day in an outside business, they fall prey to the same social ills that are problems for the outside world, he said. Amish children, in particular, who weren’t raised in farming were adopting an attitude that, “the world owes me something,” Wengerd said.

The farm keeps the family together with Amish values intact, a point that Wengerd said illustrates with the example of his younger brother, Henry “Junior” Wengerd, who operates a dairy farm in Dalton with his wife and four children. “They are the farm. The farm is them,” he said.

Organic farming is a return to practices that even the Wengerd’s father had abandoned when he bought the family farm in Dalton, Ohio, in 1964.

Anniston Star

I am sending warm love to anyone who thinks such a thought. This person understands how to worship the cosmos, and how fortunate we are to even exist, and how the only fitting gift for such a universe or God is worship by whole, organic actions in everything we do.

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