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I am a realist. This means my political views are not what I wish were true, but what I from proof and deduction have reason to believe is true. We all live in the same universe; it rewards some behaviors and not others; nothing is new under the sun.

In addition, this universe doesn’t give a damn about us. Only death is real; the sun also rises; life goes on and the world keeps turning. We, the human race, are in the driver’s seat of our fate. If we make good decisions, we survive. If not, we end up getting downbred into chimpanzee status again, committing ecocide and living in a post-industrial apocalyptic nightmare of pollution, advertising, social disorder and other third world problems.

As I posted on Salon this morning:

Plato said civilizations go through cycles.

Democracy is the second to last stage, and it is marked by a wide diversification of consensus. Everyone starts to believe in a personal reality that has no connection to nature, physics, common sense, etc.

So you get one distinct opinion for every person, and there’s no agreement at all except on the need for commerce, so civilization decays into anarchy and then its behind-the-scenes financial oligarchs unite and appoint a tyrant to keep order.

At that point, it has reached third-world status, as both Greece and Rome did after they fell.

That’s your future, industrialized West, and all these people spinning you positive futures are just trying to hoard up enough gold to escape.

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People are going to call me racist because multiculturalism doesn’t work. They do not understand that I am post-racist and post-anti-racist. Multiculturalism doesn’t work; it’s not the ingredients involved, but the mixing. They are racist because they wish to destroy the organic cultures maintained by heritage, values, customs, language and culture.

People are going to call me classist because I recognize that intelligence differences determine our fortunes, with the exception of those who forsake wealth for study. I am post-class-warfare. I don’t see the point. The truth is obvious to those with brains and they should impose it on others, because if we read history, we realize the option is continual revolution until total domination is achieved by the lowest castes, at which point the society slips into third world disorder, never to return. That’s not good for the lowest castes, either.

People are going to call me elitist because I recognize that leadership intelligence (LEADINT) is a rare thing, found in maybe 1 in 100,000 people, and that everyone else is unfit for the job and makes a hash of it. People with leadership intelligence do not need to glorify themselves, because they’re post-ego. They know that history will judge them by the job they do, and any bloviation antecedent to that point is wasted breath.

People are going to call me reactionary and conservative because I know that there is “nothing new under the sun,” and that our traditional ways are best. Democracy is a farce. Splitting religion from the state was a bad idea, and now we have a deranged populist religion. Traditional roles for women and men place family first and reward wholesome, healthy, sane behaviors, while modern roles reward neurosis and make people miserable. I believe there are right ways to adapt to certain situations and that you cannot choose your own reality — we share a reality, and we either adapt or being dying.

People are also going to call me a sci-fi nutcase and hippie because the two motivations expressed throughout my politics are (a) environmental salvation, e.g. avoiding ecocide and giving nature a chance to recover its vast diversity and beauty and (b) a return to space exploration. I think we should realize that as a species, we either adapt or die, and now that we have technology, the onus is on us to colonize other worlds — because if you have only one world, you’re in a weak position.

I recognize realpolitik in all of its forms. Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Kaczynski, Stalin, Herzl, Malcolm X and Mohammed all offer this wisdom. So do many, many others. Human existence is a quest to escape our own perspective so we can see reality and transcend ourselves, thus reconnecting to the world around us and finding meaning. Our egos and our social status are barriers to this quest. Most people engage in a tacit conspiracy to avoid facing this adaptation to reality, and when enough of them come together, they drag a civilization down, as Plato suggested.

I am not important. I am a vehicle for the ultimate heresy, which is reality, and people will throw tantrums and do anything they can to crucify me for it. However, I’m only the messenger. Reality will whup ’em upside the head soon enough.

If you enjoy what you find here, you may be a realist. That’s dangerous. Hide your opinions until you can find others who are also realistic, and share an un-neurotic existence as you build connections that will help as these other idiots plummet headlong into devolution, decay, dysfunction, failure, lies, flattery, avarice and above all else, oblivious stupidity.

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