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White Replacement

After the Buffalo shooting, the media has picked up on a theory called “White Replacement” which is widely discussed in conservative media. This theory is both nonsense and absolutely true.

In White Replacement theory, non-White immigration — Irish, Hispanic, African, Asian, Italian/Jewish, Slavic — exists to break up the White voting block that would otherwise pick conservative Republicans most of the time.

Diversity destroys culture by forcing it to “liberalize” its standards even further so that it does not offend foreigners, and the resulting lack of order benefits Leftists, who require chaos to make their big government look appealing.

Even more, every minority group in a diverse society votes against the majority interests because it fears that majority. As a minority, you have two options: replace the majority, or be ruled by the majority.

Since the latter is unstable, every minority population in a diverse society mostly works against the majority, with three-quarters or more of them opting to be Leftists and demand free stuff paid for by the White population.

In addition, third world minority groups need government in a way that White pioneer populations from Western Europe do not. They depend on some kind of giveaway and a centralized, powerful authority to keep them in line.

The nonsense part of “White Replacement” is that it is specific to Whites. As Plato and Aristotle wrote two millennia ago, tyrants always import foreigners because the foreigners need tyrants, vote for them, and guard them.

In other words, as democracy ages, it inevitably ends up at diversity as a means of cementing the power of the ruling group, since over time people start to notice that the promise of democracy never manifests as we are told it would.

To put it another way, democracy sucks, but you can easily confuse democracy sucking for democracy being implemented badly because what you see in the world does not match what you read in the brochure.

In theory, democracy, equality, and diversity produce a Utopia-like society of tolerance, open-mindedness, altruism, compassion, and wisdom. In reality they make a raging mob without culture, neurotic from its mixed-race origins, that is amoral.

Most people, upon seeing this delta between democracy-as-promised and democracy-as-usual, conclude that we have simply been doing democracy wrong somehow because the results do not match the promise.

Over time, it becomes clear to more people that the theory of democracy is broken and no matter how you do it, you never get the shiny pictures from the box. You get dystopia. The same is true of equality, bureaucracy, diversity, and consumerism.

When democracy hits that hard limit, it needs voters who are clueless about politics and therefore hear all the false promises and lies as if they had never heard them before, such that they get fooled again every time.

It also needs to destroy organic — arising from the state of nature — things like faith, culture, heritage, family, and individuality, replacing them with individualism, or “me-first” morality that liberalizes social mores.

To that end it adopts diversity, simply because at a certain point it has the population brainwashed enough by illusions like democracy to get them to consider nonsense ideas like diversity, and also has a lot more to hide.

White Replacement is real, but it is not specific to Whites. Give democracy control over any society and it will replace the majority with a poorer, dumber, and more easily controlled population so that the bureaucracy remains forever.

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