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Where To Find Good Women: The Rust Belt

On the MRA/Alt Right front, complaints about being unable to find women are frequent. Most commentators take the moralistic view, telling men to hit the gym and quit social media, as if being personally good forced the world to reward you, as in the fallacy of most religious morality which focuses on the personal and ignores the consequential.

Another approach would be simply to get out of the big cities and suburbs and go looking for where the women are, which seems to be in areas where there are few men, such as a shortage of men in the rust belt:

“It’s very hard to find a good man here,” Catherine Ratliff, 43, said. “We have to fend for ourselves.” Ratliff, a trim blond with a long braid, told me she was trying to raise her children to be “strong and independent” and not depend on men for anything. “You just have to be single and strong,” she said. Another Jerry’s server, Pamela Moore, 41, moved to town recently from Florida, and said she had noticed the difference in the competency of men between the two locations. “They’re all on dope or they’re dying up here,” she said.

Instead of becoming disgruntled and seeking the easier and more compliant brides from Asia, Eastern Europe and Mexico that does nothing but further our problems, young men in America and Europe should instead look to the places where normal, healthy and sane women are living.

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