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What We Want From the Far-Right

So the far-Right is making gains in Europe. It is time to warn the Right: you have not held power for a long time, you are at a disadvantage because you are not natural manipulators, and by the nature of coming out of a Leftist time, you will tend to both replicate that system and endlessly rebel against it.

In other words, the greatest risk to the Right right now is the Right itself.

The postwar Right assumed it had one goal, namely not being Hitler, and in pursuing that goal it threw out race and social class. That turned the Right into defenders and cheerleaders of a half-socialist pro-miscegenation system. We do not want to swing the pendulum back from that one too hard, because it is like slamming a barn door after the horse leaves.

Our goal is to point our civilization toward not a Right-wing version of what we have now, but a Right-wing society entirely.

To that end, the following suggestions may help:

  • Trains: people vote conservative because Leftists went too far and wrecked everything. They want us to make the trains run on time, metaphorically. That means fix the economy first through tax cuts and abolishing some regulations. Then you want to make every other part of civilization more functional, step by step. Do not fix any Leftist programs; let them self-destruct. Fix the stuff everyone needs and relies on daily, like trains and the economy.
  • Focus: on our people. The rest of the world has its problems, there is always some panic like climate change, and the poor are always with us, so those can be discarded. Focus on making our people — our ethnic group, the Western Europeans — healthier, happier, saner, wiser, stronger, and calmer.
  • Anarchy: is a loser; government is not all bad, and no one is ever going to “just leave us alone.” We have to manage all of this stuff.
  • Entitlements: these are also straight losers because they subsidize failure and make our people weaker. All sorts of idiots are going to come out of the woodwork to beg you for more free stuff for people who are suffering. Tell them to relish their suffering. Your goal is to protect the good people, and if natural selection snuffs the rest, this is perfectly fine. Your people will be stronger that way.
  • Sources: instead of, as the Leftists do, writing checks to solve problems at the surface, focus on the source. Why are people broke? High taxes, unions, regulations, lawsuits, and diversity. Take away the legal protections for those. Why is the environment screwed? Too many people, too much plastic. Use the law to stop those problems. Why are people on drugs? They are miserable; fix the misery of jobs, schools, and living in a dying age.
  • War: politicians think endorsing war makes them strong, but what really makes them strong is being ready enough for war that the usual parasites from Asia, Eurasia, and the middle east back down. You want to scare off bullies, not dedicate your life to stopping them. If you do go to war, make it like Gulf War I: flatten their infrastructure, destroy their militaries, and execute their leaders, then go home. No forever wars to bring democracy to goatrape wastelands.
  • Scope: think in terms not just of right now, but of all eternity. Aim for making a perpetual society that is not constantly self-destructing. Remove any obstructions to that end. Give up on Utopia; humanity will always have problems, and the solution is always to reward the functional, remove the dysfunctional, and accept everyone else as they are and leave them alone. Your goal is civilization, not babysitting or totalitarianism.

These may not be immensely popular. There will be many cries for all sorts of unrealistic and punitive measures, as well as the usual demands for free stuff from government. All of these people are selfish parasites and can be ignored. They are not the ones who will pay for the mistakes they are encouraging you to make.

Last but not least, we do not want Hitler back, but we do not want GWB back, either. You will have to be forceful. This does not mean embracing destructive and extreme methods so much as being unrelenting in the removal of Leftist fantasies and replacing them with functional government.

The far-Right as it comes into power has a narrow path to walk between the Hollywood vision of the far-Right and the corporate vision of a neutered Right. Most people want us to screw up so that the Roman Holiday of greed and licentiousness can resume. But with a little careful thought, we can walk right down the middle and cruise to greatness.

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