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What Is the “Our Democracy” That Leftists Keep Talking About?

Whenever things are going badly, trust people to trot out the sacred cows like democracy, human rights, and our Christian moral obligation to make every insane homeless crackhead equal to the most constructive creative genius and productive labor in history.

Things are going bad in the worst way, which is that there are no jagged warning signs or even any consistent, just a curious calm before the storm. People are not attacking, but backing away. The foundation beneath the illusions has become weak and bricks are falling out every day.

Those in power are not smart enough to know what this means, but they sense at an intuitive level that the future is shaky. Things are not as solid as they were. The predictability of everything is up in the air. And this last week it finally dawned on them that a sea change is occurring against their dreams.

Consequently we got people at the international organizations talking about how the news was once controllable, but is not. Democrats talked openly about life after Biden. The NeverTrump crowd realized that reality was more likely NeverHaley and Ron DeSantis took off for greener pastures.

All of them are invested in careers, whether being government or bureaucrats, in the same international de facto corporation that thrives on Keynesianism. They make their money by taking your money and spending it on things that you are afraid to argue against.

Consequently the cry went out that “our sainted democracy” is in danger. If Trump gets elected, that is not the good type of election but the bad one; the forgery that is Karl Popper’s “the paradox of tolerance” runs in parallel to this thinking. The only good democracy is people voting for more democracy, civil rights, diversity, and mixed economies.

Their foundation is shifting in part because people have realized that civil rights wrecked the West by introducing diversity which is not genetically primed to do what our ancestors did:

The Constitution is very strong, or at least has been since the Supreme Court’s 1954’s Brown v. Board decision which began to enforce the intent of the 14th Amendment. Prior to that time, we did indeed have presidents who would act lawlessly — FDR’s internment of Japanese Americans comes to mind, or Woodrow Wilson’s deep hostility to the Constitution and to the very idea of racial equality. But since the election of Ike and the arrival of the Warren Court, the Constitution, as amended by the people and interpreted by the Supreme Court, governs this country and lawless presidents are simply not a threat.

In 1866, the first Civil Rights Act came to pass. It was so unconstitutional, since the constitution is based on natural rights and not government-enforced rights, that they had to pass an amendment four years later by excluding everyone who might vote against it and then declaring it a done deal.

These civil rights created Big Government. Instead of natural rights, which restrained government, these new civil rights gave government a blank cheque to intrude in every area of life in order to forcibly make everyone equal. It was not until the war against Hitler and then Soviet propaganda about our race problems that we took it seriously.

As a result, what our founders feared — self-increasing government with a moral mandate that could not be stopped — rose up from the Civil Rights Act in the 1950s and ended up sending children to school at gunpoint. When they got away with that, following their success in implementing income tax and Keynesian socialist welfare, they were unstoppable.

Or so it seemed until now. People are finally waking up to the fatal threat of civil rights because it has no endpoint and can always be applied in new ways to expand government powers:

Antifederalists opposed the Constitution on the grounds that its checks on federal power would be undermined by expansive interpretations of promoting the “general welfare” (which would be claimed for every law) and the “all laws necessary and proper” clause (which would be used to override limits on delegated federal powers) creating a federal government with unwarranted and undelegated powers that were bound to be abused.

One could quibble with the mechanisms the Antifederalists predicted would lead to constitutional tyranny. For instance, they did not see that the Commerce Clause would come to be called “the everything clause” in law schools, justifying almost any conceivable federal intervention—because the necessary distortion of its meaning was so great even Antifederalists couldn’t imagine the government could get away with it.

And they could not have foreseen how the 14th Amendment and its interpretation would extend federal domination over the states after the Civil War.

It looks like Leftism has never changed. In 1328, the Peasant Revolts wanted individualism and subsidies; the Communists wanted the same; the American Left learned from the Communists and simply outsourced its propaganda organs to media, science, acadmia, and entertainment. They created the most powerful propaganda machine in history.

After WW2, we could not stop them because to oppose civil rights made you sound like Hitler, and he was the enemy that scared us more than any other (and be not fooled: democracy is, above all else, a bully that killed Socrates and Jesus for having opinions out loud).

After the Cold War, there was no Communist enemy that anyone remembered — probably PTSD from the whole experience of potential nuclear holocaust — and so we could pick right up where the 1820s intellectuals and 1920s despairing cosmopolitan alcoholics had left off, rushing toward world socialism with a consumer system to keep us numb.

Since the Clintons took over, civil rights law has been used to dismantle all of the old America; Clinton, being of Irish heritage, wanted to destroy it all as surely as Biden and JFK did. At this point, we either stop civil rights and go back to natural rights, on the way fixing the problem through remigration, or we exit first world status.

Luckily more people are seeing the crisis of civil rights law that not only gives government a blank cheque but compels it to us those powers whenever someone fat, transsexual, midget, minority, LGBT, or female is found in an unequal condition:

Kirk argues that the Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination on the basis of race, ushered in a “permanent DEI-type bureaucracy,” referring to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“The courts have been really weak on this,” Kirk told the America Fest crowd. “Federal courts just yield to the Civil Rights Act as if it’s the actual American Constitution.” The law is ultimately a way to “re-found the county” and “a way to get rid of the First Amendment,” according to Kirk.

“These guys are very good at moving the Overton window,” Rauch, the scholar, says. “That’s what they do. They push and push and get things into the dialog that, until the day before yesterday, were unthinkable.”

The Irish brought us the Hart-Celler Act to crush what was left of WASP America, and now that has created a runaway chain reaction that wants to eradicate all things White or whitish (hwite). They want you dead, and they no longer need to pretend others, because they are advancing Equality!

Civil rights simply means enforced equality. Equality means taking from the strong to give to the weak. Its goal is to remove the competition and need to be useful to something other than oneself inherent in nature and Darwinism. The naturally unequal demand artificial equality because of fear and nothing else.

In doing so, they penalize the productive, creative, and constructive people (replacing them with inferior ersatz substitutes) and send society down a path to third world status. Just like the Communists killed off their most productive, we are driving our most productive into living in vans down by the river.

When Leftists talk about “our democracy,” they mean the worldwide rush to world federalism via liberal democracy, civil rights, and mixed economies. That is the modern System that makes corporate jobs so odious, diversity burn down our cities, and forever wars take our young people.

As conservatives leave behind the stupor of fear of being called Hitler, since whatever you think of Hitler history has just proven him right about diversity not only in Europe and the US but Israel, they are starting to see that our future is tied up in the campaign to dismantle civil rights and get back to rewarding the good.

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