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What Are Putin and Xi Planning?

We know, because they have told us, that Russia and China are allies and that they along with the other BRICS want to replace the United States as the world superpower. They claim they want “multipolarity,” but given their last seventy years of trying to take over as much of the world as possible, they want control.

Now comes word of what is likely not one but two false flag attacks, starting with the the NordStream explosion:

The Nordic broadcasters found that in June and September last year, the Russian ships sailed from navy bases in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad to the area northeast of the Danish island of Bornholm where three of the four pipeline leaks happened.

One of the vessels, a tugboat named SB-123 capable of launching mini-submarines, was located in the area on Sept. 21 and 22, they found.

Separately, the Danish Armed Forces confirmed to Reuters that a patrol vessel had taken 26 photos of a Russian submarine rescue vessel named SS-750 near the Nord Stream blast site on Sept. 22 last year, just days before the explosions happened.

Moscow has, without providing evidence, blamed the explosions on Western sabotage.

Blowing up its own pipeline allowed Russia to cut off gas supplies to Western Europe without appearing to have done so affirmatively, but also allowed them to target their real enemy, the West. In Russian eyes, Ukraine is a proxy for the West that is invading Russian territory.

This allowed Russia to make good on its promise to detach its economy from the West and to bring the pain of the war to Western Europe without appearing to have done so. Although it is paradoxical, for political reasons sabotaging their own operation made sense to the Russians.

Most importantly, the false flag part of this attack is that Russia could now blame the West for any economic failures it experiences. The war did not bankrupt them; the West sabotaging oil and gas sales did, and this justifies selling that oil and gas to China instead in a huff.

Enter the second false flag, a drone attack on the Kremlin rumored to be an attempt to assasinate Putin:

Russia said on Thursday that the United States was behind what it says was a drone attack on the Kremlin that aimed to kill President Vladimir Putin, while Moscow’s forces fired more combat drones at Ukrainian cities including the capital Kyiv.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, without providing evidence, said Ukraine had acted on U.S. orders with the alleged drone attack on the Kremlin citadel in the early hours of Wednesday.

Instead, Russia has blamed the US directly for the attack:

Kyiv has also denied involvement in the incident, which followed a string of blasts over the past week targeting freight trains and oil depots in western Russia and Russian-controlled Crimea. Moscow has blamed Ukraine for those attacks too.

“Attempts to disown this (attack on the Kremlin), both in Kyiv and in Washington, are, of course, absolutely ridiculous. We know very well that decisions about such actions, about such terrorist attacks, are made not in Kyiv but in Washington,” Peskov told reporters.

Ukraine has not denied the other attacks, all of which had solid military reasoning behind them, but has denied this one. Blowing up Russian fuel and weapons supplies as well as infrastructure makes resupply harder in Ukraine, reprising the difficulties of the Eastern Front in WW2 and the era of Napoleon.

However, if the West is blaming for using Ukraine as its proxy, this allows Putin to widen the war by claiming that Russia has been attacked for a war that exists far from Moscow. Following the Soviet playbook, false flags are a useful pretext for full mobilization and wider war.

As a counterpart to this, official Russian propaganda emphasizes that the enemy is the West, not Ukraine itself, which allows them to target the West as a malefactor instead of a supporter of Ukrainian independence:

In the document, the Kremlin orders reporters “not to downplay expectations for the NATO-supported counteroffensive that Ukraine has announced,” and not to report that Kyiv is unprepared for the move.

In fact, pro-government media outlets should stress in their coverage that Ukraine’s Western allies are providing Kyiv with weapons and support in anticipation of the spring counteroffensive.

If Ukraine manages to recapture its occupied territories and push the invaders out of the country, “the loss will be explainable too,” according to the source.

“After all, the West has focused a tremendous amount of effort on the front, but its successes — when compared to those efforts — have been very modest. In other words, overall, the Russian army has held its own,” said the source.

In other words, any Russian losses are due to NATO meddling, and any Russian victories show that the West is weak and should be attacked further. They have shifted the enemy from the Ukrainian independence movement to the West, which shows their actual war aims or at least how they have evolved.

More broadly, this means that Russia-China has a strategy in mind which we might call the “death of a thousand cuts.” That is, they will start lots of little fires to bleed the West and then attack the weakened carcass. These will be both foreign and domestically.

Outside of Taiwan, where the CCP has been itching to start wars for years, the BRICS can wage war in multiple parts of Eastern Europe, the middle east, and South and Central America. Anywhere there are former Communist republics or ethnic strife, conflict can be initiated.

Domestically they have mostly likely exerted influence while democracy (as usual) slept on in a fuzz of personal drama. Industrial espionage might be a big step, but most likely their first step was to turn the West toward diversity and through it, toward a type of hybrid Leftism that convinces no one.

The BRICS have only gotten their foothold because the globalist order turned Leftist and in doing so, because Leftism is an anti-realistic philosophy, turned against the common sense leadership and functional institutions that developing nations need.

This war is shaping up to be an aging first world, burdened by Leftism and high mutation load, against a third world which wants to seize the wealth before its scam is discovered. The third world wants global communism; the first world wants nice mixed-economy liberalism.

The two converge. A historian might observe that the first world simply gave up and decided to become a slightly more affluent version of the third world in an attempt to find common ground with the other 90% of the species and buy them off to prevent the inevitable clash.

Putin and Xi want to make an end-run around this and unite the third world behind the banner of the third world system, using the degeneracy of the West — possibly instilled by Chinese cash bribes and Soviet sleeper agents — as an excuse to leave it behind.

What this adds up to is war, whether hot or cold, that will animate the world. As the West got more diverse, it went further to the Left, since its new residents prefer the third world system but with the wealth of the West. This led to the West bankrupting itself with entitlements.

The crisis that caused our massive experiment in diversity began with the benefits promised to Boomers through postwar legislation. As numbers dropped off after that generation, the circular Ponzi scheme began to falter, requiring constant warm bodies working cheap to bolster the flagging economies.

As we see around us, this has failed. The third world economy is not producing at the same level it once did, all of the countries of the West are deep in debt, and they have trillions in unfunded liabilities that will only increase if they want to build enough infrastructure to keep going.

This means war. They know it; it is their only path out of imminent poverty. They are about to pull the old switcheroo, which means that the diversity propaganda will increase until people can no longer stand it, and then be replaced by jingoistic patriotic propaganda as we prepare for war.

Russia and China know that even if they lose this war, they will displace the West from being the ruling force in the world. There is no way that it can defend all of its flanks against an enemy who takes different guises and attacks simultaneously.

This will drive the West back into itself, ending the extended colonialism that globalism is, and result in massive loss of life, which will see China come out ahead because it has the most people that it can afford to lose.

As the dust settles, we will all see that the gods of the copybook headings were right about democracy after all, and it will be a grim era in the West as we live with a lot less in a world with many more impingent threats.

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