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Welcome to the Christine Blasey-Ford Regime

When the newspapers announced that Donald Trump had been found liable in the defamation suit brought by notorious sexually depraved nutcase E. Jean Carroll, most Americans who were not Left-aligned simply sighed. It is ridiculous; we know it is ridiculous; they know we know; however, they are going to abuse their power to remind us how small we are.

This fits the same pattern of most contrarians. These are people who, because they feel powerless, insist on denying reality and forcing others to conform to their illusions, which requires beating those others into submission so that they must go along with the lie.

If we did not know any better, we might miss how the individualism brought about by the French Revolution — everyone is now equally entitled to pursue me-first and ignore culture, nature, reality, and the divine — created a society based entirely upon narcissism and the resulting abuse.

A narcissist does not care about what is real; he cares about coming up with a storyline that retells reality as a situation in which he is the hero-victim and you owe him things for his convenience. This is individualism: me-first above all else, especially order larger than the individual.

These narcissists have now found other narcissists, and out of individualism, formed collectivism. They are, as Karl Popper reminded us, tolerant of everything but intolerance for their narcissism, which is their way of forcing narcissism upon the rest of us. (Future generations will wonder why Popper was taken seriously).

They have created an entirely totalitarian situation: the accusation is the conviction. We remember this from the French Revolution, where all it took was someone testifying anonymously from another room to convict someone of support for royalism, at which point they got taken to the guillotine.

You can see why many of us are royalists. This is what the narcissists fear: actual hierarchy, not a hierarchy of peer pressure. You can BS the peer pressure; it is much harder to convince the smartest and highest character people of society that your scam is legitimate.

And now we live in scam-world. Christine Blasey-Ford was a scam; Cassidy Hutchinson was a scam; E. Jean Carroll is also a scam. These people are nobodies trying to drag down somebodies for a moment in the sun. They are not credible witnesses; people who show up years after the fact with sob stories rarely are.

In any sane society, all three would be disregarded. But that Trump guy, see, he is going against the current. Everyone who is afraid wants the current system to continue; he wants to point out that it cannot make competent decisions and needs to be fixed or replaced.

As a result, all of the fearful people have gathered together to burn the witch so that they will not be reminded of how their civilization is failing. Trump is the restore-civilization guy; everyone else wants it to go down in flames, but slowly enough that they get their retirement funds.

E. Jean Carroll is an obvious mental health case who would not be taken seriously in a serious society. But now, symbolism and optics matter more than reality. People just want to escape the thought we might have to face the consequences of our decision. And so we live in Christine Blasey-Ford world, where nothing is true and nothing matters.

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