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We Want The Traditional Order

I think in all of us who have read history, there is a desire to find again a sacred order of life as existed in ancient times.

Part of that is knowing who your tribe are and living among them, people like you, and not others. That tribal definition comprises values, language, customs, and — uh oh — heritage.

To a modern people, told that the only morally correct(tm) society is a pluralistic, multicultural, “freedom”-based one, that is blasphemy. Heresy. Ultimate evil.

However, many of us — especially those who read history, and know science and philosophy — it’s clear that our modern civilization is moribund and even more, isn’t a pleasant place to live. It rewards the idiotic and subjects us all to it in the name of equality.

I think it’s possible to want a traditional order, including ethnic nationalism, without hating others. It isn’t “we’re excluding you because you’re inferior.” It’s that we want to live among our own, and that requires we exclude everyone, whether they claim to be superior or inferior.

That’s only one part of the social order we’d desire. One of the neat things about feudal societies like those in The Hobbit is that everyone has a place, and there’s a clear social order. You don’t just plop down a McDonald’s anywhere you feel like it, or ignore reality. Society is an organic framework that works together.

I think we all avoid talking about differences between people to keep the peace. We extend that to ethnicity, and endorse multicuturalism, as a result. We think that supporting pluralism, or the coexistence of many different viewpoints at once, is healthy and not chaotic.

My readings of history suggest exactly the opposite: these things are an absence of order and a desacralization of life, and all societies that have adopted them are heading downward into disorder and eventually, third-world status. (This third world status is not related to ethnicity, but the kind of corruption, disorganization, apathy, etc. you find in failed states, always accompanied by third-world poverty and development levels.)

I know my views on this are taboo, but it’s important to tell the truth at all times, because otherwise we can easily lie to each other and end up in failure.


Doesn’t everyone know that modern society is a one way deathtrip?

They don’t… what, are they inattentive?

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