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We romanticize the underdog because we hate ourselves

Weinberg and I are both employed at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m…not quite as accomplished or celebrated (as Weinberg is).

As we parted he said to me, with what I took to be a condescending smirk, “Don’t romanticize Palestinians just because they are primitive.”

Someone who refers to a group of people as “primitive” is on shaky ground when he makes judgments about the alleged prejudice or religious bigotry of others.


Dude, get ahold of yourself. Primitive: less technologically and intellectually developed. Palestine has the Qassam, Israel has the Lavi and guided bombs. Palestine’s average IQ is 95, but in Israel, it’s 105. You’re so busy trying to pander to the equality crowd you’re in denial of reality!

People always want to romanticize the underdog to show other people how they’re NOT like the rest of us, who are perceived to be a cancer upon the earth. Is humanity a cancer? Most likely, in environmental effect; in everything else, not likely at all. Are we so horrible we must romanticize the primitive out of guilt for what we are? No, we’re just trying to show others how open-minded we are. Escape that mental trap for bonus points.

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