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We Knew it Was Coming

Many Americans seem shocked that there are soft traitors among us. They are not actively trying to subvert us, but they are acting as if we have already been subverted and will soon be a vassal state for the third world. They are doing this because people in groups follow the talisman-scapegoat dichotomy.

This psychology reflects basic human passivity. Passivity means a hope for someone else to fix the problem, and it is the basis of the bourgeois mentality which holds that our duty is basically anarchy with markets on an individualistic level: get a good job and let society run itself. Someone else will fix it. That is why you pay taxes.

For this reason, people are always looking for a Sky God or Big Daddy to fix their problems for them, and when this fails, there must always be an Earth God or Rich Meanie to blame. People are either all-in on some vision of the future or despairing and negative.

The West has been in the grips of despair for centuries. When your kings get killed and replaced with a popularity contest, you know in your gut that things are bad; when the inevitable pointless war (WW1) finally comes around the bend, most people give up and start living for the moment instead of thinking toward a future.

The soft traitors among us grew up in an environment where all of the intelligent people have been preaching doom. They see the die as cast and permanent, part of the arc of a throw from Earth to Sky back to Earth. They want to give up because this allows them to be selfish without guilt.

For decades, the intellectuals have declared that our future is One World united by world federalism, liberal democracy, and something that suspiciously resembles socialism. Because most of the people in that will be non-White, they assume an anti-White order is the future and preach anti-whitism as a kind of wisdom.

Any time a human group is failing you will find people like this. They are afraid of what must be done to fix the problem, so they flip to the other side of hope, namely despair, but disguise it as victory. Some would say that the Abrahamic religions do this and therefore must originate in the decay cycle.

It is amazing how simple it would be to fix the West. Boats for the diversity, end the civil rights and socialism, and start having a conversation about culture and conservation. Everything can be fixed, but most people fear that. “We knew it was coming,” they say, as decay piles around them and blocks the light of the sun.

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