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We Have Fought Wars Against China

Most people have forgotten that the Vietnam war was a proxy war where China and Russia fought the USA using the Vietnamese as an intermediary. As one narrative recalls:

Chinese soldiers manned the anti-aircraft guns, not North Vietnamese, and Waddell’s initial captors were also Chinese. He evaded capture for a few minutes before being forced from hiding by a local militia. Turned over to the Chinese, the soldiers displayed Waddell “like a trophy” to the gun crews, then Chinese political officers made speeches praising Chairman Mao. Waddell was given a choice: Captivity in North Vietnam or China. He chose North Vietnam. One pilot known to have chosen China spent seven and a half years in solitary confinement.

The East will always resent the West for thwarting the Mongol invasion — an early attempt at diversity — and rising above the normal standard of life for human civilizations. As a result, there is both political enmity and pure resentment in these wars, which include both Korea and Vietnam and whatever Chinese conflict Obama is about to blunder into.

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